Decree Of 03 June 2004

Original Language Title: Decreto de 03 de junho de 2004

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DECREE OF June 3, 2004

Redefines the boundaries of the Tijuca National Park, in the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, and gives others providences.

THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC, in the use of the assignment that confers it on art. 84, inciso IV, and in accordance with the provisions of the art. 225, § 1º, inciso III, of the Constitution, and what is stated in the art. 22, § § 2º and 6º, of Law No. 9,985, of July 18, 2000,


Art. 1º Stay redefined the boundaries of the Tijuca National Park in the form of the areas bounded in art. 2º, described from the map of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro, on the scale of 1:10.000, of the year 1999, drawn up by the Directorate of Geographic Information-DIG, of the Instituto Pereira Passos-IPP, of the Town Hall Urbanism Office of the City of Rio of January, State of Rio de Janeiro.

Art. 2º The Tijuca National Park is understood by the areas situated in quotas higher than its limits, which are:

Flowland of the Tijuca (Sector A), by the west strand:

starts at the Tijuca Forest Gate in the Afonso Viseu Square (Point 1) and climbs by the spigot in the direction of the ridge of the Morro do Viscount (517.4 m), crossing the quotas 375 m (Point 2), quota 425 m (Point 3), quota 460 m (Point 4). Hence, it follows by this quota 460 m in west direction and finds the geographical imaginary line of direction North-South (Point 5), which connects the ridge of the Morro do Almeida (537.1 m) to the Butude Road, crossing the quota curves 440 m (Point 6), and quota 410 m (Point 7). It finds the Butude Road (Point 8) and by its right margin (from whom it comes from the Alto da Boa Vista) it follows marching it, passing through the Butude of Solitude and follows until it crosses the waters of the River of the Wave Cove, 150 m from the Button of the Button (Point 9). Hence, it rises by the left bank of the cited river until you find the quota 660 m (Point 10) and it comes following through this one, in southernmost direction, bypassing the Morro das Pedras, crossing the Sertãozinho Valley, in demand to the Morro da Taquara, until you find the foothills rocky (old quarry) (Point 11), following in the southwest direction until you find the quota curve 600 m (Point 12). It continues in the quota of the 600 m, circumvating the Morros of the Cocanha of the Itanhangá (Morro São Miguel) and the Morro do Cipo, passes through stones, bypassing the Castles of the Taquara and the west strand of the Morro da Taquara, following always by the quota curve 600 m up to find the Ernesto River (Point 13). It follows the river, by the right margin in north-east direction to the ridge of the Pico Magalhães Castro (559, to 5 m), crossing the curves of quota 575 m (Point 14), quota 550 (Point 15), quota 525 m (point 16). Hence, it follows in a straight line in the direction of elevation of altitude 559 m (Point 17). Following by the watershed in North-West direction, passing through the quota curves 550 m (Point 18), quota 525 m (Point 19), quota 505 m (Point 20). Hence, it goes northward until you find the ridge of the Pico Nazaro Esteves (510 m) (Point 21). It follows in the northwest direction past the curves of quota 500 m (Point 22), quota 485 m (Point 23). Climbs in north-west direction, passing through the curves of quota 485 m (Point 24), quota 500 m (Point 25), finding the ridge of the Peak Jorge Lossio, at the altitude of 501m (Point 26). Follows in west direction, passing through the curves of quota 475 m (Point 27) and quota 450 m (Point 28). It goes in north-west direction, passing through the curves of quota 425 m (Point 29), quota 400 m (Point 30), quota 405 m (Point 31), by the couches of altitudes 406.7 m (Point 32), 412.8 m (Point 33) and the main ridge of the Morro do Thedim (417.8 m) (Point 34).

Hence, it goes in the north direction, passing through the curves of quota 400 m (Point 35), quota 375 m (Point 36), quota 350 m (Point 37), quota 328 m (Point 38), quota 300 m (Point 39), quota 275 m (Point 40), quota 250 m (Point 41), quota 225 m (Point 42), quota 200 m (Point 43), quota 175 m (Point 44), quota 150 m (Point 45), quota 125 (Point 46), crosses the Sangrador River (Point 47) and goes up to the junction of the Menezes Cortes Avenue with the quota curve 165 m (Point 48). From this point, it follows by the right bank of the Av. Menezes Cortes in east direction, until you find the quota of quota 313 m, at the site known as the Throat of the Matheus (Point 49).

