Decree No. 7540 Of August 2, 2011

Original Language Title: Decreto nº 7.540, de 2 de Agosto de 2011

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DECREE No. 7540, OF 2 AUGUST 2011
establishes the Greater Brazil Plan - PBM and creates its Management System.
The PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC, using the powers conferred upon him by art. 84, section VI, paragraph "a" of the Constitution, DECREES
Art. 1 are hereby established the Greater Brazil Plan - PBM and its Management System, in order to integrate government actions of industrial, technological and foreign trade.
§ 1 The PBM has as main objectives to accelerate the growth of productive investment and technological effort and innovation of domestic enterprises, and increase the competitiveness of domestic goods and services.
§ 2 The PBM will be prepared in line with the Multi-Year Plan - PPA 2012/2015 as structure approved by the Steering Committee of the Greater Brazil Plan - CGPBM.
§ 3 The National Council for Industrial Development - CNDI, an agency of the Presidency of the Republic, created by Law No. 11,080, of December 30, 2004 and regulated by Decree No. 5353 of 24 January 2005, establish guidelines general PBM strategies that will support the activities of its management system.
§ 4 The Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development - ABDI provide technical support in the implementation of CNDI works to achieve the goals of PBM.
Art. 2 The PBM Management System is composed of the CGPBM by the Executive Group -GEPBM by Executive Committees, by Sector Competitiveness Councils, Coordination and Systemic.
§ 1 The Executive Committees will have their appointed coordinators peloGEPBM, with the assignment to design and implementation of a sectoral agenda to the unfolding of the objectives and the strategic direction of PBM in their industry value chains.
§ 2 Each Executive Committee will have a Board of Sector Competitiveness in an advisory capacity.
§ 3 The Councils of Competitiveness Sector will have their coordinators appointed by the Department of Development of the Ministry of Development of Production, Industry and Foreign Trade, in partnership with the private sector for the deployment of the objectives and the strategic direction of PBM in their sectoral value chains.
§ 4 may participate in the Sector Competitiveness Councils, representatives of the government and the private sector directly involved in the sector and its value chain, as defined in Act CGPBM.
§ 5 The Coordination Systemic are intended to subsidize GEPBM the definition of cross-cutting actions of PBM.
§ 6 representatives of civil society may be invited to attend the meetings of the Sector Competitiveness Councils and Coordination Systemic.
§ 7 The duties of the members of the bodies of the management system referred to above shall be unpaid, and exercise considered of relevant public interest.
Art. 3 The PBM will be managed, monitored and supervised by CGPBM, in order to ensure its efficient and effective implementation.
§ 1 The CGPBM shall consist of the following Ministers of State:
I - Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, the coordinate;
II - Civil House of the Presidency;
III - Farm;
IV - Planning, Budget and Management; and
V - Science and Technology.
§ 2. It is for the CGPBM:
I - approve programs for the PBM as well as the targets and indicators referred by GEPBM;
II - monitor and supervise the implementation of PBM;
III - promote coordination between actions of the PBM and between these and other systemic actions of the Federal Government;
IV - assess the implementation, execution and performance of PBM and determine the relevant adjustments to GEPBM;
V - have on the structure and functioning of the Executive Committees and Sector Competitiveness Councils;
VI - approve the bylaws of the Executive Group; and
VII - prepare and approve its bylaws.
§ 3 ABDI provide technical support to CGPBM in carrying out its purposes.
Art. 4 The GEPBM aims to assist the CGPBM, responsible for consolidation of programs and PBM actions and monitoring of the results of its implementation.
§ 1 The GEPBM will be integrated by the Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, which will coordinate and representatives of the following agencies and organizations:
I - Civil House of the Presidency;
II - Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management;
III - Ministry of Finance;

IV - Ministry of Science and Technology;
V - ABDI, which will provide technical support;
VI - National Bank for Economic and Social Development - BNDES; and
VII - Financier of Studies and Projects - FINEP.
§ 2. It is for the GEPBM:
I - coordinate, consolidate and oversee the programs and actions of the PBM;
II - to Executive Committees, Sector Competitiveness Councils and Coordination Systemic designate its members and define their responsibilities;
III - receive and evaluate proposals for the creation and revision of programs and actions presented by the bodies listed in section II and submit them to CGPBM;
IV - create and implement the Monitoring System of Programs and Actions of the Greater Brazil Plan - SAP / PBM;
V - prepare monitoring reports and evaluation of PBM;
and VI - prepare its internal regulations.
§ 3 The representatives of the organs and GEPBM components entities and their alternates shall be appointed by order of the Minister of State of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, after indication of the members of the respective bodies and agencies, should the choice fall, preferably, on secretaries, presidents or directors of agencies or entities.
§ 4 The coordinator GEPBM may invite to attend its meetings representatives of other organs or agencies of the Government.
Art. 5 This Decree shall enter into force on the date of its publication.
Brasilia, August 2, 2011; 190th year of Independence and 123 of the Republic

Guido Mantega Fernando Damata Pimentel

Miriam Belchior Mercadante

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