Law # 11659, Of 18 April 2008

Original Language Title: Lei nº 11.659, de 18 de Abril de 2008

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Law # 11659, 18 APRIL 2008.
Opens extraordinary credit in favor of various organs of the Executive power, the total value of 1,250,733,499.00, R$ (one billion, 250 million, 499, 733,000 dollars), for the purposes that specifies.
I do know that the PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC adopted the provisional measure no. 406, in 2007, the National Congress approved, and I, Garibaldi Alves Filho, President of the National Congress, for the purposes of art. 62 of the Constitution, with the wording by constitutional amendment 32, combined with the art. 12 of resolution No. 1, 2002-CN, enact the following law: Art. first is open extraordinary credit in favor of various organs of the Executive power, the global value R$ 1,250,733,499.00 (one billion, 250 million, 733,000, 499 reais), to meet the programming contained in annexes I and III of this law.
Art. 2 the resources needed for the opening of credit referred to in art. 1 of this act arising out of: (I)-financial surplus for the balance sheet of the European Union for the financial year 2006, in the amount of R$ 491,846,337.00 (491 million, 337 846,000 dollars), being: a) R$ 485,450,918.00 (485 million, 450,000, 918 dollars) Regular resources; and (b)) R$ 6,395,419.00 (six million, 395,000, 419 dollars) of contribution for intervention in the Economic Domain-fuels;
II-partial annulment of budgetary appropriations in the amount of R$ 744,887,162.00 (744 million, 887,000, 162), as indicated in annex II of this law; and III-transfer of the Union in the form of participation in the capital of State-owned enterprises, worth 14,000,000.00 R$ (Fourteen million reais).
Art. 3 – this law shall enter into force on the date of its publication.
National Congress on April 18 2008; 187 of independence and 120 of the Republic.
Senator GARIBALDI ALVES FILHO Chairman of National Congress