By its eastern strand:

of the cited point (Throat of the Matheus) climbs to the southeast by the same watershed, passing through the curves of quota 325 m (Point 50), quota 350 m (Point 51), 375 m (Point 52), quota 400 m (Point 53), quota 425 m (Point 54), quota 450 m (Point 54) 55), quota 475 m (Point 56), reaching the ridge of the Peak of the Ramalho (484.3 m) (Point 57). It follows by the watershed in southeastern direction by the Serra do Matheus, passing through the curves of quota 475 m (Point 58), quota 450 m (Point 59) and quota 420 m (Point 60). Hence, it goes back up by the watershed, passing through the curves of quota 425 m (Point 61), quota 450 m (Point 62), quota 475 m (Point 63), quota 500 m (Point 64), quota 525 m (Point 65), quota 550 m (Point 66), quota 575 m (Point 67), quota 600 m (Point 68), cota 625 m (Point 69), quota 650 m (Point 70), passes through the quota curve 673.2 m (Point 71) and continues to climb at altitudes 675 m (Point 72), 700 m (Point 73), 714 m (Point 74), on the Morro of the Elephant. It follows in the northeast direction by the watershed (cumin of the Morro of the Elephant), passing through the curves of quota 700 m (Point 75), quota 675 m (Point 76), quota 678.4 m (Point 77), quota 656.5 m (Point 78), quota 663.7 m (Point 79), quota 650 m (Point 80), cota 625 m (Point 81), quota 600 m (Point 82), quota 575 m (Point 83), quota 550 m (Point 84), quota 525 m (Point 85), quota 500 m (Point 86), quota 475 m (Point 87), quota 450 m (Point 88), quota 425 m (Point 89), quota 400 m (Point 90). It goes in east direction, falling to quota curve 375 m (Point 91) and quota 350 m (Point 92). Hence, it follows by bypass the rocky paredon of the Perdido Peak in the East (Points 93 a to 101), until you find the quota curve 175 m (Point 102). It will accompany the rocky paredon until crossing the quota curve 200m (Point 103). It follows in the southeast direction accompanying the boundary of the mata (Point 104), continues down in the same direction (Point 105), bypass the Marianópolis Street (Point 106 and Point 107), continues following to Southeast in a straight line until you find the quota curve 145 m (Point 108). It follows through this one until you find the Jacob River (Point 109). Hence, it follows to the northwest following the course of the River Jacob until you find the Rio of the Excelsior (Point 110). It follows the course of the Excelsior River rising by the left margin, without crossing it, until you find the quota curve 460 m (Point 111). It follows in this quota, bypass the Morro do Felizardo, the Morro Anhanguera or the Excelsior and crosses the São João River (Point 112). Conmakes the Morro da Stone of the Box, in this same quota of 460 m, crosses the Rio Maracana (Point 113).

It will bypass the Morro of the High of the Flag and follow in the direction of a rectilinear imaginary line, which goes from the ridge of the Morro of the High of the Flag to the gate of the Forest of the Tijuca, on the Road of the Cascatinha (Point 114). Following in a straight line up to Point 1.

In the Corcovado-Sumaré-Gávea Small (Serra da Carioca) ensemble (Sector B), by its southern strand:

starts on the eastern slope of the Morro Dona Marta (Point 1), in the quota of the two hundred metres of altitude and follows by the same quota on the southern slope of the Morro Dona Marta and the Morro do Corcovado, past the Bica's tea, from the Lage's tea-cup, including the entire area of the Lage Park to the Botanical Garden Street (Point 2 a Point 10). It follows by the quota of the 200 metres of altitude, where it crosses with the River Head (Point 11); continuing on this same quota, crosses the Rio Cotton (Ponto12), crosses an unnamed Riacho, which lies upstream of the Reprey of the Apes (Ponto13). It continues for the quota of the 200 m, crossing the Dona Castorina Highway by the right bank of who steps down towards the Botanical Garden (Ponto14) and passes to the quota of the 100 meters altitude at the junction with the Rio of the Apes (Point 15). In this same quota 100m, it conforms the Morro do Horto (Point 16). Follows straight through the spigot until you find the quota of the 160 m (Point 17); hence, it will go up by the Chinese View's spigger, passing through the quotas of 170 m, 185 m, 200 m, 305 m, 310 m, 315 m, 120 m, 345 m, 350 m, 380 m (respectively Points from 18 a to 27), when it reaches the quota of the 400 m of Chinese View (Point 28). It follows by the altitude quota 400 m, by the left strand of the Queen River, crosses it (Point 29), continues by the same quota, by the right strand to the boundary of the City Park and always by the same quota, follows by bypass the elevations of the Ponta das Andorinhas and the Morro do Labouriaux. Hence, it goes up to the north of the Viaduct of the Canoes, bypass the Morro do Cochrane by the same quota from the 400 m to the meeting of the north-south direction (Point 30). At the junction of the north-south line with the Chinese View Road at km 2.5 (point 31), and follow by such a line to the north, until the encounter of rocky paredon with the bed of the Chinese View Road (Point 32). Follows bypass by the rocky paredon (Points from 33 a to 40). Hence, it came down the quota of the five hundred and sixty metres, following by the northern strand of the dies of the Freira and Boa Vista (Point 41), until crossing the waters of the Riacho Taylor (Point 42.Desce by the right bank of the Riacho Taylor (Points 43 a to 49) until you find the quota of the 400 m, following it up to cross the Redentor Road (Point 50), on the site called Sapucaia.

