Law Amending The Law On Defense And Armed Forces Of The Republic Of Bulgaria

Original Language Title: Закон за изменение и допълнение на Закона за отбраната и въоръжените сили на Република България

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Name of law
Law amending the Law on Defense and Armed Forces of the Republic of Bulgaria

Name Bill
Bill amending the Law on Defense and Armed Forces of the Republic of Bulgaria

Date of adoption

Number / year Official Gazette

DECREE № 271
Pursuant to Art. 98 pt. 4 of the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria
To be published in the "Official Gazette" Law amending the Law on Defense and Armed Forces of the Republic of Bulgaria adopted by HLIІ National Assembly on 19 December 2013
Released in Sofia on December 27, 2013
President of the Republic: Rosen Plevneliev
stamped with the state seal.
Minister of Justice: Zinaida Zlatanova

Law amending the Law on Defense and Armed Forces of the Republic of Bulgaria (prom. SG. 35 of 2009 .; amend., SG. 74 , 82, 93 and 99 of 2009, pcs. 16, 88, 98 and 101 in 2010, pcs. 23, 48, 99 and 100 in 2011, pcs. 20, 33 and 38 of 2012 and SG. 15, 66 and 68 of 2013)
§ 1. In art. 50, para. 1 created item. 12:
"12. CO's headquarters - MD. "
§ 2. In art. 57 pt. 2, after the word "infrastructure" a comma and added "which can enter into a contract with the interested parties, as well."
§ 3. In art. 60e, para. 1 p. 3 be amended as follows:
"3. storage and disposal of excess thereof or unsuitable movables, except for the disposition of weapons, ammunition, explosives and pyrotechnics and related products to defense and goods and dual-use technologies and chattels general determined by an act of Minister of Defence, which pass into the control of the defense Ministry. "
§ 4. in art. 78 after the words "the Central Military District" a comma and added "CO's headquarters - MoD."
§ 5. In art. 106 creates a new paragraph. 4:
"(4) The Inspectorate carries out inspections of combat training, military order and discipline and operational capabilities of the armed forces."
§ 6. In art. 141 new para. 6:
"(6) military service may be adopted and persons meeting the requirements of para. 1, with the exception of m. 2 if:
1. have performed military service (military service) in the armed forces are exempt from it because of organizational and staff changes or a complete or partial liquidation based on the Council of Ministers or reducing the size of the armed forces or of their separate units by decision of National Assembly;
2. the date of acceptance of military service they remain no less than three years until they reach age limit under Art. 160 military rank required for occupying the position; 3
. apply for the position no later than five years after release from military service (military service);
4. They are not entitled to pensions under Art. 69 of the Social Insurance Code. "
§ 7. In art. 160, para. 1 pt. 1 the words "45 years" is replaced by "50 years."
§ 8. In art. 203 par. 2 is amended as follows:
"(2) Servicemen men are entitled to parental leave child in the amounts and conditions of Art. 164, 165 and Art. 167a para. 4 of the Labour Code and watching a sick child under Art. 162, para. 1 of the Labour Code in death or serious illness of the mother or when alone take care of raising the child. "
§ 9. In art. 226 m be made the following amendments:
1. Paragraph 2 is amended as follows:
"(2) The Minister of Defense may give the unions, organizations and associations under par. 1 to immediately implement their public spaces patriotic activity in military clubs or other suitable premises in buildings management of the Ministry of Defence or structures directly subordinated to the Minister of Defence without paying rent. "
2. A par. 3:
"(3) The terms and conditions for the provision of financial or material assistance under par. 1 and the premises under par. 2 shall be determined by the Minister of Defense. "
Law was adopted by the 42 th National Assembly on December 19, 2013 and was affixed with the official seal of the National Assembly.
Chairman of the National Assembly Mihail Mikov