East Of Bolivia. - Concessions To The First That The Rivers Of The East Esploren.


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EASTERN BOLIVIA.†" Concessions to the first ones to splendid the rivers of the East.



ArtA-article 1. A ° square of land is awarded in the mA rjènes of the YumbarA-or Beniâ€-" paro, Purus, Mother of God, Beni, Pilcomayo, Bermejo and other rivers of the East, to each of the first splendid, or to those with their capitals acquired the possession of the places occupied by the BAs that populate those rejions.

Art. 2. For the purposes of the preceding article, it shall be necessary to construct rooms in a part of the acquired land, to raise cultivation establishments or splitments of rubber, wood or other export objects containing, end 18 months of the day before being awarded the award.

Art. 3. The first such occupants of the JumbarA-or Beni†"paro, Purus, Madre de Dios, Beni, Pilcomayo and Bermejo" are also awarded to the said first occupants, the former paying only a quarter of the rights to be established on the basis of the products which are exported to the outside of the department to which they belong, for the space of ten years.

Art. 4. It is the obligation of the explorers to catechize through a missionary or any other priest, to the savages they can conquer, subject to the regulation of missions.

Art. 5. The authorities of the Beni and Tarija will not be able to oppose the achievement of crews for this object, and they will-rather lend them all protection that does not amount to an imperative or forced mandate.

Art. 6. The second occupants shall pay a patent of 100 bolivianos per square legua which they can occupy under the conditions laid down in the preceding articles, without enjoying the exemptions from the article 3.A of this lei.

Art. 7. A ° The cerril cattle found in the places explored and not occupied until aqua-by the inhabitants, not wild of those regions, is partible by half between the fiscus and the discoverer.

Art. 8. In case of proven concealment of some part of the show cattle that is found, it will lose all right and privitio to the discoverer, and must enjoy its benefits the denunciator of the fraud.

Art. 9. The funds resulting from this exploration for rights and patents applied to export products will be exclusively applied to the municipal treasury of the respective departments, for the construction of public buildings, paths, fortines, and promotion of public instruction.

Art. 10. It will be null for all to be done on the particular without advance knowledge of the departmental prefects, which are the ones that will give the titles that are spoken in the previous articles.

Art. 11. ° The Executive Branch is responsible for regulating the present reading.

Communal-be to the Executive Branch for its execution and fulfillment.

Room sessions in La Paz of Ayacucho, at 9 days of the month of February 1878 years.

J. R. Bustamante, Presidente.â € "A. Quijarro, Vice-president.â €" C. Zalles, deputy secretario.†"L. Valle, deputy secretary. â€" Samuel Velasco Flor, deputy secretary.

House of the Supreme Government. †" La Paz, February 23, 1878.


H. DAZAThe Minister of Finance and Industry, Manuel I. Salvatierra.