Decree No. 6129, June 20 2007

Original Language Title: Decreto nº 6.129, de 20 de Junho de 2007

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DECREE NO. 6,129, OF June 20, 2007.

Disposes on the linking of the integral entities of the indirect federal public administration.

THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC, in the use of the attribution that gives it the art. 84, inciso VI, point (? a? of the Constitution,


Art. 1st The linking of the authorities, foundations, public companies and societies of mixed economy to the Ministries and other bodies of the federal public administration is established in the form of the Annex to this Decree.

Art. 2nd This Decree takes effect on the date of its publication.

Art. 3rd Ficam revoked:

I-the Decree no 4,566, of 1st January 2003; and

II-o art. 11 of the Decree no 4,858, of October 13, 2003.

Brasilia, 20 of June 2007; 186th of the Independence and 119th of the Republic.


Joao Bernardo de Azevedo Bringel

This text does not replace the one published in the DOU of 6/21/2007


I-Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic: National Institute of Information Technology-ITI;

II-Secretary of Social Communication of the Presidency of the Republic: RADIOBRÁS-Company Brazilian of Communication S. A;

III-Special Ports Registry of the Presidency of the Republic:

a) Company Docs of the Ceará-CDC;

b) Company Docs of the Holy Spirit-CODESA;

c) Company of the State Docs of Bahia-CODEBA;

d) Company Docas of the State of São Paulo-CODESP;

e) Company Docs of Para-CDP;

f) Company Docks of the Rio Grande do Norte-CODERN; and

g) Company Docks of Rio de January-CDRJ;

IV-Long-Term Planning Office of the Presidency of the Republic: Institute of Applied Economic Research-IPEA;

V-Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply:

a) Central Supply of Mines General S.A. -CEASA/MG;

b) Company of Armazwarehouses and Silos of the State of Mines General-CASEMG;

c) Company of Interposites and General Armaments of São Paulo-CEAGESP;

d) National Company of Supply-CONAB; e

e) Brazilian Company of Agrohusbandry Research-EMBRAPA;

VI-Ministry of Cities:

a) Brazilian Company of Urban Trains-CBTU; and

b) Urban Train Company of Porto Alegre S.A. -TRENSURB;

VII-Ministry of Science and Technology:

a) Brazilian Spatial Agency-AEB;

b) National Nuclear Energy Commission-CNEN;

c) National Council for Scientific and Technological Development-CNPq; and

d) Financier of Studies and Projects-FINEP;

VIII-Ministry of Communications:

a) National Telecommunication Agency-ANATEL;

b) Brazilian Company of Posts and Telégraph-ECT; and

c) Telecommunications Brazilians S.A. -TELEBRÁS;

IX-Ministry of Culture:

a) National Cinema Agency-ANCINE;

b) Foundation National Library;

c) Foundation House of Rui Barbosa;

d) Cultural Foundation Palmares;

e) National Foundation of Arts-FUNARTE; and

f) Institute of the National Historical and Artistic Heritage-IPHAN;

X-Ministry of Defense:

a) linked directly to the Ministry:

1. National Civil Aviation Agency-ANAC; and

2. Brazilian Company Airport Infrastructure-INFRAERO;

b) linked to the Ministry through the Aeronautics Command: Aeronautics Real estate financing box;

c) linked to the Ministry by means of the Navy Command:

1. Case Construction Box for the Personnel of the Ministry of the Navy; and

2. Generation Company of Naval Projects-EMGEPRON; and

d) linked to the Ministry through the Army Command:

1. Army Housing Foundation-FHE;

2. Osorium Foundation; and

3. Brazilian Material Industry of Brazil-IMBEL;

XI-Ministry of the Agrarian Development: National Institute of Colonization and Agrarian Reform-INCRA;