Pelas its northern strands:

from the road of the Redentor in the north direction until you find the Edison Avenue. Steps (Point 51). It follows, marching this Avenue by its right side (from whom it goes to Usina / Tijuca), up to the height of the old Tijuca box (Point 52). It follows in a straight line in the eastern sense to the 240 m altitude quota (Point 53). It circumvents the rocky border paredon the Muçu Street and continues through the foothills, in the contact of the forest with the rochedos (Points 53 a to 114). Encounter the quota of the 460 m and crosses the Riacho of the Peak of Carioca (Point 115). It follows by the quota 460 m up to the pebble (Point 116). It follows by the spigot (Points 116 a to 119) until you find the quota of the 200 m (Point 120). It follows in a straight line marching the transmission line, until it finds the quota of 250 m (Point 121). It will marshal the transmission line of the Sumaré hill (Points 122 a to 128) until you find the quota of 420 m (Point 129). It follows by the quota of 420 m, crosses the Sumaré Road (Point 130) and proceeds by the left margin of this road to the spigot (Points 131 a to 133), until you find the 320 m quota (Point 134). It follows in this quota of 320 m bypass the slope of the Serra da Formiga, crosses with the Rio Comprido (Point 135) and meets the Riacho that nourish the swimming pool of the Lagoinha Country Club (Point 136). Go down by the right bank of the referred Curse d' water and by the water runoff from the cite pool until the encounter with the Alexandrino Admiral Street (Point 137). Hence, it follows towards the Silvestre by the right margin (from whom it rises) from the road, crosses with the beginning of the Painting Road (Point 138), continues by the right bank of the Alexandrino Admiral Street to the intersection with the railway line of the Road of iron from the Corcovado, crosses it down by the horizontal projection on the right side of the Silvestre viaduct until it finds the Ascurra Chair in the quota of the 200 m (Point 139). It follows in this quota of 200 m altitude until you find the Point 1.

In the Beautiful Stone Set-Gemstone of the Gávea (by the eastern strand) (Sector C):

it has started on the Canoe Road, on the spot where the quota of the 360 m altitude a traverse (Point 1) and goes south by the same quota, crosses the River of the Emydio, in the Flag Morro (Point 2), goes down by accompanying the rocky paredon of the Flag of the Flag, when it passes to the 300 m quota (Point 3), follows by this cota bypass the Peak of the Four and continues by the strands of the Stone of the Gávea that come back to the Barra da Tijuca, Lagoa da Tijuca and Itanhangá, crosses the Rio da Barra (Point 4), then crosses the Jacaré River (Point 5) and continues for this quota from 300 m to the crossing as Riacho Beautiful Stone (Point 6), following by the Riacho until you find the quota of 280 m (Point 7). It follows in north direction by the quoted quota and continues until the date of the quota 280 m with the rocky paredon that looks at the Furnas, named Pedra Agassiz (Point 8), circumvates the rocky paredon, crossing the quota curves 350 m (Point 9), quota 400 m (Point 10), quota 450 m (Point 11), until you find the quota 500 m (Point 12). By the quota of the 500 m goes surrounding by the north face the massif of the Beauty Stone in the elevation named Morro do Chapecó, crosses the lap between the Morros of the Little Gávea and Beautiful Stone (Point 13), follows by the quota 500 m, circumvading the Morro of the Two Picos and the Aguda Stone. It goes in north-east direction (Point 14) going through the quotas 450 m (Point 15), quota 425 m (Point 16), quota 400 m (Point 17), quota 375 m (Point 18) and arrives at quota 369 m (Point 19), where it meets the Canoe Road and Point 1.

