Provisional Measure No. 217, 27 September 2004

Original Language Title: Medida Provisória nº 217, de 27 de Setembro de 2004

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PROVISIONAL MEASURE NO. 217, OF September 27, 2004.

Opens extraordinary credit to the Fiscal and Investment Budgets of the Union, for the purposes that specifies.

THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC, in the use of the assignment that gives him the art. 62, combined with the § 3rd of the art. 167, of the Constitution, adopts the following Provisional Measure, with force of law:

Art. 1st Open credit extraordinary credit to the Union Fiscal Budget (Law no 10,837, of January 16, 2004), in favor of the Ministries of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, of the Finance, Justice, Transport, Planning, Budget and Management, Agricultural Development, Sport and Defence and Official Credit Operations, in the global value of R$ 1,362,040,894.00 (one billion, three hundred and sixty-two million, forty thousand, eight hundred and ninety-four reais), to cater to the constant programming of Annex I of this Interim Measles.

Art. 2nd The resources necessary for the opening of the credit of which it treats art. 1st arise from:

I-financial surplus ascertained in the Union Balance Sheet of 2003, worth R$ 195,742,698.00 (one hundred and ninety-five million, seven hundred and forty-two thousand, six hundred and ninety-eight real);

II-excess fundraising worth R$ 142,640,130.00 (one hundred and forty two million, six hundred and forty thousand, one hundred and thirty reais), being:

a) R$ 134,584,770.00 (one hundred and thirty-four million, five hundred and eighty and four thousand, seven hundred and seventy real) of Interest Mora of Revenue Administered by the Registry of the Federal Revenue Ministry of the Ministry of Finance; and

b) R$ 8,055,360.00 (eight million, fifty and five thousand, three hundred and sixty reais) of non-financial own resources;

III-partial cancellation of budget allocations, worth R$ 873,658,066.00 (eight hundred and seventy-three million, six hundred and fifty-eight thousand, sixty-six reais) as stated in Annex II of this Interim Measure; and

IV-credit operation arising from the launch of Agrarian Debt Securities -TDA, worth R$ 150,000,000.00 (one hundred and fifty million reais).

Art. 3rd In due to the provisions of the art. 1st, is open to the Union Investment Budget (Law no 10,837, of 2004), in favor of the Teaching Companies of the States of the Holy Spirit, of Bahia, of São Paulo and of Rio de Janeiro, linked to the Ministry of Transport, extraordinary credit in the value of R$ 29,500,000.00 (twenty-nine million and five hundred thousand reais), as indicated in Annex III of this Provisional Measure.

Art. 4th The resources necessary for the opening of the credit of which it treats art. 3rd return of Union pass, in the form of participation in the capital, as demonstrated in the "Summary Table by Revenue" constant of Annex III of this Provisional Measure.

Art. 5th This Interim Measure enters in effect on the date of its publication.

Brasilia, September 27, 2004; 183rd of the Independence and 116th of the Republic.

Guido Mantega