Railways. - Is Granted Permission To Build A Railway From The Marjen Right From The Paraguay River To The City Of Santa Cruz.


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October 27 law

les.†" Authorization is granted to build a railroad from the most right of the Paraguay River to the city of Santa Cruz.



FOR HOW HOW much the national congress has sanctioned the following law:



ArtA-ass 1.A ° †"It is awarded to Perry, Cutbill, From Lungo and Compaña-a de LAñorndras, the right to build and exploit with perpetual domain a A railway that starts from an appropriate point on the right side of the Paraguay River, on national territory, is directed to the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra for the route that the studies prove to be the most convenient.

Art. 2.A ° †"The SeA ± ores Perry, Cutbill, De Lungo and Compaà ± A-a, are obliged to practice the technical studies by means of competent injenieros and to submit the result to the consideration of the supreme government, all within the deadline of ten and eight To count of the date on which the deeds of the concession have been celebrated, and must also deposit within that same period in coffers of the national treasure, as guarantee-to execution, the sum of fifty thousand Bolivians in money cash A³ in mortgage letters, with the option in the first case to perceive the interest of a six percent




Art. 3.A ° †"The concessionaires will have the right to withdraw the deposit of fifty thousand Bolivians from the previous article, after they have established the construction of the first fifty kilometers of the line.

Art. 4.A ° to € "The entrepreneurs undertake to give principle to the construction works within the time limit of a year from the date on which the studies were returned by the government, with the corresponding approval, not It is necessary to delay that return more than six months after the delivery in the respective ministry, being allowed to the concessionaires to fulfill this obligation by sections of to fifty kilometers and must be finished the line in the Eight years ' time limit.

Art. 5.A to € "The railway line will be one meter, unless the studies show the convenience of adopting the one of seventy-five-meter-meters; and the material used must be of first class, according to the last advances. The rails shall be made of steel; the sleepers and the trabies may be of iron A³ of wood of the paA-s, as appropriate. You

first, second, and third class stations, depending on the importance of the location in which they are located, and must be provided with warehouses of deposits and inlets, of semafor of signs, changes, and other dependencies corresponding to the same. its categora-a.

Art. 6A ° .†"The compa ± A-to construct a telegram-line for its service to the length of the vA-a, must facilitate the installation of a thread exclusively for the official service; and in each station that will be constructed will keep an apparatus with This object.

The preservation and repair of this official telegram-line is left to the company.

Art. 7.A ° to € "The concessionaires shall be awarded all the land of fiscal property of the nation that are necessary for the vA-a, workshops, stations, deposits, etc., and the occupation of the property shall be declared of public utility particular.

Art. 8.A ° †"The dealers will have the right to cut and take advantage of all the timbers needed in the tax grounds for the construction of the la-nea and for its conservation during the time of its life. They will also be able to use the building materials they find on the railway path, in a side area of ten leagues on both sides.

They will take these concessions, provided the state awards in favor of third parties. people, the grounds of your reference.

Art. 9.A ° †"The materials destined for the construction and exploitation of this line, will have the right of free import.

Art. 10.†"It will be awarded to the company-to concessionaire the ownership of lots of public lands in the vicinity A³ proximity of the railway, to the sale-title and under the base of its justiprice, that it will be practiced without considering the improvements received with the implementation of the line.

The extent of these lots is pre-fixed as follows: in the extreme stations of the A³ railway, be at the points of its grubbing-up and remate, will have fifty square leagues; in each of the intermediary thirty, not being able to be less than fifty kilometers away from one of these stations.

Art. 11.†"The establishments of agricultural and agricultural centres, shall be exempt from taxes for the term of ten years from their foundation.

Art. 12.†"The company is authorized to construct road roads A³ of horseshoe as permitted by the topografa-a of the various districts, being able to proceed to the enabling and exploitation of these connecting roads, by sA-A³ by means of companies with which it holds lease A³ transfer contracts.

