Decree No. 6868, 4 June 2009

Original Language Title: Decreto nº 6.868, de 4 de Junho de 2009

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Decree No. 6868, 4 JUNE 2009.
Setting the program to support research, development and Innovation in Digital information and Communication Technologies (ProTIC) on the composition of its Management Committee.
The PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC, in the use of the role that gives the art. 84, item VI, subparagraph??, of the Constitution, DECREES: Art. 1 Is established the program to support research, development and Innovation in Digital information and Communication Technologies (ProTIC), in order to encourage, support, coordinate and evaluate activities and projects of research, development and innovations, training of human resources as a result of these activities and projects, for technical-scientific events and international cooperation programs, including content production in the area of digital information and communication technologies, in particular in the promotion of the Brazilian Digital Terrestrial Television System-SBTVD-T.
Art. 2 the ProTIC will feature a Management Committee (MC-ProTIC), with the purpose of establishing strategic guidelines and criteria for the review, approval and implementation of resources in programs, activities and projects of research, development and innovation, and to evaluate the results of the actions supported by the ProTIC.
Art. 3 the GC-ProTIC will have the following responsibilities: I-promote joint strategies of programs, projects and activities carried out in the country in the areas of expertise of the ProTIC;
II-propose guidelines for the establishment of networks of cooperation in research, development and innovation in digital technologies, in particular on Digital TV;
III-to promote international cooperation;
IV-establish criteria for project approval, implementation, and evaluation of results; and V-prepare and approve its internal regulations.
Art. 4 the CG-ProTIC will be composed of one representative, holder and its alternate from each of the following bodies and entities: I-Ministry of science and technology;
II-Ministry of communications;
III-Ministry of development, industry and foreign trade;
IV-Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic;
V-Financiadora de Estudos e Projetos-FINEP; and I saw Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social-BNDES.
Sole paragraph. The members of the CG-ProTic will be indicated by the holders of the respective agencies and entities represented and appointed by the Minister of State for science and technology.
Art. 5 the CG-ProTIC will be chaired, alternately and successively, by representatives of the ministries of science and technology, communications and development, industry and foreign trade, for a period of one year each, and shall meet ordinarily at least once every six months or as needed, in accordance with its rules of procedure.
Art. 6 the ProTIC will run the budget appropriations allocated annually account to the Ministry of science and technology, the National Fund for scientific and technological development-FNDCT and Technological Development Fund of telecommunications-FUNTTEL.
Sole paragraph. The ProTIC may receive additional resources of the Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico-CNPq, the BNDES, FINEP and as well as other national and international institutions.
Art. 7 the administrative and technical support and the necessary resources for the implementation of the work of the CG-ProTIC, as well as the approval and implementation of activities and projects to be supported by ProTIC, will be the responsibility of the Ministry of science and technology, which, for performance of those tasks, you can make agreements, agreements, adjustments, terms of partnership or contracts with public or private institutions.
Sole paragraph. On approval of activities and projects to be supported by ProTIC, must be in compliance with the guidelines and criteria established at CG-ProTIC.
Art. 8. Participation in activities of the CG-ProTIC will be considered relevant civil service, not renumbered.
Art. 9. This Decree shall enter into force on the date of its publication.
Brasilia, June 4 2009; 188 of independence and 121 of the Republic.

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