Decree No. 6062, Of 16 March 2007

Original Language Title: Decreto nº 6.062, de 16 de Março de 2007

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DECREE NO 6,062, DE March 16, 2007.

Institut the Strengthening Program of Institutional capacity for Management in Regulation-PRO-REG, and gives other provider.

THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC, in the use of the attribution conferring you the art. 84, inciso VI, point?a?, of the Constitution,


Art. 1st institution Strengthening Institutional Capacity for Management Strengthening Program in Regulation-PRO-REG, with the purpose of contributing to the improvement of the regulatory system, coordination between institutions participating in the regulatory process exercised within the Federal Government, accountability mechanisms, and of participation and monitoring by civil society and the quality of regulation of markets.

Art. 2nd PRO-REG should contemplate the formulation and implementation of integrated measures that objectivem:

I-strengthen the regulatory system in such a way as to facilitate the full exercise of functions by all actors ;

II-strengthen the capacity for formulation and analysis of public policies in regulated sectors ;

III-the improvement of coordination and strategic alignment between sectorial policies and process regulatory ;

IV-the strengthening of the autonomy, transparency and performance of regulatory agencies ; and

V-the development and improvement of mechanisms for the exercise of social control and transparency within the regulatory process.

Art. 3rd To achieve the willing in the arts. 1st and 2nd, the PRO-REG, through the Gestor Committee and the Advisory Committee of which it treats art. 4th, you must:

I-mobilize the organs and entities of the public administration involved in the regulatory process ;

II-co-ordinate and promote the execution of studies and research and formulate proposals to be implemented within the framework of the bodies and entities involved in the regulatory process ;

III-identify and propose the adoption of model of excellence in regulatory management, as well draw up the necessary tools for their implementation ; and

IV-technically support the bodies and entities of the public administration in implementing the measures to be adopted.

Art. 4th Ficam instituted the Gestor Committee of PRO-REG-CGP and the PRO-REG Advisory Committee- CCP, in the framework of the Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic.

Art. 5th CGP is composed of a representative, holder and supplier, of the following organs:

I-Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic, which will coordinate it ;

II-Ministry of the Fight ; and

III-Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management.

Art. 6th Compete to CGP:

I-define the strategic direction of the PRO-REG;

II-set the priorities, coordinate and supervise the overall progress of the PRO-REG and its components ;

III-articulating the organs involved with the operation ;

IV-approve the annual procurement plans and operational programs ;

V-approve the half-yearly information of advancement that are to be submitted to the Inter-American Bank of Development-BID ; and

VI-resolve controversial aspects related to the implementation of the PRO-REG.

Single Paragraph. The coordinator of the CGP will be able to invite representatives of public and private bodies and entities, and of the Legislative And Judiciary Powers, to attend the meetings, without the right to vote.

Art. 7th the CGP will be able to institute thematic groups and commissions, of temporary character, intended for the study and the drafting of proposals on specific subjects.

Art. 8th The CCP is made up of a representative, holder and supplier, of each of the agencies regulators referred to in the Annex to the Act No. 10,871 of May 20, 2004, and of the Ministries to which they are bound, from the Ministry of Justice and the Administrative Council of Economic Defence (CADE).

Art. 9th Compete to CCP:

I-present and discuss proposals that can support and improve the implementation of the PRO-REG;

II-collaborate for the improvement of the technical levels of the implemented actions and contribute to the its effectiveness ;

III-provide advice and guidance to the CGP ; and

IV-zelar for the technical integrity of the PRO-REG.

Art. 10. The representatives, holder and supplier, CGP and CCP will be nominated by the leaders of the bodies and entities of which they treat the arts. 5th and 8th of this Decree and designated in act of the Minister of State Chief of the Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic.

Art. 11. The Subleadership of Analysis and Monitoring of Governmental Policies of the Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic will be entrusted with the technical-administrative support to the PRO-REG.

Single Paragraph. Competes for the Subleadership of Analysis and Monitoring of Governmental Policies of the Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic:

I-promote the means and support necessary for the implementation of the work of the CGP and the CCP ;

II-provide direct assistance to the coordinators of the CGP and the CCP ;

III-prepare the meetings of the CGP and the CCP ;

IV-to monitor the implementation of the deliberations and guidelines fixed by the CGP and the CCP ;

V-draw up PRO-REG performance report minutes, to be appreciated by the CGP and the CCP ;

VI-maintain on the world computer network (internet) site for release of approved reports by the CGP and other documents of public interest, concerning the PRO-REG, ressaved the sensitive information ; and

VII-exercise other activities that are assigned to it by the CGP.

Art. 12. The function of a representative member in the CGP and the CCP will not be remunerated, but considered to be relevant public service.

Art. 13. The resources required for the cost of the PRO-REG will come from appropriations previously approved under specific heading under the budget and loan contract laws signed by the Federative Republic of Brazil with the BID.

Art. 14. This Decree shall enter into force on the date of its publication.

Brasilia, March 16, 2007 ; 186th of the Independence and 119th of the Republic.


Guido Mantega

Paulo Bernardo Silva

Dilma Rousseff

This text does not replace the published in the DOU of 3/19/2007.