In each of the cases, before proceeding to the opening of the road in question, 1a concessionaire would direct the government a descriptive description of the plan projected A© to indicate, in addition, the toll rates it proposes to pay for their expenses, to cover the cost of the money and to pay the salaries of the employees and other service. Pronounced that it is by the government the approval of tariffs, the company will be able to start the construction of the road.

When these roads A³ of horseshoe are destined to communicate the city of Santa Cruz with the sections In construction, the works relating to these roads may be undertaken without a requirement of formalities, and the tolls will be paid by free agreement between the passers-by and the company.

Art. 13.†"The Republic of Bolivia grants to the proponents of Perry, Cutbill, Lungo and Compañas-a of LAFndras, the guarantee-to of an interest of six percent annually on the amount of the capital corresponding to the cost effective and proven Each section of fifty kilometers of vA-to be built and delivered to the service of the public, comprising the buildings, material, telegraphers and other accessories.

This guarantee-to last for the term of twenty years The opening of the traffic of each section and therefore being perceived independently of the

Art. 14.†"For the purposes of the guarantee-a of interest that declares the previous article, the costs of exploitation are fixed in fifty-five percent of the raw product.

Art. 15.†"They are affected to the service of the garanta-to from interals, the following rents: 1. the product lA-liquid of the performance of the national customs that has to be created at the starting point of the railway; 2. the product lA-liquid of the sale of BaldA-as lands that have been effected in the department of Santa Cruz, since the date of this law; 3. the jeneral income of the nation, provided that the precedents are not enough to cover the must of the guarantee.

Art. 16.†"The liquidation to make the guarantee-a of interest, in the cuantA-to be effective, to be carried out semi-annually, and shall be used for each section for the term of twenty years, from the date on which it is delivered to the public service.

You will enter as elements of this settlement, apart from those directly applicable to you, the reimbursement of the sums to which the company will be obliged to the government for the salaries it would have paid. paid to the official injenieros and the value of the lands sold to the company agrA-queues, based on the forecasts contained in the previous articles.

Art. 17.†"Since the company has a profit greater than the six percent guaranteed, the surplus will be applied to the reimbursement of the sums that the government would have delivered in the previous years.

Art. 18.†"The executive branch will have the right to expropriate the railway, past the time of twenty years from its end, paying to the company the capital A-ntegro guaranteed, with more a fifteen percent compensation.

Art. 19.†"It is recognized in favor of the company ± A-to concessionaire the condition that not to be granted to another company the ability to construct a railway in the same direction, within a zone of ten leagues to each side of the vA-a, must last is prescribed by the term of the garantA-a from interals.

Art. 20.†"The dealers will not be able to transfer the concession to another company, without any knowledge and approval of the executive branch.

Art. 21.†"Any other Aº opposition that is raised by third parties, in connection with the rights granted by the present concession, will be of charge of the government to the A³ to remove it without that by any concept it can be called the The company would be able to hold a contest in the administrative court.

Art. 22.†"The difficulties which may result from the application of any of the articles of the present concession, shall be decided by arbitration without further appeal, and the government shall appoint a the other company, on condition that the arbitrators appoint a third party as a preliminary statement, at the beginning of the exercise of their functions.

Communal-to the executive branch for the constitutional purposes.

sessions of the national congress, in La Paz, the twenty-five days of the month of October of a thousand Ninety-eight hundred years.

SERAPIO REYES ORTIZ.†"DANIEL G. QUIROGA.€" ROBERTO TA©LLEZ€" S. Secretario.†"Roman Paz â€" D. Secretario.â€" Josá© Mará-a Linà ¡ res †" D. Secretary.

Therefore: I enact it so that it has and will comply with the law of the republic.

Palace of government in the city of La Paz, the twenty-seven days of the month of October of a thousand eight hundred and ninety years.


E1 government minister € "

T. Ichaso.