Government Interim.-Approval Of Their Acts.


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GOVERNMENT GOVERNMENT.†" Approval of their acts.


Having heard the report of its various committees on the acts of the Government provisional, and after having discussed in its consequence each of the matters subject to the rules of procedure;


Single-ass.†" The acts of the provisional government are approved in the following form:

1.A° Stating the Constitution of the State and laying the foundations for the formation of Regulations of elections and municipalities, it is declared non-officious to pronounce some decision on the regulatory decrees of December 15, 1876 and March 30, 1877.

2.A° The measures given in the field of finance are approved, outside of those that have been repealed and modified by the provision of the present Assembly.

3.A° In the department of war the measures of the Government concerning the organization of the army and the columns of garrison; the provision of arms, ammunition and other war tiles; and the promotion and rehabilitation to the high class of Janerals of the former chiefs mentioned in the memory of the honorable minister of war.

4.A° All decrees and resolutions are approved On the other hand, the Committee on Legal Affairs and the Committee on Legal Affairs and the Committee on Legal Affairs and the Committee on Legal Affairs and the Committee on Legal Affairs and the Committee of the European lejislature.

5.A° The acts of the Government concerning the ecclesial matters are approved, including the suspension of temporalities decreed against the Iltmo. Archbishop of La Plata, for having refused to contest the curates vacant in the archedios.

6.A° The decree of August 10, 1877, which resets the official teaching to the front from which it is given by private companies, is approved.

7.A° The decrees that have as object variations introduced in the provincial constituencies of the departments of Cochabamba, PotosA-and Tarija.

8.A° Acts referring to the industry industry are approved.

Communal-be to the Executive Branch for execution and fulfillment.

The Peace of Ayacucho sessions, at the twelve days of the month of February, one thousand eight hundred and seventy-eight.

A. Quijarro, president.â € "Samuel Velasco Flor, Deputy Secretary. â€" Abdon S. Ondarza, Deputy Secretary.

Ministry of Government and External Relations. †" La Paz, 14 February 1878.


H. DAZA.â€" José M. del Carpio.