Original Language Title: R E S O L U

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Do I know that the Senate

Federal approved, and I, Renan Calheiros, President, pursuant to art. 48,

paragraph XXVIII, the internal regulations, enact the following R E S O L U t I O N° 38, 2006 Authorizing the municipality of Joinville

(SC) to hire external credit operation, with guarantee of the Union, with the

Financial Fund for the development of the River Plate Basin (Fonplata),

up to $ 11,800, 000.00 ($ 11 million and $ 800,000




Federal resolves: Art. first is the city

Hall of Joinville (SC) authorized to hire external credit operation,

with guarantee of the Union, with the financial Fund for the development of the basin

La Plata (Fonplata), worth up to $ 11,800, 000.00 ($ 11 million and

800,000 u.s. dollars).

Sole paragraph. The

resources from the credit operation referred to in the caput are intended to

partial funding of the program eco-East Axis and structuring

Environmental Parks-Green Line.

Art. 2 the operation of

credit referred to in art. 1st should be conducted under the following conditions: (I)-debtor:

Hall of Joinville (SC);

II-creditor: background

The financial development of the River Plate Basin (Fonplata);


The Federative Republic of Brazil;

IV-value: up to $

11.800, 000.00 ($ 11 million and us $ 800,000);


disbursement: 54 (54) months from the effective date

of the contract;

VI-amortization: in

consecutive semi-annual installments, paid within 20 (twenty) years counted

from the signing of the contract, winning the first on day 21 of the month

subsequent to that in which they close the 180 (180) calendar days

from the scheduled date of final disbursement;

VII-interest: required

semi-annually and calculated daily on the balance due on the loan, a

compound annual rate for six-month Libor for USD, plus

a spread of 2.75% (two integers and 75 hundredths of a percent),

and, if the borrower terminates the program within the time limit originally

provided, the grant reduction of 0.25% Fonplata (twenty-five cents for

100) in the spread;

VIII-interest on late payments:

equivalent to 20% (20%) of annual interest rate;

IX-Commission of

commitment: up to 0.75% p.a. (75 cents for 100 year) about

the non-disbursed loan balances, required every six months in the same

interest payment dates, entering into force 180 (180) days after

the signing of the contract, and can this percentage be increased to 1% p.a.

(1% year), if the period of disbursement, originally laid down,

is expanded;


$ 113, 500.00 (113,500 u.s. dollars), in

a lump sum on the date of the first disbursement.

Sole paragraph. The

main payment dates and financial burdens, as well as the duration of the

disbursement may be amended on the basis of the date of signature of the contract

of loan.

Art. third is the Union

authorized to grant guarantees for municipality of Joinville in operation

external credit referred to in this resolution.

Sole paragraph. The

exercise of the authorization referred to in the caput is conditioned to the city

Joinville city celebrate the Union contract for the provision of

counter-guarantees in the form of binding of the own resources of the

art. 156, of the revenue-sharing quotas of dealing with the arts. 158 and 159,

all of the Federal Constitution, and the other in law, and the Government permitted

Require federal transfers of resources to cover the

commitments honored, centralising accounts directly from the collection of the


Art. 4 the authorization

granted by this resolution must be exercised within a maximum of 540

(540) days, counted from publication.

Art. 5 this resolution

shall enter into force on the date of its publication.

Senate, on 8 November 2006.

Senator Renan

Calheiros Federal Senate President