Law Supplementing The Law On The Protection Of Classified Information

Original Language Title: Закон за допълнение на Закона за защита на класифицираната информация

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Name of law Law supplementing the Law on the protection of classified information name of the Bill of the law of INSURANCE protection of classified information Date of adoption 18/12/2012 number/year Official Gazette 101/2012 Decree No 461

On the grounds of art. 98, paragraph 4 of the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria


To be published in the Official Gazette the law supplementing the Law on the protection of classified information, adopted by the National Assembly of the HLI 18 December 2012.

Issued in Sofia on 21 December 2012.

The President of the Republic: Rosen Plevneliev

Stamped with the State seal.

Minister of Justice: Diana Kovatcheva


to supplement the law on the protection of classified information (promulgated, SG. 45; since 2002, Corr issue 5 of 2003; amend., no. 31 of 2003, issue 52, 55 and 89 in 2004, no. 17 and 82 of 2006, issue 46, 57, 95 and 109 from the 2007 No. 36, 66, 69 and 109 from 2008. , PC. 35, 42, 82 and 93 from 2009, PCs. 16 and 88 from 2010, PC. 23, 48 and 80 by 2011, and St. 44 by 2012.)

§ 1. In art. 14, paragraph 2, after the word "issue" is placed a comma and add and terminate "takes".

§ 2. In chapter six, section V to create art. 94 a – 94 in:

"Art. 94. The State Agency for national security takes the certificate issued under art. 14, item 2 on the written proposal of the direct control on the protection of classified information in systematic violations of security requirements for classified information created, processed, stored and transmitted in the AIS or network.

Art. 94 b. Agency "terminated the operation of the certificate issued under art. 14, item 2:

1. with the expiry of the certificate issued for the security of AIS or networks;

2. when removing or changing the classification of the information that is created, processed, stored and transferred to the AIS or networks;

3. upon termination of the operation of AIS or networks;

4. at the closing of the business unit without a successor.

Art. 94. Withdrawal and termination of certificate issued under art. 14, item 2:

1. is not subject to appeal through the courts;

2. it can appeal to NISA under the conditions in the order and within the time limit under Chapter v, section V. "

Final provision § 3. Within two months of the entry into force of this law the Council of Ministers shall adopt the necessary amendments to the Ordinance under art. 90, para. 1.

The law was adopted by 41-Otto National Assembly on 18 December 2012 and is stamped with the official seal of the National Assembly.

President of the National Assembly Tsetska Tsacheva: