Company Suárez Arana. - Approves The Held Transaction Between The Supreme Government And Don Miguel Suárez Arana.


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COMPANY SUA • REZ ARANA. €The transaction held between the supreme government and Don Miguel SuA ¡ rez Arana is approved.



As soon as the national congress has sanctioned the following i read.



ArtA-culo único.†" Learned the transaction held between the supreme government and Don Miguel Súa ¡ rez Arana, in the following form:

First. Don Miguel Sua ¡ rez Arana, as a concessionaire of the "National Company of Bolivia", or "Company Road of the East", takes away and departs in a general and absolute way from all the rights, actions and privileges that it has acquired under the The contracts of first and ten and nine of June of a thousand eight hundred and seventy-five, thirty of September of a thousand eight hundred and seventy-eight and twenty-two of November of one thousand eight hundred and eighty-four, without excluding others that are inherent to the same company, waiving any emerging claims for the same contracts.

Second. The government of the Republic accepts the total surrender of the company of Don Miguel SuA, rez Arana and reassumes its rights over it with all the elements that constitute it; and in this virtue, the charges of fiscal origin that weigh on him.

Third. The government of the republic gives to Don Miguel Sua ¡ rez Arana HUNDRED SQUARE LEAGUES in lots of five to ten leagues, distributed in the departments of Santa Cruz, the Beni and the Region del Chaco borealis, by equal parts in land baldA-os or deserts, with the exception of the one of four square leagues that corresponds to each one of the ports Pacheco, SuA, La Gaiba and Mandioré. If they are located within the enclosure of a legua of the roads or next to the populations, They will be discontoured and alternate with other state or private individuals.

Fourth. Don Miguel Sua ¡ rez Arana will have two years, from the legislative approval of this contract, so that during the period, it will be ± ale and determine the location of the lots that correspond to it, with the intervention of an agent or delegate appointed and subsidized by the government.

Fifth. Within the same term, each batch group will take the name given by Miguel SuA ¡ rez Arana, practicing with the agent or delegate of the government, the numbering and delimitation of the lots, and the corresponding one must be raised In the case of a double copy, for one to be deposited in the file of the ministry of industry and another to be handed over to the successful tenderer, who will serve him of the primordial title, along with the diligence of actual possession.

Sixth. The government of the Republic recognizes in favor of Miguel SuA, the Arana is a pecuniary compensation of TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND BOLIVIANS, payable with half of the yield of the customs income of import and export of goods for the ports "Pacheco", "La Gaiba", "SuA ¡ rez" and others that were established in the mA west of the Paraguay river.

This contract will have its legal effects from the present legislative resolution, and in case the Lord Michael SuA is satisfied, it will be made for not done and the supreme resolution of twenty and eight will be fulfilled. May of the present year.

Communicate to the executive branch.

National congress session room. â€" Sucre, at 7 December 1888.

J. M. DEL CARPIO.†"ArA-stides Moreno.â€" Severo F. Alonso †"S. Secretario.â€" Manuel Othon Jofré (son) †" D. Secretario.†"Adolfo Silesâ€" D. Secretary.

Therefore, I enact it so that it has and will comply as I read from the public.

Palace of government in Sucre, ten December of one thousand eight hundred and eighty eight.

ANICETO ARCE. †" The Minister of Finance and industry†" H. Gutierrez.