Railways. - Accepted The Proposal Of The Company Huanchaca Of Bolivia For The Construction Of A Railway To Oruro Ascotán Through Huanchaca.


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FERROCARRILEN.†" The proposal of the company is accepted for the construction of a railway from Bolivia to Huanchaca by Huanchaca.



As soon as the national congress has sanctioned the following i read.



The proposal of the company is accepted-to Huanchaca de Bolivia, for the construction of a railway from AscotA, pass through the seat Huanchaca miner and finish in the city of Oruro, under the following bases and conditions:

1. †" The company-to Huanchaca of Bolivia, is committed to build on its own and to its pantries, an iron path from AscotA to the city

The supreme government of Bolivia grants to the company of Bolivia Huanchaca, or to whom its rights represent, the authorization necessary to carry out such work.

3. The company of Bolivia, the company of Huanchaca, will be able to establish branches of the country to any center of the republic with its respective special telephone, under the general conditions of the present proposal; being said compa ± A-to preferred in case of concurrence of other requests.

4. (a) the term of office shall be completed within the period of 30 months after the date of the approval of the contract by the present legislature, and in Oruro, within six years, computed from the day on which the NA-nea had arrived at the said establishment.

5. € " The lack of compliance with the user's claim that will give rise to a fine from CIEN A THOUSAND BOLIVIANS, which the company of Bolivia will pay to the government of the nation.

6. € " The fare of the transport prices, will be fixed annually, by common agreement between the government and the railway company; owing the freight Download always be half of the increase †" The MINIMUM of the freight rate for each

would be a penny per kilowatt; and the MA • XIMUM of equal rise freight, will be two cents per kilometer, for every single metric.

7. â€â€ " E1 use of the telegraph will be public when the other airlines suffer disruption; and in this case and as many times as the government wants, it will be available for half of the price of the tariff.

8. € "E1 transport of postal mail lines, free of charge in all railway station-line station.

9. €" The troops and baggage, as well as the Bolivian public employees travelling in commission of the service, They will be carried in half of the price of the tariff.

10. € " The government gives to the company of the company Bolivia, in property, the precise land for the construction of warehouses, stations and water deposits according to official mensura and the land of the run of the land, in all its tension, allowing the expropriation of the particular properties crossing the railway, with strict adherence to the general requirements of the lei, and at the cost of the company.

11. †"The government will lend to the construction company, all the support of its authority to enforce its properties.

12. â€" The staff employed in the service of the railway, will be exempt from the military service.

13. †" will be free of customs duties all materials indispensable and strictly necessary for the construction, equipment, and conservation of the line, such as machines, cars, rails, sleepers, construction woods, iron, steel, tools, coal, lime, foundation, bricks, powder, dynamite, sacks, fabrics, nails, paintings, wires, brea, glass, mA, distillation machines, heaters, blackboards, caulls, funds, iron and copper irons. †"Stopping the government to intervene subject to the laws

14. â€" as an industrial company that of the railway AscotA, Huanchaca and Oruro, it is exempted by the term of twenty-five years, which will begin to be counted from the day-to-day in which the land enters in Huanchaca, of any tax or municipal tax, such as those that fall on the societies. on the income of industrial enterprises, municipal patents and other patents nature, without this amount to be released from the customs duties of the Argentine pastas and minerals, sealed currency, copper, estaà ± o and other taxes of the same net.

15. †" The new industries and populations, which, in the shadow of the railway will develop, will be subject to the taxes established by our common laws.

16. € "The company's company," La compa ± A-a Huanchaca de Bolivia, can transfer its rights and actions, without altering the essential bases of this proposal, giving notice and with express acceptance of the government of Bolivia.

17. The Bolivian government, on equal terms.

18. € " The definitive approval of the railway line, is entrusted to the government of Bolivia, stating in advance, that it is more convenient to the interests The Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of

AdemA is authorized to the government so that in the case of insisting the company of Huanchaca, in building the railway by the stroke of (Uyuni), pacte the establishment of a branch of the post of "Uyuni" to "Allita" under the conditions

The supreme government is authorized, to exempt the line from the railway line to Oruro and present it to the congress next to its approval.

Communicate to the executive branch for the constitutional effects.

Sessionroom. †" Sucre, November 29, 1888.

J. M. DEL CARPIO.†"Manuel Josá© Fernà ¡ ndez.â€" Severo F. Alonso.†" S. Secretario.†"Adolfo Silesâ€" Deputy Secretario.†"Manuel Othon JofrA© (son) â€" Deputy Secretary.

Therefore I enact it so that it has and complies with the law of the Republic.

Sucre, November 29, 1888.

ANICETO ARCE. †"The Minister of Finance and Industry" H. Gutierrez.