Serra dos Pretos Forros and Covanca (Sector D):

starts at the ridge of the Morro do Inácio Dias (449.4 m) (Point 1), follows to the northwest until crossing the quota curve 400 m (Point 2), continues in this direction until crossing the quota curve of 375 m (Point 3), follows by this altitude in west direction to and north-south geographical imaginary line (Point 4), follows south on this line, until it reaches the lifting couture 411.9 m (Point 5). It goes in a straight line in the southwest direction, going through the cumin of altitude 325.5 m (Point 6) and 326.5 m (Point 7). Hence it goes west in a straight line crossing the curves of quota 300 m (Point 8), quota 275 m (Point 9), quota 250 m (Point 10), quota 225 m (Point 11), quota 200 m (Point 12) until you find the quota curve 175 m (Point 13). It follows by this quota up to Point 14 and of this goes in a straight line in the South direction until you find the 125 m quota (Point 15). It follows by this quota curve 125 m up to the 16.Segue point in straight line in the east direction until you find the quota curve 160 m (Point 17). It goes by this quota up to Point 18, located above the tunnel Engineer Raimundo de Paula Soares. It goes up in nordestes direction, crossing the curves of quota 175 m (Point 19), quota 200 m (point 20), quota 225 m (Point 21), quota 250 m (Point 22), quota 275 m (Point 23), quota 300 m (Point 24), up to the quota curve 325 m (Point 25). It follows in a straight line in the Southeast direction until you find the quota curve 250 m (Point 26) next to Guimaranea Street. It follows by this quota up to Point 27 and from this one in south-west direction up to elevation of altitude 236.3 m (Point 28). It goes in Southeast direction until you find the quota curve 125 m (Point 29). It follows by this quota up to Point 30, on the Menezes Cortes Avenue. It follows through this avenue, by the left margin in the sense of the neighborhood of the Grajaú, up to Point 31, at the beginning of the site named the Throat of the Matheus. It goes in direction east, in a straight line until you find the quota curve 325 m (Point 32). Follows in the northeast direction up to elevation of altitude 358.9 m (Point 33). Goes in a straight line to the east until you find the quota curve 275 m (Point 34) and follow by this quota up to Point 35. It goes in a straight line in the southwest direction to the altitude ridge 364.6 m (Point 36), continuing in this southwest direction passing through the quota 375 m (Point 37) to the summit of the Matheus Peak (403.1 m) (Point 38). It follows in the west direction past the curves of quota 375 m (Point 39), and 350 m (Point 40). From this, it follows up to the altitude ridge 359.9 m (Point 41). It follows in the same direction, by the cumin of the Serra dos Pretos Forros, passing through the curves of quota 325 m (Point 42), 350 m (Point 43), 375 m (Point 44) up to the altitude ridge 413.8 m (Point 45). Still in the northwest direction until you find the quota curve 425 m (Point 46). It follows by this quota in north direction, bypass the Morro of Holy Water, up to Point 47. Goes in a straight line in the northwest direction to the intersection with the Faria River at the quota curve 225m (Point 48). It follows in a straight line in the North-West direction until you find the ridge of the Morro of the Inácio Dias, which corresponds to Point 1, of this sector.

Art. 3º The coordinates of the vertices definers of the boundaries of the National Park of the Tijuca are described in the Attachment of this Decree.

Art. 4º The lands contained in the boundaries of the Tijuca National Park, of which it treats this Decree, belonging to the Union, will be ceded to the Brazilian Institute of the Middle Environment and Renewable Natural Resources-IBAMA through the Union Heritage Office of the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management, in the form of the law.

Art. 5º This Decree comes into force in the date of its publication

Brasilia, June 3, 2004; 183º of Independence and 116º of the Republic.


Marina Silva



Point 1 X=676971.9402 Y=7459805.7494;

Point 2 X=676929.5406 Y=7459802.7534;

Point 3 X=676802.7701 Y=7459790.7692;

Point 4 X=676724.3950 Y=7459789.9132;

Point 5 X=676037.1130 Y=7459666.3694;

Point 6 X=676037.1130 Y=7459625.7089;

Point 7 X=676037.1130 Y=7459565.7883;

Point 8 X=676037.5413 Y=7459518.2798;

Point 9 X=675326.0086 Y=7459658.9857;

Point 10 X=674573.9578 Y=7459722.6233;

Point 11 X=674329.4904 Y=7459190.8301;

Point 12 X=674319.4238 Y=7459137.3098;

Point 13 X=673937.3913 Y=7461735.5743;

Point 14 X=673947.0235 Y=7461772.3282;

Point 15 X=673954.0288 Y=7461805.5817;

Point 16 X=673980.2984 Y=7461884.3401;

Point 17 X=674089.8787 Y=7462123.9435;

Point 18 X=674061.8577 Y=7462161.5725;

Point 19 X=674027.7218 Y=7462193.9958;

