Property Tax Direct. Be Established In The Department Of Cochabamba.


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DIRECT PREDIAL TAX. It is established in the Department of Cochabamba.



ArtA-culo 1.A ° A direct tax on territorial properties is established in the department of Cochabamba, in replacement of the tithe and first contributions, the so-called predial and the staff of the landless inda-jenas, which are then abolished in that department.

2.A ° The territorial tax will be realized by Annual distribution for a five-year period, and the distribution will henceforth take place every five years.

amount to be paid this tax in one hundred and eighty thousand bolivianos to the year, is fixed the amount that must pay this tax in one hundred and eighty thousand bolivianos to the year The sum of which is comprised of 20,000 for cadastre expenses.

The land registry will be set at a rate of seventy thousand Bolivians.

4.A ° This sum will be distributed proportionally: 1.A ° between the provinces: 2.A ° between the cantons of each province; and 3A ° between the properties of each canton or district.

First distribution will serve the product of the tithes computed for the last five years.

5.A ° The distribution and consequent formation of the cadastre is confA-to the city council, to the provincial boards, and to the boards cantonal, which will be constituted by the latter.

Both the Council and the other provincial and cantonal meetings will be associated with citizens with voice and vote to form the cadastral tables.

6.A ° distribution between the properties will be verified in proportion to their values justified by -titles, appraisals or other legal documents which are not more than ten years old, or for new avalanches to practice the cadastral table.

However, in the first year the non-justified values of the farms will be calculated approximatively by the respective board.

7.A ° During the first five-year period, they will lead to modifications in the cadastre, by virtue of complaints from interested parties. These modifications will be considered in the delivery of the subsequent year.

After a five-year period, the complaints and modifications will only have an effect last five years.

8.A ° The approximate values of the farms that form the provisional cadastre in the first year, with the modifications introduced in its decurso, will serve as a basis for the distribution of the second year. The cadastre modified by the distribution of the second year will be of base for the third one, and will-successively until the cadastre is definitively fixed.

9.A ° The values of the farms inscribed in the cadastre will serve necessarily based on the forced income of them, and on mortgages.

10. AutorA-zase to the Executive Branch so that it can exempt from the territorial tax the new rejions or populations that are discovered or established in the mountains or hoi places of the department.

11. The Treasury of Cochabamba will continue to provide the service of worship, in accordance with the laws of vijentes.

12. This is what I read in the department of Tarija, replacing the tithes and firsts, being the basis of the new territorial tax, the sum of twenty-two thousand Bolivians.

13. The Executive Branch is authorized to make this reading to the other departments, at the request of the municipal councils, with the increase of 25% on the basis of the annual yield of the tithes and first fruits, calculated in a five-year period. The amount that is considered necessary for cadastre expenses, will be voted aside for one time.

14. This reading will be put to the knowledge of the Roman PontA-fice for approval.

15. The Executive Branch will regulate this I read.

Communicate to the Executive Branch for execution and fulfillment.

Meeting Room in Sucre on 3 November 1874 †"MartA-n Lanza, President.â€" Juan Francisco Velarde, D. Secretario.â€" NicolA¡ s Acosta, D. Secretary †"

Government House. Sucre, November 6, 1874.

Eject. †"COLD TAKES.â€" The Minister of Finance and Industria.â € " Pantaleon Dalence.