Law No. 12,704 August 08, 2012

Original Language Title: Lei nº 12.704, de 08 de agosto de 2012

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LEI N °- 12,704, DE August 8, 2012

Altera the Law n 11,279 of February 9, 2006, which has had on teaching in the Navy, as far as the requirements for admission to the Navy Carreiras are concerned.

P R E S I D E N T A D A R E P U B L I C A I make know that the National Congress decrees and I sanction the following Law:

Art. 1 ° Law No. 11,279 of February 9, 2006 passes the following further in the following Chapter II-A:



Art. 11-A. The registration in the courses allowing admission to the Navy Carreiras depends on prior approval in public tender, met the following requirements, among other established ones, arising from the structure and the principles of the military:

I-be Brazilian nato for admission to the training courses of officers and Brazilian nato or naturalized for admission to the training courses of squares ;

II-be approved in examination of general knowledge and, where appropriate, of knowledge specific, comprised of evidence, or by evidence and securities, compatible with the level of education or professional habilitation required ;

III-proven schooling and, when it is the case, professional habilitation, compatible with the Body or Table to which it is intended, in officially recognized educational institutions, up to the date of registration ;

IV-to be approved in health inspection, carried out by Medical Agents-Navy Pericial, second criteria and standards defined by the Navy Command ;

V-be approved in physical fitness test, according to the minimum criteria and indices, established by the Navy Command for each Body or Frame ;

VI-be approved in psychological evaluation, carried out with the employment of scientific procedures aimed at afering the compatibility of the candidate's psychological characteristics with the military career ;

VII-be in the day with the obligations of the Military Service and Electoral Justice, where applicable ;

VIII-possessing moral idoneity, to be ascertained by ascertaining the pregressive life of the candidate, in the form expressed in the edition of the public contest ;

IX-not being in the condition of defendant in criminal action ;

X-not having been, in the last 5 (five) years in the form of the current legislation:

a) held responsible for act detrimental to public heritage of any sphere of government in proceedings disciplinary administrative, of which no further appeal is used, counted the time limit from the date of compliance with the sanction ; or

b) convicted in criminal proceedings carried on trial, counted the deadline as of the date of the fulfilment of the penalty ;

XI-if former member of any of the Armed Forces or Auxiliary Strength, has not been fired ex officio for having been declared unworthy for the officer or with him incompatible, excluded or licensed in the good of the discipline, save in case of rehabilitation ;

XII-do not present tattoo that, in the terms of constant detailing of norms of the Command of the Navy, make allusion to terrorist or extremist ideology contrary to democratic institutions, violence, criminality, idea or libidinous act, discrimination or prejudice of race, creed, gender or origin or, yet, the idea or act offensive to the Armed Forces ;

XIII-having minimum height of 1.54 m (one meter and fifty-four centimeters) and maximum of 2 m (two) meters, except for candidates for the Naval College, whose upper limit is 1.95 m (one meter and ninety and five centimeters) ; and

XIV-meet the following age limits, referred to 1 ° January of the year corresponding to the beginning of the respective military training course:

a) Admission Contest to Naval College: to have 15 (fifteen) full years and less than 18 (eighteen) years of age ;

b) Admission Contest to the Naval School: ter 18 (eighteen) full years and less than 23 (twenty three) years of age ;

c) Concourse for admission to Officers' Supplementary Frames: to be less than 29 (twenty-nine) years of age ;

d) Contest for admission to the Navy Health Corps: to be less than 36 (thirty-six) years of age ;

e) Contest for admission to the Marine Corps of Engineers: to be less than 36 (thirty-six) years of age ;

f) Contest for admission to the Marine Corps Technical Framework: to be less than 36 (thirty and six) years of age ;

g) Admission Contest to Learning Schools-Marinians: to have 18 (eighteen) full years and less of 22 (twenty-two) years of age ;

h) Concourse for admission to the Armed Corps of the Armada and the Auxiliary Body of Praeds: to have 18 (eighteen) full years and less than 25 (twenty-five) years of age ;

i) Contest to Marine Soldier Training Course: ter 18 (eighteen) full years and less than 22 (twenty-two) years of age ; and

j) Contest to the Training Course of Sargentos Marines Marines: ter 18 (eighteen) years complete and less than 25 (twenty-five) years of age.

§ 1 The pregnant candidate or child born less than 6 (six) months will not be able to carry out the examination of physical fitness test referred to in the inciso V of the caput, being resisted his right to adjourn that examination for one year, counted from the termination of the pregnancy, upon application by the candidate, provided that the others respected requirements at the time of registration in the training course.

§ 2 The requirements for admission to the Naval Capelian Board of the Navy Auxiliary Body are established by Law n ° 6,923 of June 29, 1981.

§ 3 The health inspection will be conducted in such a way as to be respected the necessary secrecy of the information collected and will assess the health conditions of the candidates by means of clinical, imaging and laboratory examinations, including toxicology, defined in instructions from the Navy Command, so as to substantiate the lack of pathology or incapacitating characteristic for the exercise of military activities, or of pathology or characteristic that, by their nature, may occasion the inability or restriction for the full exercise of military activities.

§ 4 The criteria, standards, indexes, and compatibilities to meet the requirements established in the incisos IV, V and VI of the caput shall be suitable with the needs of the Navy personnel for the faithful fulfilment of its constitutional destination, including in combat, and with the peculiarities of training and activity military, serviced as well:

I-the unique dedication needs to the training and service activities ;

II-the consonance with hygienics, ergonomics, physical completion and emotional stability of the military required for the employment and operation of armaments, equipment and Navy use systems, for teamwork, for the standardized performance in armed or equipped displacements, for the suitability of skill conditions, of operation and transportation on board the naval, airborne and marine means, as well as for the scope of the standards required during the instruction and trainings periods ; and

III-the possibility of the supply of your needs by the Force's logistics system.

Art. 11-B. The tuition in the training courses for Officers and Pratices characterizes the time of admission to the Navy.

Art. 11-C. The rules of stability, when applicable for those covered by this Act, are those in Law No 6,880 of December 9, 1980.

Art. 11-D. The editals of the contests should detail the requirements set out in this Act.

Art. 11-E. The provisions of this Act shall apply without prejudice to requirements and provisions contained in specific laws. "

Art. 2 ° The editals for admission to the Navy Carreiras that have been published, on the grounds of art. 9 ° of Law No 11,279 of February 9, 2006, until the entry into force of this Act, remain valid and effective.

Art. 3 ° This Act shall enter into force on the date of its publication.

Art. 4 ° Stay revoked the art. 9 ° of Law No. 11,279 of February 9, 2006.

Brasilia, August 8, 2012 ; 191 ° of the Independence and 124 ° of the Republic.


Celso Luiz Nunes Amorim