Decree Of 13 March 2008

Original Language Title: Decreto de 13 de março de 2008

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DECREE OF March 13, 2008.

Declaration of social interest, for the purposes of agrarian reform, rural real estate that mentions, and gives other arrangements.

THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC, in the use of the assignments that confer upon him the arts. 84, inciso IV, and 184 of the Constitution, and in the terms of the arts. 2nd of the Supplementary Law no 76, July 6, 1993, 18 and 20 of the Act No 4,504 of November 30, 1964 and 2nd of the Act No 8,629 of February 25, 1993,


Art. 1st Ficam declared of social interest, for the purposes of agrarian reform, the following rural property:

I-?Farm Garrote Brabo II?, with registered area of novecents and forty-four hectares and forty airs, and area measure of seven hundred hectares, fifty and two airs and thirty-eight centiars, situated in the Municipality of Ibimirim, object of the Registration in R-1-1.415, fls. 74, Book 2-H, of the Estate Registration Card of the Comarch of Inajá, State of Pernambuco (Process INCRA/SR-29/no 54141.001381 /2007-43) ; and

II-?Farm Site Calumbí?, with registered area of a thousand and seventy two hectares and sixty ares, and area measure of novelents and ninety and three hectares, sixteen airs and eighty-eight centiars, situated in the Municipality of Granite, object of the Registrars in the R-6-1.132, Book 2-D ; and R-1-4.816, Book 2-R, of the Estate Registration Board of the Comarca of Bodocó, State of Pernambuco (Process INCRA/SR-29/no 54141.000494 /2007-21).

Art. 2nd Decree, regardless of discrimination or collection, does not outwise effects compensation in particular, in respect of areas of public domain constituted by law or registration and to areas of private domain harvested by nullity, prescription, common or ineffectiveness operated exclusively for the benefit of any legal person in public law, in exception of good faith benfections in them previously to the science of the commencement of the administrative procedure, further excluding their effects the semovents, machinery and agricultural implements and any benefactor introduced by whoever comes to benefit with their destination.

Art. 3rd The National Institute of Colonization and Agrarian Reform-INCRA, attested to private dominial legitimacy of the mentioned planimeter areas, is permitted to promote the dispossession of rural real estate that it treats this Decree, in the manner provided for in the Supplementary Act no 76 of July 6, 1993, and to maintain the areas of Legal reservation and permanent preservation provided for in Law No 4,771 of September 15, 1965, preferably in single gleba, in order to reconcile the settlement with the preservation of the environment.

Art. 4th This Decree goes into effect on the date of its publication.

Brasilia, March 13, 2008 ; 187th of the Independence and 120th of the Republic.


Guilherme Cassel

This text does not replace the published in the DOU of 3/14/2008