Point 20 X=674015.0728 Y=7462265.7780;

Point 21 X=674032.7043 Y=7462342.7818;

Point 22 X=674007.4064 Y=7462351.3596;

Point 23 X=673973.0734 Y=7462377.5443;

Point 24 X=673958.6174 Y=7462390.1851;

Point 25 X=673938.2887 Y=7462415.0155;

Point 26 X=673936.9335 Y=7462438.9429;

Point 27 X=673852.0045 Y=7462441.2002;

Point 28 X=673772.5890 Y=7462458.8060;

Point 29 X=673727.5451 Y=7462522.8953;

Point 30 X=673692.3744 Y=7462608.6554;

Point 31 X=673650.9577 Y=7462666.8903;

Point 32 X=673615.3202 Y=7462715.4996;

Point 33 X=673557.8751 Y=7462842.5078;

Point 34 X=673541.5011 Y=7463006.1431;

Point 35 X=673533.9199 Y=7463132.8106;

Point 36 X=673526.0937 Y=7463227.3766;

Point 37 X=673522.5362 Y=7463298.4790;

Point 38 X=673518.9789 Y=7463361.7601;

Point 39 X=673514.6950 Y=7463419.1215;

Point 40 X=673511.8491 Y=7463469.6042;

Point 41 X=673507.5802 Y=7463515.8207;

Point 42 X=673506.1572 Y=7463562.7482;

Point 43 X=673501.1769 Y=7463628.1623;

Point 44 X=673498.3310 Y=7463678.6450;

Point 45 X=673495.4505 Y=7463748.8723;

Point 46 X=673487.6243 Y=7463832.0620;

Point 47 X=673487.6243 Y=7463861.9250;

Point 48 X=673476.5335 Y=7464023.4911;

Point 49 X=675226.8570 Y=7463873.3138;

Point 50 X=675238.6678 Y=7463837.9041;

Point 51 X=675245.7543 Y=7463802.4943;

Point 52 X=675252.0534 Y=7463747.4124;

Point 53 X=675266.2264 Y=7463694.6912;

Point 54 X=675279.6120 Y=7463647.4781;

Point 55 X=675266.2264 Y=7463590.8225;

Point 56 X=675192.1480 Y=7463465.1384;

Point 57 X=675141.7551 Y=7463444.6794;

Point 58 X=675174.0380 Y=7463420.2860;

Point 59 X=675206.3209 Y=7463388.8107;

Point 60 X=675239.3913 Y=7463358.1222;

Point 61 X=675266.1625 Y=7463328.2206;

Point 62 X=675295.2959 Y=7463295.1714;

Point 63 X=675319.7049 Y=7463257.4010;

Point 64 X=675356.8622 Y=7463199.4463;

Point 65 X=675395.4442 Y=7463143.5775;

Point 66 X=675421.4280 Y=7463097.1514;

Point 67 X=675437.9632 Y=7463057.0203;

Point 68 X=675467.0965 Y=7463024.7580;

Point 69 X=675484.4190 Y=7462973.6106;

Point 70 X=675507.2533 Y=7462924.0368;

Point 71 X=675534.9967 Y=7462753.4884;

Point 72 X=675545.2329 Y=7462719.6524;

Point 73 X=675644.4437 Y=7462665.3574;

Point 74 X=675720.8204 Y=7462617.3575;

Point 75 X=675836.5665 Y=7462714.9311;

Point 76 X=675934.0489 Y=7462767.7669;

Point 77 X=676102.5499 Y=7462863.7668;

Point 78 X=676248.2168 Y=7462966.8486;

Point 79 X=676304.1213 Y=7462955.8322;

Point 80 X=676363.1754 Y=7463029.7994;

Point 81 X=676401.2247 Y=7463103.5063;

Point 82 X=676408.3112 Y=7463160.1620;

Point 83 X=676427.9959 Y=7463206.5882;

Point 84 X=676453.9797 Y=7463254.5881;

Point 85 X=676482.3257 Y=7463300.2274;

Point 86 X=676532.0680 Y=7463405.3590;

Point 87 X=676595.0590 Y=7463443.1295;

Point 88 X=676620.2555 Y=7463480.8999;

Point 89 X=676642.3023 Y=7463544.6375;

Point 90 X=676813.9529 Y=7463654.0144;

Point 91 X=676896.4658 Y=7463636.9523;

Point 92 X=677022.4479 Y=7463601.5426;

Point 93 X=677057.0931 Y=7463647.9687;

Point 94 X=677110.6354 Y=7463679.4441;

Point 95 X=677139.7688 Y=7463745.5424;

Point 96 X=677156.3039 Y=7463753.4112;

