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November 26 LAW

CIVIL REGISTRY: †" It is established in the Republic.



For How Much, Congress Nacional has sanctioned the following law:




Of the employees of the Civil Registry.

Article 1A ° .†"Within the year following the promulgation of this law, the offices of the Registrar of the civil state of the persons will be established.

ArtA-ass 2A ° .†"In the capitals of the Department, province and section, the offices of the Registry, will be charged to the public notaries in current exercise; they must appoint special officials for the offices of each parish, assisted of a secretary, who will replace the registry officer in case of legal impediment.

These special officials and their secretaries will be appointed by the Executive Board of the Prefects, and will be subject to these authorities and the tax ministry. Their duties will last for the period of six years and cannot be dismissed, but for the execution of the sentence, nor will it not be in the cases determined by the laws.

The Executive is authorized to organize the offices, according to the population of each place, in harmony-with the provisions of the notaries service.

ArtA-ass 3A ° .†"The employees of the Registry, upon receipt of the charge, shall be sworn in to the Prefect A³ Subprefect of the jurisdiction.

ArtA-ass 4A ° .†"The registrars in general, will enjoy for their services the salary of Bs. 30 monthly, without the option of perceiving tariff rights of registration. The secretaries shall receive the amount equal to half of the salary previously allocated. The corresponding item for this service shall be voted on in the national budget.

ArtA-ass 5A ° .†"The fines that are imposed under this law, will be in the interest of the councils and municipal boards of the circumscription.


From the books in the Registry.

ArtA-ass 6A ° .†"The Civil Status Register, divided into three sections: one of the births; one of the marriages; and one of the deaths, will be carried in duplicate in three books, one for each section. These books will be paper-based, provided by the State.

ArtA-ass 7A ° .†"The books will carry in their first pages the printed text of this law, and their leaves will be numbered and signed by the Prefect A³ Subprefect of the jurisdiction, and must certify in the last sheet the number of them each book.

ArtA-ass 8A ° .†"At the end of each book, an alphabetic A-index of all the items it contains, taken into effect, will be added for registration, the first letter of the registered surname, and in the marriages, of the two Separately.

ArtA-ass 9A ° .†"The last day of the year, the books of the Register shall be closed, certified at the end of the day by the head of the office and the Prefect of the jurisdiction, the number of items that each one contains, and a copy is filed in the office.

One of the copies of each book to be carried by the Registrar of the central office, will be referred to the Departmental Council.

ArtA-ass 10.†"If you are shall be destroyed by any of the books of the Register, a copy of which shall be immediately sacchared there is, in other case, the same formalities as required in Article 6A., the accuracy of those responsible for their custody must be certified.

Article 11.a € "The heads of the central and sectional offices are responsible for the destruct, altered A³ of the books, confident in their care.


Of the items in the Register in general.

12.a € "The items in the Register shall be entered in the corresponding book, one after each other in order of number, without leaving any blank among them, and must express the date on which they are extended, the name, age, state and address of how many people in them take part.

ArtA-cull 13.†"Every item must be settled in the two copies, from the Register, and shall be sealed in both with the stamp of the office and signed by the chief of the office of the office, the interested parties and two elderly witnesses and neighbors of the district, expressing the cause that prevents To sign these A³. Witnesses shall have the conditions required by the law of the notary.

Article 14.a € "The marginal notes shall also be sealed and signed by the head of the office in both copies of the Register, and by the parties concerned and witnesses, if they were not a simple reference.

ArtA-ass 15.†"When in the mA, there is not enough space in the mA, to make the required record, the reference will be continued to the last item, with the reference to the reference. corresponding to one place and another.

ArtA-ass 16.†" In the record items and Marginal notes, can not be used for abbreviations or guismos at the dates, nor be scraped by the amendments A³ words entered, saved at the end of the same item before being signed.

ArtA-ass 17.†"All It should be read to interested parties and witnesses before they are signed, and shall be shown if they so request, expressed at the end of it being filled with this formality.

ArtA-cull 18.†" They may not be expressed in the items, nor by vA-a note, or in any other form, nothing that is impertinent, A³ must not be declared according to this law.

ArtA-ass 19.†"The writings of powers and other documents, which are submitted for the registration of the registration items, should be signed by the person who exhibits them, as well as by the head of the office and file under the The same number of starting A ¡ s belonging.

ArtA-ass 20.†"When a seat on the Register is suspended, the cause of the suspension will be expressed in the Register, and a new seat will be extended to continue it, Reference marginal in use and other.

