Delegations National. - Two, One In The Rejiones Of The Madre De Dios River And Another In The Purús Are Created.


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October 28 law

National Delegations. â€Two are created, one in the Reels of the Mother River of God and one in the Purals.



As soon as the national congress has sanctioned the following law:



ArtA-ass 1.A ° †"It is created in the region of the Republic of the Republic two delegations national, the one that will be called the delegate of the Mother of God and the other that will be titled of the Purals River.

Art. 2.A ° †"The LA-mitts of the delegation of the Mother gives God, will cover the rejiation between the following lines: by the north the course of the river Mother of God with extensive jurisdiction to the territory contiguous to the left side; by the The western border with the republic of the Peroras; by the southeast, the course of the Madidi river to its national orijinals; by the east the river Beni from the mouth of the Madidi, to the more left rjen of the river Madera in which it is fixed the The dividing framework with the Brazilian Republic.

Art. 3.A ° †"The delegation of the river Pursós, will understand the contiguous territories to the two más within the lA-mitts that correspond to the republic, and will have its seat in the mouth of the river Acre A³ in the place that is more convenient.

Art. 4.A ° †"The authority of the delegations must be concretize mainly to plans of exploration, establishment of agricultural colonies-queues and opening of roads.

Art. 5.A ° †"The delegate of each of these sections shall immediately lift an administrative information in order to record the number of residents and the rubber exploitation establishments, which exist in his district, asA-as the appropriate places for the founding of major and minor ports with corresponding customs and customs holdings.

Art. 6.A to € "According to the data referred to in the preceding article, the national delegate shall appoint the authorities which, in his opinion, are indispensable in the most appropriate points, both in the administrative department and in the judicial department, In the exercise of these altea functions, the laws and provisions governing such matters shall be modelled as far as possible.

will also dictate the appropriate measures for tax collection that correspond to the export of the gum and other natural products.

Art. 7.A ° †"The delegate will have a mayor, who will meet him in case of absence, and a picket of armed force, and must serve him in the office of the affairs of the delegation, a secretary with a writing officer.

Art. 8.A to € "The liquid performance of the office of Villa-Bella, will continue to apply to subsidise the treasurer-a of the department of the Beni, even to level its budget; and the income that is created; and to collect from other sources in each of the districts, will be invested in local improvements and in the opening of paths to the delegate's judgment.

Art. 9.A ° †"-The sum of fifty thousand Bolivians to provide to the expenses that the execution of this law has to require.

Art. 10.†"The executive branch will appoint the staff of the delegations, assigning them the respective allocation, and will dictate the regulatory provisions that are most effective and opportunity. Moreover, it will proceed without delay to start negotiations with the Republic of Brazil in order to adjust a convention in which rules are established for the commercial transit, tax collection and provisional demarcation of an area-limit on the river Purals in accordance with the Treaty of 27 March 1867, and after establishing the dividing line in an infinitive way through the works of a mixed commission.

Pass to the executive branch for the constitutional purposes.

sessions of the national congress †" La Paz, October twenty-five thousand eight hundred and ninety.

SERAPIO REYES ORTIZ.†"DANIEL G. QUIROGA.€" ROBERTO TA©LLEZ €" S. Secretario.†"Român Pazâ€" D. Secretario.†"Josâ© M. Liná ¡ €" D. Secretary.

Therefore: I enact it so that it has and will comply with the law of the republic.

Palace of government in the city of La Paz, the twenty-eight days of the month of October of a thousand eight hundred and ninety years.


The government minister € "

T. Ichaso.