Municipalities. - Reform The Municipal Regulations Of April 9, 1878.


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law of November 19.

MUNICIPALIDADES.€ "The municipal regulation of 9 April 1878 is reformed.



FOR HOW much: The national congress has sanctioned the following lei:


Reforming the municipal regulation of April 9, 1878,


Art. 4.A ° (Replacement). In the cantons there will be one to three municipal councils dependent on the provincial boards and the councils of the councils.

Art. 8.A ° (Modification). The citizens who would have obtained the greatest number of votes, according to the electoral lei, after the owners, must be called by the respective councils and municipal boards in the cases of absence, death or impediment.

The alternates will be called to replace the owners of the respective period of their choice.

Art. 13. (Addition). This responsibility will be imposed by the president of the city council, and can be claimed before the council or corresponding board.

Art. 15. (Adding). The councilors who have left their position for the acceptance of a chartered public office will be restored to the municipality, when in the course of their respective biennium, they return to the role of private citizens.

Art. 15. (bis.) The classification of powers and credentials of the world-members corresponds to the respective city council.

Art. 15. (tria.) Questions concerning the qualification of credentials, those arising from the exclusion or undue admission of some of its members and those concerning the illegal organisation of the municipalities shall be resolved

summarily and without another resource, by the superior court of the district.

Art. 19. (Replacement). The councils and municipal boards are responsible for the faults in which they incur, within the exercise of their duties, before the district courts, and the cantonal ajentes, before the corresponding party judge.

Art. 20. (Replacement). The councils, boards and municipal bodies may not, under any protest, deal with political issues or address the people on the occasion of them.

The world-leaders will not be able to form part of the registration and receiving tables.

Art. 21, (Addition). The district and party prosecutors will put in the knowledge of the government, any abusive and illegal acts of the councils and municipal boards, accompanied by the corresponding documentation, which will be franked, without escuse, by the secretaries of the

Art. 26. (Adding). 8A ° Every 1st January, the president shall present before the respective council or board a report of the acts of his administration of the previous year, which shall be raised to the government.

Art. 35. (Adding). The executive, which has seen departmental councils and knowledge that provincial rents do not exceed 500 Bs., could allow some treasurers to limit themselves to providing personal caution.

Art. 36. (Replacement). The municipal councils shall observe, in their accounts, the method established for the tax offices. The provincial boards can keep their accounts by simple departure, and they must forward monthly to the detailed copies of the income and discharge items,

Art. 36. (bis.) The auction of vacant and show goods will take place at the municipal table, with strict adherence to the laws.

The leasing and sale of municipal property, may be done in open bid, or in proposal for a contract closed, as determined by the municipality.

Art. 37. (Replacement), the departmental councils must exempt, examine and gloss, in their treasury, the annual accounts of the provincial boards and send them, for their purposes, to the national court of auditors, with all their vouchers and the The budget of the year.

Such councils will centralize, in their treasures, the accounting of provincial boards with subject to the tax regime, in view of the accounts that are paid annually.

Art. 38. (Replacement), Municipal boards have the duty to refer to the councils of their respective departments: 1.A° The budget of the financial year, in the first month of the year: 2.A° The monthly balance sheets, in the first 15 days the following month to which these balance sheets correspond: 3.A ° E1 balance sheet, at the end of the year, until 15 January of the following year.

Art. 40. (Add). Provided that some or some municipal boards do not submit their budgets and balance sheets in the terms designated by the previous article, the council shall decide on the incitent for the district attorney to submit them to the court.

Art., 41. (Modification). The charges that will be resolved against the president, treasurer and secretary will be effective for the courts of the coactive trial, notwithstanding appeals to the national court of auditors, and will be questioned in the case by the attorney general who will appoint the president. municipality, before the prefect of the department. The espresado judgment, etc.

Art. 43. Attribution 3 (Addition), the departmental councils will approve or observe the provincial budgets, with review appeal to the government.

Attribution 14. (Substitute to the last point), in the state and private establishments shall exercise inspection and vijilance on the physical and disciplinary matters; they must inform the superior of those who depend, for the repression of the abuses and corrupted fabrics that you will notice.

Attribution 26. (bis.) They should be directed and regulated, in the case of the burial and burial sites, and should use, for their construction and repair, the funds of the factory administered by the respective Rrocos.

Attribution 27. (bis) Grant permission for raffles, sweepstakes, hammer houses, and spectators.

Attribution 28. (bis.) They may promote, when appropriate, industrial positions and agree to prizes, by voting for the necessary funds.

Additional attribution. Prohibit the deposit or sale of substances that compromise safety or health at the center of the populations.

Art. 43. (bis) The preceptors of the municipal schools shall be judged, for faults committed in the performance of their duties, by the city council which shall appoint them.

Art. 43. (tria) Municipal boards will apply their funds for the benefit of all their cantons and in proportion to their importance, mainly in the light of primary education.

Art. 44. (Replacement), the competences that are raised between the municipal councils and between them with the university or instruction councils and the political authorities, and between the ones and the others with the municipal boards of the provinces, They will be settled by the supreme court of justice.

Art. additional. In all cases where the municipalities are authorized by lei to apply fines, they will not be able to exceed Bs. 50, or go down from 20 cents,

Art. transient. This is an autographer of the municipal regulation; incorporating in it the additions and reforms contained in this I read.

Communal-to the executive branch for its execution and fulfillment.

Chamber of sessions in Sucre, to November 15 of 1887.

M. Baptista.

Jenaro Sanjináns.

Horacio Rios, senator secretary.

R. Arano Peredo, deputy secretary.

Eloy Cabezas, deputy secretary;

FOR TANTO: I enact it so that it has and will comply as I read from the public.

Government House in the capital Sucre, 19 days of the month of November from one thousand eight hundred and eighty-seven,

G. PACHECO.†" J. M. del Carpio.