Decree No. 3576, Of 30 August 2000

Original Language Title: Decreto nº 3.576, de 30 de Agosto de 2000

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Decree No. 3576, of 30 AUGUST 2000.
Approves the Regimental Structure and the framework Statement of Positions and Functions functions of the National Department of Mineral production-DNPM, and other matters.
The PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC, in the use of the powers conferred. 84, subparagraphs IV and VI, of the Constitution, DECREES: Art. first Get approved Regimental structure and the framework Statement of Positions and Functions functions of the National Department of Mineral production-DNPM, in the form of annexes I and II to this Decree.
Art. 2 as a result of the article above, are redeployed, in the form set out in annex III to this Decree, the following positions in the Group's Commission-direction and Advice-of and functions Functions-FG: I-Management Secretariat, the Ministry of planning, budget and management, from the extinction of the Federal Public Administration, for the DNPM, three of 101.4; seven of 101.3; two of 101.1; one of 102.4; ten of the 102.2; and twenty-one of 102.1; and II-the DNPM to the Secretariat for management, the Ministry of planning, budget and management, eight of 101.2; 66 FG-1; 112 FG-2; and 43 FG-3.
Art. 3 The apostilamentos arising from the adoption of the Regimental Structure, that it is art. 1, shall occur within 20 days, counted of the date of publication of this Decree.
Sole paragraph. After the apostilamentos, referred to in the caput of this article, the Director-General of the DNPM shall publish, in the Official Gazette, within thirty days, counted of the date of publication of this Decree, a nominal relationship of holders of positions in the Group's Commission-direction and Advice-of, referred to in annex II, indicating even the number of vacant positions, their name and their level.
Art. 4 the internal regulations of the DNPM shall be approved by the Minister of State for mines and energy and published in the Official Gazette, within 90 days, counted of the date of publication of this Decree.
Art. 5 this Decree shall enter into force on the date of its publication.
Art. 6 Are repealed Decree No. 1324, of 2 December 1994, and annex LXVI to Decree No. 1351 of 28 December 1994.
Brasília, 30 August 2000; 179 of independence and 112 of the Republic.
Rodolpho Tourinho Neto CARDOSO Martus Tavares annex I REGIMENTAL STRUCTURE of the NATIONAL DEPARTMENT of MINERAL PRODUCTION-DNPM chapter I of the NATURE and JURISDICTION Art. 1 the National Department of Mineral production-DNPM, federal authority under the Ministry of mines and energy, established by Decree No. 1324, of 2 December 1994, in the form of law No. 8876, of 2 May 1994, endowed with legal personality under public law, with equity, administrative and financial autonomy, with headquarters and venue in Brasília, Federal District and jurisdiction throughout the national territory.
Art. 2nd the DNPM aims at promoting the planning and the promotion of mineral exploration and exploitation of mineral resources and oversee the geological survey and minerals and mineral technology, as well as ensure, control and supervise the performance of mining activities throughout the national territory, in the form of which feature the Mining Code; the code of Mineral Waters; the respective legislation and regulations that complement, competing him in particular: I-promote the granting, or propose it to the competent authority, where appropriate, of mining titles relating to the exploration and exploitation of mineral resources and dispatch the remaining acts concerning the implementation of mining legislation;
II-coordinate, systematize and integrate the data of geological mineral deposits, promoting the elaboration of texts, charts and geological maps for dissemination;
III-monitor, analyze and publicize the performance of brazilian and international mineral economy, keeping statistics on production and trade of mineral goods;
IV-to formulate and propose guidelines for mineral policy;
V-promote mineral production and stimulate the rational and efficient use of mineral resources;
VI-oversee research, mining, processing and marketing of mineral goods, and may conduct surveys, prosecuting offenders and impose appropriate penalties, in accordance with the provisions of mining legislation;
VII-download standards, complementary in character, and exercise oversight over the control environmental, hygiene and security of mining activities, working in conjunction with other agencies responsible for environment and occupational safety and health of workers;