Point 97 X=677177.5634 Y=7463756.5587;

Point 98 X=677209.8463 Y=7463747.9030;

Point 99 X=677220.0824 Y=7463755.7719;

Point 100 X=677259.4518 Y=7463748.6899;

Point 101 X=677283.0735 Y=7463735.3129;

Point 102 X=677412.9925 Y=7463752.6243;

Point 103 X=677529.1060 Y=7463562.1316;

Point 104 X=677500.7600 Y=7463441.7384;

Point 105 X=677646.4200 Y=7463371.6800;

Point 106 X=677668.2700 Y=7463302.9400;

Point 107 X=677773.2600 Y=7463288.3700;

Point 108 X=677699.7600 Y=7463185.2200;

Point 109 X=677702.7800 Y=7462975.4600;

Point 110 X=677495.8100 Y=7462822.1200;

Point 115 X=677329.0717 Y=7462738.9138;

Point 116 X=677344.1691 Y=7462178.4453;

Point 117 X=677239.3978 Y=7461510.2692;

Point 118 X=677080.4763 Y=7460409.3331;

Point 119 X=676961.8617 Y=7460045.5420;

Set Corcovado-Sumaré-Gávea Little (Serra da Carioca) (Sector B):

Point 1 X=685185.4212 Y=7461385.3737;

Point 2 X=683593.7495 Y=7460339.9764;

Point 3 X=683609.7252 Y=7460155.0647;

Point 4 X=683609.1547 Y=7460053.8136;

Point 5 X=683610.2686 Y=7459853.0459;

Point 6 X=683610.8120 Y=7459795.2632;

Point 7 X=683606.9539 Y=7459743.5250;

Point 8 X=683223.9725 Y=7459701.4933;

Point 9 X=683070.2745 Y=7460017.9841;

Point 10 X=683029.9278 Y=7460100.7160;

Point 11 X=682558.5096 Y=7460545.7199;

Point 12 X=681732.1488 Y=7459903.1546;

Point 13 X=680454.5567 Y=7459744.9793;

Point 14 X=680515.0904 Y=7459304.5307;

Point 15 X=680196.8810 Y=7458914.7340;

Point 16 X=680446.0527 Y=7458594.7216;

Point 17 X=680232.3916 Y=7458492.5418;

Point 18 X=680211.7971 Y=7458481.1885;

Point 19 X=680169.1953 Y=7458473.3744;

Point 20 X=680140.8032 Y=7458483.3085;

Point 21 X=680025.0882 Y=7458595.4224;

Point 22 X=679943.4438 Y=7458609.6140;

Point 23 X=679868.4560 Y=7458590.9371;

Point 24 X=679839.3574 Y=7458581.7213;

Point 25 X=679740.6777 Y=7458493.0149;

Point 26 X=679690.2511 Y=7458468.1883;

Point 27 X=679576.6826 Y=7458420.6376;

Point 28 X=679527.6959 Y=7458412.1226;

Point 29 X=678991.7773 Y=7457988.5113;

Point 30 X=677638.1921 Y=7458010.5346;

Point 31 X=677619.7711 Y=7458757.6274;

Point 32 X=677500.0351 Y=7458751.4952;

Point 33 X=677469.3879 Y=7458800.2899;

Point 34 X=677444.3104 Y=7458823.6448;

Point 35 X=677382.8801 Y=7458835.7515;

Point 36 X=677275.5877 Y=7458837.0480;

Point 37 X=677226.0305 Y=7458828.3578;

Point 38 X=677162.8886 Y=7458793.3343;

Point 39 X=677103.6319 Y=7458733.6769;

Point 40 X=677056.0309 Y=7458827.9373;

Point 41 X=676954.7973 Y=7458829.6543;

Point 42 X=677873.3985 Y=7459584.3861;

Point 43 X=677784.7988 Y=7459545.9636;

Point 44 X=677700.4646 Y=7459518.2286;

Point 45 X=677560.6231 Y=7459522.5036;

Point 46 X=677365.2743 Y=7459481.9436;

Point 47 X=677245.7013 Y=7459510.7648;

Point 48 X=677192.3403 Y=7459652.6636;

Point 49 X=677251.0537 Y=7459762.5699;

Point 50 X=677257.4385 Y=7459772.1711;

Point 51 X=677248.6899 Y=7459845.1792;

Point 52 X=677905.9476 Y=7460321.2294;

Point 53 X=678032.0142 Y=7460268.4576;

Point 54 X=678094.5041 Y=7460311.5406;

Point 55 X=678138.6817 Y=7460382.6213;