XII-Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade:

a) National Bank for Economic and Social Development-BNDES;

b) National Development Fund-FND;

c) National Institute of Metrology, Normalization and Industrial Quality-INMETRO;

d) National Institute of Industrial Property-INPI; and

e) Superintendence of the Franca Zone of Manaus-SUFRAMA;

XIII- Ministry of Education:

a) Federal Education Centres Technological:

1. of Alagoas;

2. of Amazonas;

3. of Bahia;

4. from Bambuí;

5. of Bento Goncalves;

6. of Fields;

7. of Ceará;

8. Celso Suckow da Fonseca;

9. of Cuiabá;

10. of the Holy Spirit;

11. of Goiás;

12. from Januaria;

13. of the Maranhão;

14. of Mato Grosso;

15. of Minas Gerais;

16. of Ouro Preto;

17. of Pará;

18. from Paraíba;

19. of Pelotas;

20. from Pernambuco;

21. from Petrolina;

22. from Piauí;

23. Chemistry of Nilopolis;

24. of the Rio Grande do Norte;

25. from Rio Pomba;

26. of Rio Verde;

27. from Roraima;

28. of Santa Catarina;

29. from São Paulo;

30. of St. Vincent of the South;

31. of Sergipe;

32. from Uberaba; and

33. from Urutaí;

b) College Pedro II;

c) Schools Federal Agrotechniques:

1. Antônio José Teixeira;

2. from Alegre;

3. from Alegrete;

4. of Araguatins;

5. from Barbacena;

6. of Barons;

7. from Belo Jardim;

8. of Cáceres;

9. from Castanhal;

10. from Catu;

11. of Ceres;

12. of Codó;

13. of Colatine;

14. from Colorado of the West;

15. of Concontention;

16. from Crato;

17. from Iguatu;

18. of Inconfidants;

19. from Machado;

20. from Manaus;

21. from Muzambinho;

22. from Rio do Sul;

23. of Salinas;

24. of Saint Inês;

25. of Santa Teresa;

26. of St. Kitts;

27. of St. Gabriel of the Cachoeira;

28. of St. John Evangelist;

29. of St. Louis;

30. from Satuba;

31. of Lord of the Bonfim;

32. of Serton;

33. de Sousa;

34. of Sombrio;

35. of Uberlândia; and

36. of Victoria of St. Anso;

d) Federal Technical School of Palmas;

e) Foundation Improvement Coordination of Top Level Personnel -CAPES;

f) Foundation Faculty Federal Faculty of Medical Sciences Cheerful;

g) Joaquim Nabuco Foundation;

h) Foundations Universities:

1. of Amazonas; and

2. of Brasilia;

i) Foundations Federal Universities:

1. of the ABC;

2. of the Acre;

3. of the Amapá;

4. of the Great Dourados;

5. of the Maranhão;

6. of Mato Grosso;

7. of Mato Grosso do Sul;

8. of Ouro Preto;

9. of Pelotas;

10. from Piauí;

11. of the Rio Grande;

12. of Rondônia;

13. from Roraima;

14. of São Carlos;

15. of St. John del Rei;

16. of Sergipe;

17. of the Tocantins;

18. of the Valley of the San Francisco; and

19. of Viçosa;

j) National Education Development Fund;

l) Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre;

m) National Institute of Educational Studies and Educational Research Anthem Teixeira;

n) Federal Universities:

1. of Alagoas;

2. of Alfenas;

3. of Bahia;

4. from Campina Grande;

5. of Ceará;

6. of the Holy Spirit;

7. of the State of Rio de Janeiro;

8. Fluminense;

9. of Goiás;

10. from Itajubá;

11. of Judge from Outside;

12. of Lavras;

13. of Minas Gerais;

14. from Pernambuco;

15. of Santa Catarina;

16. of Santa Maria;

17. from São Paulo;

18. of Pará;

19. from Paraíba;

20. from Paraná;

21. of the Recôncavo da Bahia;

22. of the Rio Grande do Norte;

23. of Rio Grande do Sul;

24. from Rio de Janeiro;