VIII-deploy and manage databases to support mineral policy actions, necessary for Government planning;
IX-download standards and exercise supervision on the collection of compensation for the exploitation of mineral resources, in the paragraph 1 of art. 20 of the Constitution;
X-to foster the small mining company; and XI-establish areas and the conditions for the exercise of gold prospecting in individual or associational form.
CHAPTER II ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Art. 3 the DNPM has the following organizational structure: I-direct and immediate assistance agencies to the Director-General: a) Office; and b) Attorney General;
II-sectional body: Board of Directors General;
III-specific natural organs: the Board granting and Registration) Miner;
b) Supervisory Board Mineral; and c) Mineral Development Board and Institutional Relations; and IV-decentralised bodies: districts.
CHAPTER III of the Art direction and APPOINTMENT. 4 the DNPM is administered by a Managing Director; a Deputy Director-General; and four directors.
(1) the Director General and the Deputy Director-General shall be appointed by the President of the Republic, by the Minister of State for mines and energy.
(2) the appointment of the Attorney General should be preceded by the consent of the Attorney General's Office.
§ 3 the remaining positions in the Committee and trust functions will be provided by the Minister of State for mines and energy, by appointment of the Director-General of the DNPM.
CHAPTER IV JURISDICTION of section I of the Direct and immediate Assistance to the Director-General Art. 5 the Office competes assist the Director General in his political and social representation and task-if the preparation and dispatch of your personal office hours as well as the activities of media, parliamentary support, and provide the publication, dissemination and monitoring of matters of interest to the DNPM.
Art. 6 the Attorney General's Office, an agency linked to the General Law of the Union, shall: (I) judicial and represent the DNPM claim;
II-exercise activities of consultancy and legal advice to the organs of the DNPM, applying, what fits, the provisions of art. 11 of complementary law No. 73, of 10 February 1993;
III. consider and approve drafts of tender notices, contract instruments, covenants and other acts creators of rights and obligations, which are to be concluded by the DNPM; and IV-establish the liquidity and certainty of claims, of whatever nature, inherent to the activities of the DNPM, enlisting them in debt for friendly or judicial collection.
SECTION II Sectional Body Art. 7 the Board of Directors shall be responsible to plan, coordinate and Generally supervise the execution of activities related to the Federal Systems of planning, budgeting, accounting, Financial management, organisational and administrative modernization, administration of the information resources and Informatics, human resources and General Services, within the framework of the DNPM.
SECTION III Specific Natural Bodies Art. 8 the Board granting registration incumbent Miner and plan, direct, guide, coordinate and execute, in conjunction with the districts, activities related to the granting of mining titles of exploration and exploitation of mineral resources, as well as register, monitor and keep the rights to concessions, research and exploitation of water resources and minerals in the country, keeping the legal records.
Art. 9 the Supervisory Board duties and responsibilities of plan, direct, Mineral Guide, coordinate and execute, in conjunction with the districts, activities related to monitoring of mineral activity, financial compensation, fees, the fees and the sale of mineral assets seized as a result of illegal activities, as well as the systematization and the integration of geological data of mineral deposits and the publication of operational standards.
Art. 10. The Directorate of Mineral Development and Institutional planning, directing competes Worries, guide, coordinate and execute, in conjunction with the districts, activities related to the economy and mineral mines, as well as safety and environmental control in mining, interacting with government agencies involved in order to act in a manner harmonious with the Federal Government's policies and guidelines for the sector.
SECTION IV of the Decentralised Bodies Art. 11. The Districts shall: I-related activities run the DNPM, securing, managing and overseeing the performance of mining activities in their area of jurisdiction, in the manner established in the Mining Code, the code of mineral waters in their regulations and legislation that complement each other;
II-instruct technical and administrative processes and, where appropriate, relevant opinions;

