Law No. 12,825, 05 June 2013

Original Language Title: Lei nº 12.825, de 05 de junho de 2013

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LEI No.12,825, DE June 5, 2013

Disposes on the creation of the Federal University of the West Bahia- UFOB, per dismemberment of the Federal University of Bahia-UFBA, and gives other arrangements.


I make it known that the National Congress decrees and I sanction the following Law:

Art. 1º The Federal University of the West of Bahia-UFOB is established, by dismemberment of the Federal University of Bahia-UFBA, instituted by Decree-Law No. 9,155 of April 8, 1946.

Single Paragraph. UFOB, with a legal nature of municipality, linked to the Ministry of Education, will have its headquarters and venue in the Municipality of Barriers, State of Bahia.

Art. 2º UFOB will aim to deliver higher education, develop research in the diverse areas of knowledge and promote university extension, characterizing its regional insertion by acting multicampi.

Art. 3º The organizational structure and operation form of the UFOB, observed the constitutional principle of indissociability between teaching, research and extension, will be defined under this Act, its regimental structure and the other norms pertinent.

Art. 4º The UFBA's Barriers campus passes UFOB integration.

§ 1º Ficam created the campuses of Barra, of Good Jesus of Lapa, of Louis Eduardo Magalhães and of Santa Maria da Victoria, in add-on to the campus listed in the caput.

§ 2º The willing in the caput includes the automatic transfer:

I-of the courses of all levels regardless of any formality ;

II-of the students regularly enrolled in the transferred courses, which pass on to integrate the student body of UFOB, regardless of any other requirement ; and

III-of the occupied and vacant posts of the UFBA personnel framework, made available for operation of the said campus in the date of publication of this Act.

Art. 5º The UFOB heritage will be constituted by:

I-goods and rights that you acquire ;

II-goods and rights donated by the Union, States, Municipalities and by public and private entities ; and

III-UFBA heritage goods made available for the operation of the campus of Barriers, on the date of publication of this Law, formalizing the transfer under the legislation and the regency procedure.

§ 1º Only donation to UFOB of free and landed goods of any burden will be admitted.

§ 2º UFOB goods and rights will be used or applied exclusively for the achievement of their goals, not being able to be divested, except in the cases and in the conditions permitted under law.

Art. 6º The Executive Power is hereby authorized to transfer to UFOB mobile and real estate integral assets of the Union necessary to its operation.

Art. 7º The financial resources of UFOB will come from:

I-appropriations earmarked in the general budget of the Union ;

II-aids and grants awarded by public and private entities ;

III-possible revenue, in the form of remuneration, for services rendered compatible with the purpose of UFOB, pursuant to the status and the general regiment ;

IV-arrangements, agreements and contracts concluded with national and international entities or bodies ; and

V-other possible recipes.

Single Paragraph. The deployment of UFOB is subject to the existence of specific endowment in the general budget of the Union.

Art. 8º The upper administration of the UFOB shall be exercised by the Rector and the University Council, within the framework of their respective powers, to be defined in the statute and in the general regiment.

§ 1º The Chair of the University Council Shall be exercised by the Rector of UFOB.

§ 2º The Vice-Rector will replace the Dean in its absences or legal impediments.

§ 3º The status of UFOB will have on the composition and the

competencies of the University Council.

Art. 9º Stay created, for the composition of UFOB's personnel frame:

I-357 (three hundred and fifty-seven) positions of Professor of the Higher Mystery Career ; and

II-408 (four hundred and eight) Charges of the Carrier Plan of the Technical-Administrative Carrier in Education, provided for in Law No. 11,091, of January 12, 2005, being: 163 (one hundred and sixty-three) top level positions class E and 245 (two hundred and forty-five) intermediate level positions class D, in the form described in the Annex of this Act.

Art. 10. They are set up, within the framework of the federal Executive Power, to compose the UFOB framework provided for in their statute, the following Charges of Direction-CD and Gratified Functions-FG:

I-7 (seven) CD-2 ;

II-24 (twenty-four) CD-3 ;

III-54 (fifty and four) CD-4 ;

IV -105 (one hundred and five) FG-1 ;

V-105 (one hundred and five) FG-2 ;

VI-79 (seventy-nine) FG-3 ; and

VII -118 (one hundred and eighteen) FG-4.

Art. 11. In addition to the posts anticipated at art. 10, are created 1 (a) post of Rector-CD-1 and 1 (a) post of Vice-Rector-CD-2 from UFOB.

Single Paragraph. The Rector and Vice-Rector will be named pro tempore, in act of the Minister of State for Education, until UFOB is deployed in the form of its status.

Art. 12. The creation of the posts and functions provided for in this Act shall be conditional on their express permission in annex of the annual budget law with the respective appropriation sufficient for their first development pursuant to § 1º of the art 169 of the Federal Constitution.

Single Paragraph. If the authorization and the respective budgetary resources are sufficient only for partial proofing of the posts, the balance of the authorization and of the respective appropriations for their proper shall appear in the Annex to the budgetary law corresponding to the exercise in which they are considered created and provident.

Art. 13. UFOB shall forward to the Ministry of Education proposed status for approval by the competent authorities, within 180 (one hundred and eighty) days counted from the date of nominations, pro tempore, the Rector and the Vice-Rector.

Art. 14. This Act shall enter into force on the date of its publication.

Brasilia, June 5, 2013 ; 192º of Independence and 125º of the Republic


Mercadante Aloizio

Miriam Belchior