Law No. 10,430, 24 April 2002

Original Language Title: Lei nº 10.430, de 24 de Abril de 2002

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Law No. 10,430, of 24 APRIL 2002 Opens extraordinary credit in favor of the ministries of transport and of national integration, the global value of R$ 115,000,000.00, for the purposes that specifies.
I do know that the President of the Republic adopted the provisional measure no. 23, 2002, the National Congress approved, and I, Ramez Tebet, Chairman of the National Congress, for the purposes of art. 62 of the Constitution, with the wording by constitutional amendment 32, 2001, enact the following law: Art. 1 is open in total value of extraordinary credit R$ 115,000,000.00 (115 million dollars) in favor of the ministries of transport and of national integration, in order to meet the schedule set out in annex I of this law.
Art. 2 the resources necessary for the implementation of the provisions of art. 1st place of the partial annulment of the contingency Reserve, as indicated in annex II of this law.
Art. 3 in the case referred to in art. 102 of Act No. 10,233, of 5 June 2001, amended by provisional measure no. 2,217-3 of 4 September 2001, the established balance of budgetary appropriations, object of annex I of this law, contained in the National Department of highways-DNER, will be relocated to the National Department of transport infrastructure-DNIT.
Art. 4 this Act comes into force on the date of your publication.
National Congress on 24 April 2002; 181 of independence and 114 of the Republic Senator RAMEZ TEBET Chairman of National Congress