Decree No. 3997, November 1, 2001

Original Language Title: Decreto nº 3.997, de 1º de Novembro de 2001

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Decree No. 3997, NOVEMBER 1, 2001 Defines the organ Fund Manager of combating and eradicating Poverty, regulating the composition and functioning of its monitoring and Advisory Council, and other matters.
The PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC, in the use of the role that gives the art. 84, section IV, of the Constitution, and in view of the provisions of the complementary law No. 111, of 6 July 2001, D and C R E T a: Art. first Is the Ministry of planning, budget and administration designated as Fund Manager of combating and eradicating Poverty.
Sole paragraph. It is up to the Manager: I-coordinating the formulation of general policies and guidelines that will guide the Fund's applications;
II-select programs and actions to be financed with resources of the Fund;
III-to coordinate, together with the bodies responsible for implementation of the programmes and actions financed by the Fund, the preparation of budget proposals to be forwarded to the central body of the system of Federal Planning and budget, for inclusion in the annual budget bill, as well as in your changes;
IV-monitor the results of the implementation of the programmes and actions financed with resources of the Fund;
V-administrative and technical support for the operation of the Advisory Board of the art. 2 of this Decree; and publicising of criteria for allocation and use of resources of the Fund.
Art. 2 Integrate the Consultative Council and monitoring of combating and eradicating Poverty: I-the Executive Secretaries of the following Ministries: a) the planning, budget and management, the presiding;
b) of education;
d) of agricultural development; and e) of national integration;
II-the Secretary of State of Social Assistance, the Ministry of welfare and Social Assistance;
III-a civil society representative member from each of the following Advice: the National Social assistance);
b) national for the rights of children and adolescents;
c) national health; and (d)) of the Comunidade Solidária Program.
§1 The alternates of the Government representatives be appointed by their respective holders.
(2) The civil society representatives referred to in paragraph III, holder and substitute, shall be indicated by their Advice, within fifteen days of the publication of this Decree.
Art. 3 it is the responsibility of the Advisory Board: I-say in the policies, guidelines and priorities of the Fund;
II-to suggest areas where should be used the resources of the Fund;
III-propose the total amount of resources to be applied in each area of activity;
IV-submitting proposal for a methodology for defining the poverty line and the geographical area where the actions financed by the Fund should be concentrated;
V-track, with periodicity to be defined by the Council itself, the application of resources; and I saw him follow, without prejudice to the powers of the internal and external control bodies, the actions financed with resources of the Fund in each of the bodies responsible for implementation.
Art. 4 for the current year, the resources of the Fund shall be intended for: i. the families whose per capita income is less than 90.00 R$ (90); and II-populations of the Municipalities, as well as the urban and rural localities included in the project Dawn, the Comunidade Solidária Program and Plan of coexistence with the Semi-Árido and Social inclusion.
Art. 5 expenses contemplated in art. 1°, 2°, § complementary law No. 111 of July 6, 2001, shall be limited, in this exercise, the 7% of the total appropriations allocated to the Fund's resources in law No. 10171, 5 January 2001.
Art. 6. This Decree shall enter into force on the date of its publication.
Brasilia, November 1, 2001; 180 degrees of independence and 113 of the Republic.
Fernando Henrique Cardoso Paulo Renato Souza José Serra Martus Tavares Roberto Brant Pedro Augusto Sanguinetti Ferreira Raul Belens Jungmann Pinto