Law 11-08-1881

Original Language Title: Ley 11-08-1881

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11 law

COMPANIES BRABO AND SUÁREZ ARANA.†"The new proposal of the Sà ± or SuA ¡ rez Arana will not be considered as long as the contract of October 25 with the Sà ± or Brabo is found: the executive will set the For the purpose of the continuation of the work of the Ser.



As soon as the national convention has sanctioned the following i read:



ArtA-culo 1.A ° The new proposal by businessman Miguel Sua ¡ rez Arana will not be taken into consideration, after the national contract, agreed with the government on October 25, 1880, in execution of the last 16 of the same month -with the Spanish-speaking Francisco Javier Brabo.

Art. 2.A ° If the aforementioned contract is terminated by one of the causals specified in the article 78 of the Aº of the other one equally legal, the government will give notice of such termination to the businessman Miguel SuA ¡ rez Arana in order to continue the work of roads to which it is obliged according to the concessions of 1.A ° and 19 of June 1875 and 30 of September 1878, understanding resumed from that notification the respective terms to which those concessions rebind it.

Art. 3.A ° The executive collecting the precise data and hearing the interested person, the Arana, will deliberate administratively on whether or not to fix the date on which the term of the contract has been interrupted by the authorizations granted In 1879 to the proponent Francisco J. Brabo.

Art. 4A ° The suspensive causes of the term specified by Article 30 of the proposal of the proposed law, shall only be taken into account when the employer proves that they have made a positive contribution to the pursuit of his obligations.

Art. 5A ° The businessman Brabo, has understood to pay the amount with which he must-to be compensated the concessionaire seA ± or Miguel SuA ¡ rez Arana, either by transaction, arbitration or as a result of the judgment of expropriation for cause of utility For which purpose the government should exempt Brabo from among other guarantees, a calculated deposit on what the compensation could import.

Communicate to the executive branch for its sanction and compliance.

Session Room of Peace, 5 August 1881.

M. Baptista.†"Apolinar Aramayo, Deputy Secretary. â€" Antonio Guerrero, Deputy Secretary.

Therefore, he promulgated it so that it is to be held and fulfilled as I read from the Republic.

Government House of La Paz, at the eleven days of the month of August of a thousand eight hundred and eighty-one years.

NARCISSO CAMPERO .†" Eliodoro Villazon.