Law No. 12240, 20 May 2010

Original Language Title: Lei nº 12.240, de 20 de Maio de 2010

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LEI No. 12,240 OF May 20, 2010.

Abre extraordinary credit, in favor of diverse organs and entities of the Executive Power, in the global value of R$ 18,191,723,573.00, and reduces the Investment Budget of diverse companies in the global value of R$ 5,736,743,280.00, for the purposes it specifies.

I do know that the PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC adopted the 2009 Provisional Measure No. 477, which the National Congress adopted, and I, Marco Maia, First Vice President in the exercise of the Presidency of the Bureau of the National Congress, for the purposes of the provisions of the art. 62 of the Federal Constitution, with the essay given by the Constitutional Amendment No. 32, combined with the art. 12 of Resolution No. 1, of 2002-CN, promulgated the following Law:

Art. 1º Stay open extraordinary credit, in favor of diverse bodies and entities of the Executive Power, in the global value of R$ 18,191,723,573.00 (eighteen billion, one hundred and one million, seven hundred and twenty-three thousand, five hundred and seventy and three reais), to meet to the schedules set out in Annexes I and III of this Law.

Art. 2º The resources needed to open up the credit that it treats art. 1st arise from:

I-financial surplus ascertained in the Union Balance Sheet of the exercise of 2008, pertaining to Ordinary Resources, worth R$ 440,000,000.00 (four hundred and forty million reais);

II-financial surplus ascertained in the Union Balance Sheet of the financial year 2008, concerning the Social Contribution on the Net Profit of Legal Persons, worth R$ 38,000,000.00 (thirty-eight million reais);

III-cancellation of budget allocations, in the value of R$ 8,904,219,000.00 (eight billion, nine hundred and four million, two hundred and nineteen thousand reais), being:

a) R$ 2,126,480,547.00 (two billion, one hundred and twenty-six million, four hundred and eighty thousand, five hundred and forty-seven reais), as indicated in Annex II; and

b) R$ 6,777,738,453.00 (six billion, seven hundred and seventy seven million, seven hundred and thirty-eight thousand, four hundred and one hundred and three reais), as indicated in Annex IV;

IV-own resources of state-owned enterprises, worth R$ 2,557,046,049.00 (two billion, five hundred and fifty and seven million, forty-six thousand and forty-nine reais);

V-resources for increasing the net-controlling net worth, worth R$ 2,609,102,412.00 (two billion, six hundred and nine million, one and two thousand and four hundred and twelve reais);

VI-Long-term Credit Operations-Internal, in the value of R$ 843,908,786.00 (eight hundred and forty-three million, nine hundred and eight thousand, seven hundred and eighty-six actual);

VII-External Long-Term Credit Operations, at the value of R$ 2,277,567,151.00 (two billion, two hundred and seventy-seven million, five hundred and sixty-seven thousand, one hundred and one hundred and one real); and

VIII-Other Long-Term Resources-Controller, worth R$ 521,880,175.00 (five hundred and twenty-one million, eight hundred and eighty thousand, one hundred and seventy-five reais).

Art. 3º It gets reduced the Investment Budget (Law no 11,897, from 30 of December 2008), regarding the budget allocations of various companies, constants of Annex IV to this Act, in the overall value of R$ 5,736,743,280.00, (five billion, seven hundred and thirty-six million, seven hundred and forty-three thousand, two hundred and eighty real ones), additionally to the constant cancellation of point? b? of the inciso III of the art. 2nd of this Law.

National Congress, on May 20, 2010; 189º of Independence and 122º of the Republic.


First Vice President, in the exercise of

Presidency of the National Congress Bureau