Decree No. 3435, Of 25 April 2000

Original Language Title: Decreto nº 3.435, de 25 de Abril de 2000

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DECREE NO. 3,435, OF April 25, 2000.

Promulgate the Agreement between the Government of the Federative Republic of the Brazil and the Government of the Argentine Republic on Visit Exemption, celebrated in São Borja, on December 9, 1997.

THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC, in the use of the attribution that confers it on art. 84, inciso VIII, of the Constitution;

CONSIDERING that the Government of the Federative Republic of the Brazil and the Government of the Argentine Republic celebrated, in São Borja, on December 9, 1997, in Agreement on Exemption from Vistos;

CONSIDERING that the National Congress has approved this Agreement by means of Legislative Decree no. 94, of October 18, 1999;

XX_ENCODE_CASE_One CONSIDERING that the Agreement entered into force on April 22, 2000, pursuant to paragraph 1 of its art. 8º;


Art. 1º The Agreement between the Government of the Federative Republic of Brazil and the Government of the Argentine Republic on Exemption of Vistos, concluded in São Borja, on December 9, 1997, apensed by copy to the present Decree, will be executed and fulfilled as entirely as in that one contains.

Art. 2º Are subject to the approval of the National Congress any acts that may result in revision of the said Agreement, as well as any supplementary adjustments that, in the terms of art. 49, inciso I, of the Constitution, carries charges or gravy commitments to the national heritage.

Art. 3º This Decree goes into effect on the date of its publication.

Brasilia, April 25, 2000; 179º of Independence and 112º of the Republic.


Luiz Felipe Lampreia

Agreement between the Government of the Federative Republic of Brazil and the Government of the Argentine Republic on Exemption from Visas

The Government of Federative Republic of Brazil


The Government of the Argentine Republic

(henceforth named?Parties?),

Having present the manifold expressed by the Presidents of both Parties to the Joint Statement signed in Brasilia on November 11, 1997 on the need to facilitate to the maximum the increasing transit of nationals between the Parties, within the framework of the process of consolidation and deepening of regional integration;

With the aim of strengthening the existing linkages between the Parties and of increasing the fluidity of the circulation and of those counted among the beneficiaries of this Agreement.

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Article 1º

The present Agreement applies to persons belonging to the following categories: artists, teachers, scientists, sportsmen, businessmen or business people, journalists, professionals and specialized technicians. Specialized technicians are those average instruction level workers, either secondary or technical, or outored by a professional capacity-building entity.

Article 2º

1. Nationals of any of the Parties, mentioned in Article 1º of this Agreement, with the aim of developing activities within their respective categories, remunerated or will not have access without a visa to the territory of the other Party, by stats less than or equal to 90 (ninety) days, extended for equal period, basing for both the presentation of identification or valid travel document in the country of origin.

2. The documentation for Federative Republic of Brazil is as follows: Passport or Indenity Cédule expedited by the states, with national validity. The documentation for the Argentinian Republic is the following: Passport, Identity Ballot expedited by the Argentine Federal Police, National Identity Document,?Enrolamiento libreta? or?Civic Libreta?.

3. The Parties oblivious to communicate each other by diplomatic means, any change made to the list mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

Article 3º

In the case of specialized technicians, the extension of the deadline of 90 (ninety) days provided for in Article 2º can be heard only when your associative link is established in your country of origin.

Article 4º

1. The visa waiver established by this Agreement does not exonerate its beneficiaries from compliance with the remaining laws and regulations on migratory matters in force in each of the Parties, concernsto the ticket, permanence and exit of the respective countries.

2. The remaining requirements in each Party for the exercise of any professional activity may not be an obstacle or impediment to the performance of tasks amped up by this Agreement, with the exception of the regulated crafts or professions, whose standards are to be respected in their exercise.

Article 5º

The beneficiaries of this Agreement who exercise, with associative or as autonomous bonding, activities whose remuneration provence of physical or legal persons established in the country of admission, shall comply with all due contributions, pursuant to the domestic law of the latter country, save where a bilateral Conven possesses in contrary.

Article 6º

The nationals of one and the other country wish to join the territory of another Party, by deadlines higher than those mentioned in Article 2º of this Agreement, should obtain the visa corresponding.

Article 7º

Each Party may suspend wholly or partially the execution of this Agreement for safety or order reasons public. In such a case, the suspension will be immediately notified to the other Party by diplomatic means.

Article 8º

1. This Agreement shall enter into force 30 (thirty) days after the receipt of the second of the notifications that communicates to the other Party the fulfilment of the internal formalities required for it.

2. Any of the Parties may denounce this Agreement by written notification addressed to the other Party. The complaint will take effect 6 (six) months after the date of notification.

Done in the city of are Borja, Rio Grande do Sul, Federative Republic of Brazil, on December 9, 1997, in two original exemplars, in the Portuguese and Spanish languages, being both texts being equally authentic.

By the Government of the Republic

By the Government of the Republic

Federative of Brazil


Luiz Felipe Lampreia

Guido di Tella

Minister of State for

Minister of Relations

Foreign relations


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