Point 56 X=678187.1793 Y=7460384.7764;

Point 57 X=678215.1910 Y=7460393.3965;

Point 58 X=678271.2146 Y=7460449.3921;

Point 59 X=678284.1473 Y=7460487.0962;

Point 60 X=678306.7795 Y=7460516.1628;

Point 61 X=678344.4907 Y=7460517.2491;

Point 62 X=678382.2020 Y=7460544.1781;

Point 63 X=678406.7361 Y=7460585.3689;

Point 64 X=678433.4166 Y=7460598.4742;

Point 65 X=678456.4835 Y=7460631.9385;

Point 66 X=678461.9174 Y=7460686.6375;

Point 67 X=678508.9478 Y=7460659.0602;

Point 68 X=678538.8071 Y=7460650.9132;

Point 69 X=678518.4571 Y=7460691.6134;

Point 70 X=678539.7037 Y=7460716.0195;

Point 71 X=678567.7426 Y=7460713.3038;

Point 72 X=678579.9689 Y=7460725.0601;

Point 73 X=678594.4503 Y=7460726.8647;

Point 74 X=678599.8570 Y=7460711.9547;

Point 75 X=678587.1960 Y=7460700.6540;

Point 76 X=678613.8765 Y=7460692.5069;

Point 77 X=678650.0663 Y=7460706.0678;

Point 78 X=678664.0857 Y=7460737.7274;

Point 79 X=678699.8137 Y=7460761.6780;

Point 80 X=678764.2869 Y=7460774.5205;

Point 81 X=678772.4378 Y=7460766.8290;

Point 82 X=678797.7598 Y=7460769.0891;

Point 83 X=678841.1766 Y=7460782.6500;

Point 84 X=678896.8198 Y=7460786.2768;

Point 85 X=679035.4387 Y=7460850.9100;

Point 86 X=679061.6572 Y=7460897.0240;

Point 87 X=679068.9115 Y=7460935.9021;

Point 88 X=679092.4131 Y=7460930.0327;

Point 89 X=679103.7428 Y=7460903.8045;

Point 90 X=679139.9054 Y=7460846.8452;

Point 91 X=679196.4452 Y=7460827.8530;

Point 92 X=679224.9460 Y=7460837.8047;

Point 93 X=679230.8146 Y=7460858.6015;

Point 94 X=679243.4756 Y=7460858.6015;

Point 95 X=679262.4943 Y=7460845.4962;

Point 96 X=679271.9765 Y=7460812.4875;

Point 97 X=679289.1748 Y=7460816.5523;

Point 98 X=679311.3451 Y=7460844.1296;

Point 99 X=679341.1772 Y=7460843.6740;

Point 100 X=679378.5353 Y=7460815.1857;

Point 101 X=679429.2064 Y=7460837.3316;

Point 102 X=679572.5800 Y=7460842.3074;

Point 103 X=679601.5155 Y=7460826.9419;

Point 104 X=679597.4401 Y=7460801.1692;

Point 105 X=679608.7426 Y=7460788.0639;

Point 106 X=679616.8934 Y=7460765.9179;

Point 107 X=679653.5179 Y=7460776.3076;

Point 108 X=679674.7917 Y=7460775.3965;

Point 109 X=679757.8217 Y=7460725.9886;

Point 110 X=679772.7378 Y=7460724.6220;

Point 111 X=679813.4649 Y=7460688.4597;

Point 112 X=679887.6376 Y=7460696.5892;

Point 113 X=679934.6681 Y=7460706.0853;

Point 114 X=679940.9986 Y=7460691.6309;

Point 115 X=680185.4427 Y=7460803.8148;

Point 116 X=680723.6436 Y=7461540.0099;

Point 117 X=680689.7360 Y=7461736.9056;

Point 118 X=680771.3804 Y=7461949.4296;

Point 119 X=680875.3038 Y=7462176.6183;

Point 120 X=680912.8249 Y=7462217.0031;

Point 121 X=681667.3767 Y=7462640.8947;

Point 122 X=681734.7571 Y=7462634.4647;

Point 123 X=681771.6533 Y=7462628.4552;

Point 124 X=681822.7319 Y=7462598.8630;

Point 125 X=681839.8759 Y=7462583.4274;

Point 126 X=681841.5876 Y=7462530.6731;

Point 127 X=681867.3443 Y=7462506.6524;

Point 128 X=681939.4250 Y=7462445.7336;

Point 129 X=681964.3123 Y=7462437.1660;

Point 130 X=682583.5055 Y=7462530.1475;

Point 131 X=682627.6560 Y=7462583.5325;

Point 132 X=682686.0432 Y=7462632.6601;

