Law Amending The Law On The Commercial Register

Original Language Title: Закон за изменение и допълнение на Закона за търговския регистър

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Name of law a law amending the law on the commercial register of the Name Bill Bill to amend and supplement the law on the commercial register date adopted 16/03/2012 number/year Official Gazette 25/2012 Decree No 109

On the grounds of art. 98, s. 4 of the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria


To be published in the Official Gazette the law amending the law on the commercial register, adopted by the National Assembly of the HLI 14 March 2012

Issued in Sofia on 20 March 2012

The President of the Republic: Rosen Plevneliev

Stamped with the State seal.

Minister of Justice:

Diana Kovatcheva


amending the law on the commercial register (promulgated, SG. 34 of 2006; amend., 80 and 105/2006, no. 53, 59 and 104 from the 2007 No. 50 and 94 since 2008, 44/2009 No. 101 of 2010 and no. 34 and 105 in 2011.)

§ 1. In art. 22 is made the following changes and additions:

1. Paragraph 4 is hereby repealed.

2. a para. 5:

"(5) When an application for a dealer's registration, deletion or notification are not attached all documents required by law, or where it has not paid the State fee, the registration officer shall give instructions to the applicant to rectify the irregularity. The instructions are announced via a batch of the trader and, where an application for registration of the salesperson on the Agency's website, no later than the following working day from receipt of the application in the trade register. The applicant can perform the instructions given and submit relevant documents through the sample application, as specified in the Ordinance under art. 31. Official refused, if these instructions are not complied with within the time limit under art. 19, para. 2. "

§ 2. In art. 39 al. 2 shall be amended as follows:

"(2) the resources of the Al. 1 be expended only for the development of material base of the commercial register, and for further training of staff working with the commercial register, under conditions and by an order determined by the Ordinance of the Minister of Justice. "

§ 3. In § 5 of the transitional and final provisions the following endorsements are added:

1. In paragraph 8. 1, after the words "under § 4 para. 1 "insert" or have entered into force denied re-registration ".

2. in the Al. 2 everywhere after the words "under § 4 para. 1 "insert" or have entered into force denied re-registration ".

3. in the Al. 3 Finally, the comma and added "as well as to submit applications for their announcement in bankruptcy".

§ 4. In § 5a of the transitional and final provisions are made the following amendments and additions:

1. The current text becomes paragraph 1 and after the words "person concerned" a comma and add "as well as the legal representative of the merchant under § 5, para. 2. "

2. Al are created. 2, 3, 4 and 5:

"(2) for re-registration under para. 1 the merchant fits with your current company.

(3) at the same time as the trader's registration and re-registration shall be made of all its branches.

(4) in case of re-registration shall be excluded from the traders register BULSTAT code and BULSTAT becomes UIC of the trader.

(5) the Registration shall be effected on the basis of the Act of the Court in bankruptcy, in which case the Agency shall request the District Court in the latest issue of the merchant's registration certificate and a copy of the current company contract or statute on offer. "

Transitional and final provisions

§ 5. Pending legal proceedings as well as proceedings for end-user incumbent repealed para. 4 of art. 22 pending the entry into force of this law shall be completed in accordance with acting until 31 December 2011.

§ 6. Paragraph 1, item 2 shall enter into force on 1 June 2012.

The law was adopted by 41-Otto National Assembly on 14 March 2012 and is stamped with the official seal of the National Assembly.

President of the National Assembly Tsetska Tsacheva: