Law No. 10,909, Of 15 July 2004

Original Language Title: Lei nº 10.909, de 15 de Julho de 2004

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LEI No 10,909, DE July 15, 2004.

Provides on the restructuring of the National Farm Prosecutor's Carreiras, the Union Attorney, Federal Prosecutor, the Prosecutor of the Central Bank of Brazil and the Union Public Defensor, and gives other arrangements.

THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC I do know that the National Congress decrees and I sanction the following Law:

Art. 1st (VETADO)

Art. 2nd The Carreiras of Prosecutor of the National Farm Attorney of the Union, Federal Prosecutor's Office, the Prosecutor of the Central Bank of Brazil and the Union Public Defender and the supplementary frameworks of which it treats art. 46 of the Provisional Measure No 2.229-43 of September 6, 2001, make up for effective posts, divided into categories, in the form of Annex I of this Act.

Art. 3rd The positioning of the current occupants of the posts to which the art refers. 2nd of this Act will give you as per the correlation set out in Annex II of this Act.

Art. 4th The Basic Maturity Table of career positions and the supplementary frameworks to which the art refers. 2nd is the constant of Annex III of this Act, with financial effects as of 1st April 2004 and 1st April 2005.

§ 1st About the values of the table set out in Annex III of this Act will focus, as of January 2004, the index that comes to be granted for the general remuneration review of federal public servants.

§ 2nd Is held for the occupant servers of the posts that it treats art. 2nd of this Act the individual pecuniary advantage instituted by the Law No 10,698 of July 2, 2003.

§ § 3rd The remuneration, the provenance of retirement and the pension may not be reduced as a result of the application of the provisions of this Act, and the eventual difference being paid for the nominally identified personal advantage, subject exclusively to the update arising from general review of the remuneration of federal public servants.

Art. 5th It will not be due to the occupants of the Central Bank Prosecutor's Carrier the Additional Specific Training-AFE, referred to in § 3rd of the art. 11-A of Law No 9,650 of May 27, 1998.

Single Paragraph. Of the additions arising from the restructuring of the Carrier of Prosecutor of the Central Bank of Brazil provided for in this Act will be deducted the instalments relating to the payment of the AFE, referring to the period between 1st April 2004 and the beginning of the effective of this Act.

Art. 6th The Gratification of Legal Activity Performance-GDAJ, predicted in the arts. 41 of the Provisional Measure on 2.229-43, September 6, 2001, and 11-A of the Act No 9,650 of May 27, 1998 and the pro-labore, provided for in art. 4th of Law No 10,549, from l3 November 2002, perceived by the integral servers of the careers and the supplementary frames of which it treats art. 2nd of this Act, you will integrate the pension order and pensions, in the following compliance:

I-by the average of the values perceived by the server in the last 60 (sixty) months in which it was in the exercise of the post ; or

II-30% (thirty percent) of the maximum value to which the server would do jus in the activity, when perceived for a period of less than 60 (sixty) months.

Single Paragraph. It is extended to pay GDAJ or pro-label to pensions and pensions granted until the beginning of the duration of this Act, calculated in accordance with the provisions of the inciso II of the chaput of this article and with financial effects from 1st April of 2004.

Art. 7th The provisions of this Act apply to pensions and pensions arising from the exercise of the posts to which the art is referred. 2nd of this Act.

Art. 8th The nominally identified personal advantages of which they treat art. 63 of the Provisional Measure on the 2.229-43, September 6, 2001, the art. 7th of Law No 10,769 of November 19, 2003 and the art. 6th of Law No 10,549 of November 13, 2002 will not be absorbed as a result of the implementation of this Act.

Art. 9th This Act shall enter into force on the date of its publication, with financial effects from 1st April 2004, re-salvaged the provisions of § 1st of the art. 4th of this Act.

Art. 10. It is revoked the § 3rd of the art. 11-A of Law No 9,650 of May 27, 1998.

Brasilia, July 15, 2004 ; 183rd of Independence and 116th of the Republic.

Antonio Palocci Filho
Guido Mantega
Jose Dirceu de Oliveira e Silva
Álvaro Augusto Ribeiro Costa