Law To Amend The Administrative Code

Original Language Title: Закон за изменение и допълнение на Административнопроцесуалния кодекс

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Name of the law amending and supplementing the law on Administrative Procedure Code Name of Bill a Bill to amend the administrative code date of acceptance 11/03/2014 number/year Official Gazette 27/2014 Decree No 48

On the grounds of art. 98, paragraph 4 of the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria


To be published in the Official Gazette the law to amend the Administrative Code adopted by the National Assembly of the HLIÌ 11 March 2014.

Issued in Sofia on 20 March 2014.

The President of the Republic: Rosen Plevneliev

Stamped with the State seal.

Minister of Justice: Zinaida Zlatanova


to amend the administrative code (promulgated, SG. 30 of 2006; amend., SG. 59 and 64 of 2007 No. 94 from 2008, no. 35/2009, no. 100 by 2010, issue 39 of 2011, no. 77 of 2012 and 2013 of 104)

§ 1. In art. 1 point 7 is created:

"7. the completion of a complex administrative services."

§ 2. Art is created. 13A:

"Complete administrative service

Art. 13. the administrative authorities shall apply the complex administrative service in the provision of administrative services. "

§ 3. In art. 29 following amendments and supplements shall be made:

1. In paragraph 8. 1 Finally a comma and add "as the applicant chooses the form and mode of expression."

2. in the Al. 4, the words "electronic mail" shall be replaced by "electronic mail", a licensed operator.

§ 4. In art. 31 Al is created. 6:

"(6) where the request relates to a complex administrative services, it may be submitted to any administrative authority that is involved in it. The administrative authority to which the request is made, form production. Interaction with other administrative authorities is carried out by the order of the Ordinance under art. 5 (a), para. 1 of the law on the administration. "

§ 5. In art. 36 Al is created. 4:

"(4) the administrative authorities may not require the provision of information or documents that are available to them or to any other body, and provide them officially for the needs of the production."

§ 6. In art. 57 the following endorsements are added:

1. In paragraph 8. 4:

a) after the word "manufacture" shall be inserted "or by another administrative body, where they are available" and a comma;

(b)) are the second and third sentences: "the information available on paper in the other body shall be provided within three days from the date of the request, the time limit for pronouncing run from the date of receipt of the information. Service notification within the meaning of the Act on e-governance is carried out immediately. "

2. a para. 9:

(9) the administrative authorities carried out a complex administrative services within three days from the date of receipt of the access data of the administrative bodies – primary administrators of data. "

§ 7. In art. 61 Al is created. 4:

"(4) the individual administrative act may be obtained at the place where the declared, or of a designated address, in case it's requested receipt by licensed postal vendor or electronically."

§ 8. In art. 133 Al is created. 6:

"(6) where the competent court could not hear the case, the Supreme Administrative Court ruled sending him in equal degree administrative court."

§ 9. In § 1 of the supplementary provision creates item 5:

"5. the Bill is this registry service, in which the administrative service is carried out by the administrative authorities, by persons performing public functions, or from organisations providing public services, without requiring the applicant to provide information or dokazatelstveni for which there are data collected or generated by this administrative service primary data, whether these data are maintained in electronic form or on paper."

Final provisions

§ 10. In the Administration Act (promulgated, SG. 130 of 1998; Decision of the Constitutional Court No. 2 of 1999 – issue 8 of 1999; amend., SG. 67 of 1999 No. 64 and 81 of 2000, 99/2001;, Corr 101/2001; amended by 95/2003, no. 19 of 2005, no. 24 , 30, 69 and 102 in 2006, PCs. 46 and 78 in 2007, PCs. 43 and 94 since 2008, PCs. 35 and 42 by 2009, PCs. 24 and 97 from 2010, PC. 69 by 2011, issue. 15 and 82 by 2012 PCs. 15 and 17 from 2013 and St. 19 by 2014) make the following changes and additions:

1. In art. 5a:

(a)) in the Al. 1, the words "by the Registrar of the municipality" shall be replaced by ' of the Permanent Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of the municipality, and to the Ministry of the Interior – by the Minister of internal affairs or by an official authorized by him ";

(b)) in the Al. the words "by law" shall be replaced by "under § 1, item 2, the letters" c "," d "and" e "of the additional provision";

in Al are created.) 6 and 7:

(6) the administrative authorities conclude between themselves agreements on the integration of the services provided by building a shared service centers.

(7) the Council of Ministers may establish centers for integrated administrative services. The structure and organisation of the activities of the centres are governed by the Ordinance referred to in para. 1. "

2. In art. 18:

and the current text) became al. 1;

(b)) are al. 2 and 3:

"(2) in the administration are carried out internships for students.

(3) the General rules for the Organization and conduct of student internships in administration shall be determined by an Ordinance adopted by the Council of Ministers, and the outstanding questions, with the internal rules established by the Secretary-General, respectively, from the Permanent Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of the municipality, and to the Ministry of the Interior – by the Minister of internal affairs or by an official authorized by him. "

§ 11. Within three months of the entry into force of this law the Council of Ministers shall adopt Ordinance referred to in art. 18, al. 3 of the law on the administration.

§ 12. (1) the administrative authorities shall bring a complex administrative services no later than one year from the entry into force of this law.

(2) compliance with the time limit referred to in paragraph 1. 1 is assigned to the General Secretary, respectively, of the Permanent Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of the municipality, and to the Ministry of the Interior – the Minister of the Interior or an official authorised by him.

§ 13. The law shall enter into force on the day of its publication in the Official Gazette.

The law was adopted by the 42nd National Assembly on 11 March 2014 and is stamped with the official seal of the National Assembly.

President of the National Assembly: Mihail Mikov