III-represent the Department in its area of jurisdiction; and IV-instruct the other attributions that are committed by delegation of competence and by the internal regulation.
Chapter V of the POWERS of the DIRECTORS section I General Art Director. 12. The Director-General shall: I-represenatr the DNPM, actively and passively, through Attorneys, or out of it, as its main responsible;
II-direct, guide and coordinate, through the structural bodies and in accordance with the regulations in force, the general functioning of the DNPM in all sectors of its activities, by ensuring performance of mineral policy, plans and programs of the Department;
III-firm, on behalf of the DNPM, contracts, covenants, agreements and adjustments and other similar instruments as well as documents of real estate;
IV-practice all acts pertaining to budget, financial administration, accounting, assets, equipment, general services and human resources, in the form of the laws in force;
V-delegate ability when deemed necessary; and ensure that development, internal and external legitimacy and credibility of the DNPM.
SECTION II of the Director-General Art. 13. The Director-General shall: i. advise the Director General in the administration of the DNPM, with regard to the formulation, execution and completion of the organ-specific issues and, especially, the supervision and coordination of activities affected the federal systems of management of administrative processes;
II-replace the Director General on his absences and legal or regulatory impediments; and III-perform other duties as assigned.
SECTION III of the Art Directors. 14. The Chief of the Cabinet, the Attorney General, the Directors and the other leaders is up to plan, direct, coordinate, supervise and guide the implementation of the activities of their units and perform other duties committed by delegation of competence and by the internal regulation.
CHAPTER VI and Art HERITAGE RESOURCES. 15. Constitute revenue for the DNPM: I-committed appropriations in the general budget of the European Union, special credits, transfers and transfers, which are conferred;
II-product of credit operations, which perform in the country and abroad;
III-fees, fines, levies mining legislation, sale of publications, resources from the inspection and supervisory services or from lectures and courses and miscellaneous revenue set out in law, regulation or contract;
IV-resources from covenants, agreements or contracts with entities, bodies or companies, public or private, national or international;
V-donations, bequests, grants and other resources which are intended; and VI-resources from the sale of mineral assets seized as a result of illegal activities, illegal or irregular, led to public auction.
Sole paragraph. The quota-part of the compensation for the exploitation of mineral resources due to the Union, of which treat the §1 of art. 20 of the Constitution and art. 8 of law No. 7990, of 28 December 1989, regulated by Decree No. 1, of 11 January 1991, is intended for the Ministry of mines and energy, that passes entirely to the DNPM, subject to the provisions of section III, paragraph 2, of the art. 2, of law No. 8001, of 13 March 1990.
CHAPTER VII GENERAL PROVISIONS and transitional provisions Art. 16. The Minister of State for mines and energy proposing, to the central body of the civilian personnel system of the Federal Administration-SIPEC, the statement of the Stocking plan for the DNPM, organized in career Plan, referred to in art. 13 of law No. 8876, 1994.
Sole paragraph. The career Plan should conform to the guidelines of Federal Administration careers plans, to be implemented by the central organ of the SIPEC, pursuant to caput and §§ 1 and 2 of article. 39 of the Constitution.
Art. 17. The rules of procedure shall lay down the details of the members of the Regimental Structure, the powers of the respective units, assignments of their leaders and areas of jurisdiction of the DNPM Districts.
Art. 18. The omissive cases and doubts raised in the application of this Regimental Structure will be resolved by the Director-General of the DNPM, ad referendum of the Minister of State for mines and energy.
UNIT position/FUNCTION number POSITION/function NAME NE/of/FG 1 Director-General Deputy Director-General 1 101.6 101.5 101.4 Program Manager 1 1 Deputy Director General Assistant 102.2 2 2 Auxiliary 102.4 102.1 72 FG-1 1 OFFICE Boss 101.4 prosecution 1 looking for ADOR-101.4 3 102.2 Assistant General DIRECTORATE of GENERAL ADMINISTRATION 1 101.4 101.3 Coordinator 3 Coordination Director 5 6 102.2 102.1 Helper Assistant DIRECTOR of GRANTS and REGISTER 1 MINER 101.4 101.3 Coordinator 2 Coordination Director 4 102.1 SUPERVISORY BOARD MINERAL Auxiliary 1 Director
101.4 101.3 Coordinator 3 6 Coordination 102.1 BOARD MINERAL DEVELOPMENT Helper and INSTITUICONAIS RELATIONS 1 2 101.3 101.4 Coordination Director Coordinator Auxiliary 102.1 4 districts: AL, pm, AP, BA, CE, ES, GO, MA, MG, MS, MT, PA, PB, PE, PI, PR, RJ, RN, RO RR, RS, SC, SE, SP, TO 101.2 33 Service Chief 25 Chief Helper 102.1 101.1 3 b) SUMMARY TABLE of COSTS of OFFICES and FUNCTIONS FUNCTIONS of the NATIONAL DEPARTMENT of MINERAL PRODUCTION L-DNPM.
TOTAL VALUE of 101.5 101.4 101.6 of the of 101.3 of the 101.1 101.2 of the 102.5 102.3 of the 102.2 102.4 of 102.1 4.94 1.24 3.08 6.52 1.00 1.11 1.11 1.00 1.24 3.08 4.94 1 1 4 3 33 31----6.52 12.32 36.63 4 4.94 3.72 31.00 4.00 1 1 7 10 25 33-1-10 25 6.52 21.56 12.40 27.75 33.00 4.94 3.08 11.10 25.00 1 77 113 99.13 SUBTOTAL 145.35 FG-1 FG-2 FG-3 0.24 0.31 0.19 138 112 43 72-8.17 26.88 42.78-22.32-2 293 SUBTOTAL 72 77.83 22.32 TOTAL (1 + 2) 370 176.96 167.67 185 ANNEX III RELOCATION of CODE POSITIONS of URZELINA is a/MP UNIT w/the DNPM (a) the DNPM to URZELINA is a/MP (b) QTY QTY TOTAL VALUE of TOTAL VALUE of 101.3 101.4 101.1 101.2 of the of 102.4 102.2 102.1 the 102.3 of the 1.24 3.08 3.08 1.00 1.00 1.11 1.11 1.24-2 1-3 7 10 21 8.68-9.24 3.08-21.00-2.00 11.10-8-------8.88-----SUB-TOTAL 55.10 8 1 44 8.88 FG-1 FG-2 FG-3 0.24 0.31 0.19------20.46 26.88 8.17 2 SUBTOTAL 66 112 43-221 55.51 TOTAL (1 + 2) 55.10 44

229 64.39 RELOCATION BALANCE (a-b)---185-9.29

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