25. Rural Amazonia;

26. Rural of Pernambuco;

27. Rural of Rio de Janeiro;

28. Rural of Semi-Árido;

29. of the Mineiro Triangle;

30. of Uberlândia; and

31. of the Valleys of the Jequitinhonha and Mucuri;

o) Technological University Federal of Paraná;

XIV-Ministry of Finance:

a) Central Bank of Brazil-BACEN;

b) Banco da Amazônia S.A. -BASA;

c) Banco do Brasil S.A.;

d) Bank of the State of Santa Catarina S.A. -BESC;

e) Bank of the State of Piauí S.A. -BEP;

f) Bank of the Northeast of Brazil S.A.-BNB;

g) BESC S.A. Real-estate Credit-BENGTH;

h) Federal Economic Box Office-CEF;

i) Casa da Moeda do Brasil-CMB;

j) Commission of Securities-CVM;

l) Asset Gestora of Assets-EMGEA;

m) IRB-Brasil Reinsurance S.A. -IRB;

n) Federal Data Processing Service-SERPRO; and

the) Superintendency of Private Insurance-SUSEP;

XV-Ministry of National Integration:

a) Amazonia Development Agency-ADA;

b) Development Agency of Northeast-ADENE;

c) Development Company of the Valleys of the San Francisco and of the Parnaíba-CODEVASF; and

d) National Department of Works Against Secas-DNOCS;

XVI-Ministry of Justice:

a) Administrative Council of Economic Defense-CADE; and

b) National Foundation of the Indian-FUNAI;

XVII-Ministry of the Environment:

a) National Agency of Waters-ANA;

b) Development Company of Barcareena-CODEBAR;

c) Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources-IBAMA;

d) Institute Chico Mendes of Conservation of Biodiversity-Chico Institute Mendes; and

e) Institute of Research Gardens Botanical Garden of Rio de January-JBRJ;

XVIII-Ministry of Mines and Energy:

a) National Electrical Energy Agency-ANEEL;

b) National Oil Agency, Natural Gas, and Biofuels-ANP;

c) Central Electrical Plants S.A. -ELECTROBRÁS;

d) Mineral Resources Research Company- CPRM;

e) National Department of Mineral Production-DNPM;

f) Energy-EPE Research Company; and

g) Petroleum Brasileiro S.A. -PETROBRÁS;

XIX-Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management:

a) Foundation National School of Public Administration-ENAP; e

b) Foundation Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics- IBGE;

XX-Ministry of Social Security:

a) Social Security Company and Social Security Information-DATAPREV; and

b) National Institute of Social Insurance-INSS;

XXI-Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Foundation Alexandre de Gusmão;

XXII-Ministry of Health:

a) National Supplemental Health Agency-ANS;

b) National Health Surveillance Agency-ANVISA;

c) Brazilian Company of Hemoderivatives and Biotechnology-HEMOBRÁS;

d) National Health Care Foundation-FNS;

e) Foundation Oswaldo Cruz-FIOCRUZ;

f) Hospital Cristo Redentor S.A.;

g) Hospital Fêmina S.A.; and

h) Hospital Our Lady of Conception S.A.;

XXIII-Ministry of Labour and Employment: The Jorge Duprat Figueiredo Foundation of Security and Occupational Medicine-FUNDACENTRO;

XXIV-Ministry of the Transport:

a) National Aquaviary Transport Agency- ANTAQ;

b) National Terrestrial Transport Agency-ANTT;

c) Company Docs of the Maranhão-CODOMAR;

d) Navigation Company of the San Francisco S.A. -FRANAVE-in liquidation;

e) National Department of Transport Infrastructure -DNIT;

f) Brazilian Company of Transport Planning-GEIPOT, in liquidation; and

g) VALEC- Engineering, Constructions and Railways S. A; and

XXV-Ministry of the Tourism: EMBRATUR-Brazilian Institute of Tourism.