Point 133 X=682763.6666 Y=7462687.4643;

Point 134 X=682818.5218 Y=7462708.8218;

Point 135 X=682708.8385 Y=7462366.4181;

Point 136 X=683342.2957 Y=7462082.7258;

Point 137 X=683596.9555 Y=7462087.6490;

Point 138 X=683822.5440 Y=7461410.7610;

Point 139 X=684123.6909 Y=7461363.8935;

Beautiful Stone and Gávea Stone (Sector C):

Point 1 X=676941.3555 Y=7457306.1028;

Point 2 X=675980.3281 Y=7456348.4889;

Point 3 X=676211.8798 Y=7456270.8746;

Point 4 X=675309.8153 Y=7455764.9305;

Point 5 X=675301.7129 Y=7455930.3304;

Point 6 X=675588.0057 Y=7456468.0360;

Point 7 X=675518.3163 Y=7456458.7846;

Point 8 X=675369.2284 Y=7457304.3884;

Point 9 X=675561.3771 Y=7457330.6565;

Point 10 X=675629.4477 Y=7457323.3357;

Point 11 X=675691.0561 Y=7457309.5558;

Point 12 X=675791.0077 Y=7457304.3884;

Point 13 X=676433.8383 Y=7457282.8790;

Point 14 X=676737.6524 Y=7457169.2602;

Point 15 X=676777.9543 Y=7457227.6190;

Point 16 X=676811.5393 Y=7457272.5500;

Point 17 X=676828.5902 Y=7457295.7902;

Point 18 X=676847.7077 Y=7457320.5799;

Point 19 X=676850.2910 Y=7457326.2606;

Serra dos Pretos Forros and Covanca (Setor D):

Point 1 X=671710.5492 Y=7466076.9628;

Point 2 X=671614.8032 Y=7466180.6614;

Point 3 X=671466.3969 Y=7466226.9269;

Point 4 X=671021.1780 Y=7466072.1766;

Point 5 X=671017.9865 Y=7465990.8131;

Point 6 X=670824.8987 Y=7465673.3357;

Point 7 X=670805.7495 Y=7465526.5622;

Point 8 X=670712.2019 Y=7465526.2467;

Point 9 X=670637.2009 Y=7465527.8421;

Point 10 X=670551.0295 Y=7465523.0560;

Point 11 X=670479.2200 Y=7465527.8421;

Point 12 X=670416.9851 Y=7465527.8421;

Point 13 X=670364.3248 Y=7465523.0560;

Point 14 X=670750.7875 Y=7465102.3904;

Point 15 X=670752.3195 Y=7464920.1361;

Point 16 X=670623.9845 Y=7464366.1648;

Point 17 X=670683.7300 Y=7464369.2279;

Point 18 X=671287.3127 Y=7464280.3980;

Point 19 X=671530.4589 Y=7464337.7535;

Point 20 X=671612.3969 Y=7464407.0682;

Point 21 X=671681.7291 Y=7464428.0726;

Point 22 X=671738.4554 Y=7464459.5793;

Point 23 X=671801.4846 Y=7464467.9811;

Point 24 X=671832.9993 Y=7464474.2824;

Point 25 X=671862.4129 Y=7464480.5837;

Point 26 X=671982.1685 Y=7464318.8495;

Point 27 X=672551.5325 Y=7464667.5232;

Point 28 X=672351.9400 Y=7464039.4904;

Point 29 X=672276.3049 Y=7463913.4638;

Point 30 X=672412.8682 Y=7463781.1358;

Point 31 X=673060.9845 Y=7463955.1200;

Point 32 X=675060.5734 Y=7463944.6778;

Point 33 X=675125.3182 Y=7463946.1162;

Point 34 X=675164.1651 Y=7464012.2831;

Point 35 X=675404.4402 Y=7464010.8447;

Point 36 X=675385.7361 Y=7464498.4657;

Point 37 X=675210.2058 Y=7464392.0233;

Point 38 X=675135.3896 Y=7464320.1028;

Point 39 X=675125.3182 Y=7464226.6062;

Point 40 X=674994.3898 Y=7464235.2366;

Point 41 X=674857.7064 Y=7464217.9757;

Point 42 X=674627.5027 Y=7464248.1823;

Point 43 X=674396.0872 Y=7464244.0891;

Point 44 X=673885.7573 Y=7464511.5475;

Point 45 X=673769.6362 Y=7464575.7685;

Point 46 X=673465.7449 Y=7464864.7629;

Point 47 X=673150.3216 Y=7464800.6775;

Point 48 X=672007.3618 Y=7465647.8099.