Decree No. 3637, 20 October 2000

Original Language Title: Decreto nº 3.637, de 20 de Outubro de 2000

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Decree No. 3637, 20 OCTOBER 2000.
The establishment of the national human rights Network.
The PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC, in the use of the role that gives the art. 84, item VI, of the Constitution, DECREES: Art. 1st Is established the national human rights Network-RNDH, as an instrument for the implementation of the national human rights Programme-NHRP, which systematizes and disseminate experiences geared to the protection and promotion of human rights, developed on the initiative of the public authorities or organisations in society, and to monitor, at the national level, the occurrence of violations of these rights.
Sole paragraph. It is up to the Secretary of State for human rights of the Ministry of justice administration and coordination of RNDH.
Art. 2 the RNDH aims to: (I) enable the universalization of information relating to the protection and promotion of human rights;
II-serve as an instrument for the implementation of PNDH, as well as of cooperation agreements signed by the Secretary of State for Human Rights;
III-systematize and disseminate information relating to the occurrence of human rights violations in the country, through the collection and consolidation of data, statistics and Diagnostics, as well as for the formulation of performance indicators;
IV. contribute to the forwarding of complaints of human rights violations to competent organs;
V-articulate efforts to the development of local and regional strategies for the protection and promotion of human rights;
VI-to encourage, promote and disseminate initiatives for human rights education;
VII-provide assistance and guidance to vulnerable social groups with regard to access to justice mechanisms and advocacy;
VIII-to contribute to combating the dissemination of information and practices contrary to human rights in the international computer network (internet);
IX-subsidizing the implementation at the State level, the Federal District and municipal councils and programs of promotion and protection of human rights;
X-promote actions to combat violence, particularly domestic violence and violence in the school environment;
XI-enable the universalization of information regarding the projects presented and supported by the State Secretariat of human rights; and XII-stimulate volunteering for participation in actions geared to the protection and promotion of human rights.
Art. 3 RNDH will be integrated by organs, organizations, institutions and individuals or legal entities that develop actions aimed at the protection and promotion of human rights.
Art. 4 RNDH will subsystems: I-information system for children and adolescents-SIPIA;
II-national network of information for preventing and combating sexual abuse and Sexual exploitation of children and adolescents-REBUILDS;
III-National System of information on disabilities; and IV-national information System for integrated management in Human Rights.
Sole paragraph. Other systems developed by the Government and by civil society organizations will be able to integrate the RNDH, since authorized by the agency or entity responsible for them.
Art. 5 the Secretary of State for human rights can provide technical assistance to institutions that integrate RNDH to its self-sustainability and the complementarity and integration of actions, aiming at: I-institutional strengthening through increased management, operational and technical capacity of the entities;
II. improvement of the quality and supply of services, to reduce costs and implementation of information systems;
III-training in drafting, implementation and monitoring of projects.
Art. 6 companies that supported the RNDH will be granted, through order of the Secretary of State for Human Rights, the seal? Human Rights, rights of all?.
Art. 7 this Decree shall enter into force on the date of its publication.
Brasília, 20 October 2000; 179 of independence and 112 of the Republic.