ArtA-ass 21.†"Signed a seat, cannot be rectified A³ added, but by virtue of the judgment of the competent judge.

ArtA-ass 22.†"You cannot also register the change A³ adiciation of the name A³ surname, without the authorization of the competent judge, and the publication by the press, A³ by posters in the public places.

ArtA-cull 23.†"Those in charge of the Register, will not be able to authorize the items that refer to their persons and relatives within the fourth degree of consanguinity and second of affinity. In this case Aº other of legal impediment, the

inscription will be made by the Registrar who is bil; failing by the judge instructor A³ parochial mayor of the jurisdiction.

ArtA-ass 24.†"The Registry Officer is obliged to give to interested parties within 24 hours from being verbally requested and at all times authorized copy on paper, from the seats found in his books, charging 20 cents per record and stopping the transfer of the A-ntegra item with the marginal notes that it would have.

ArtA-ass 25.†"The testimonies issued in form by the Registry Officer, under his signature and with the stamp of the office, To prove the age, marriage and death of people since the promulgation of this Article 179 of the Civil Procedure is amended.

ArtA-ass 26.†"No other record than that of the civil state, may be presented in judgment, to prove facts that have to be registered in him, without precede the corresponding inscription,

ArtA-ass 27.†"If the head of the office has knowledge of the existence of a fact that must be entered in the Register, past the term in which the inscription must be requested, proceed to the necessary investitions, only to extend the corresponding seat, and The offenders before the public ministry, the parish judges, and the instruction in their defect. The omission of the inscription, will be punishable by a fine of one to five Bolivians and double, if the omission is from the Registrar.

ArtA-ass 28.†"Every individual who has witnessed a fact that must be registered in the Register, is required to appear in the registrar's appeal.


Of births

ArtA-ass 29.†"You will be entered in the book of births:

1A °. All to be verified in the territory of the Republic.

2A °. Any birth item whose registration is requested.

3A. The recognition and legitimization of natural children.

4A °. The judgments on legal and natural parentage.

ArtA-ulo 30.†"Within the eight days following the birth, you should be given the declaration of the person, before the person in charge of the Registry, who will be transferred to the place where the born is found, to make sure that they exist and avoid duplicities, extending in the office, the corresponding departure with the formalities prescribed by this law.

ArtA-ass 31.â € "In the jurisdictions of the field, the transfer of the head of the office to the home of the born, when between one and another place mediates more than one league of distance, In such a case, the existence of the person, by certificates of the parochial mayor, A³ of the ecclesiastical authority and two witnesses, shall be verified, to which effect shall be extended to ten days the term in which the declaration of the birth.

ArtA-ass 32.â € "If the inscription of a birth is requested after the legal term, a court order will be filed to make it.

Article 33.a €"The court order will be handed down by the judge instructor, A³ the parochial in his defect, and at the request of the interested, of the Registrar Aº official of the Record A³ of the public ministry, will determine the average age of the person, among the largest and the least that are compatible with its development and fA-Sic aspects.

ArtA-ass 34.†"If it is a legal child, the father in his absence, A³ in his defect, the mother and A lack of it the relative more than there exists in the place, will be obliged to do for sA-, A³ by means of another person, the declaring the birth in the Registry office.

ArtA-ass 35.†"If the child was illega-timo, he/she would be obliged to declare the birth, the person A care of which would have been delivered.

ArtA-ass 36.â€" prejudice to the provisions of the preceding Articles, the optional and the midwife who have attended A birth whose legitimacy I shall not tell you, as also the person whose house has been verified, if any other than that of the mother, shall be obliged to denounce it within the legal term before the Registrar Aº of the Registry, Under the penalty set out in Article 27.

ArtA-ass 37.†"The births occurring in hospitals, hospices, and other establishments, or other establishments, shall be declared by their respective administrators under the same penalty.

ArtA-ass 38.†"The administrators of the homes of huesrfanos, and in general any person who found a newborn A³ in whose house he had been exposed, shall be obliged to declare the birth, and present to the office of the Registry the clothes, documents and other objects with which it is found, and must be kept between the vouchers under the same number as for the item.

Article 39.a € "If the person in charge of the Register, when checking the existence of the born, finds him dead, he shall settle the item in the book of deaths, without of the drafting of the minutes, it is possible to present some on whether it was born, not with life, although the witnesses declare one and the other.

ArtA-ass 40.†"The inscription of the birth will be fed by extending a departure that expresses:

1A °. The place, dA-a, hour and year in which it has been verified;

2A °. Sex;

3A °. The name that was given to the born;

4A °. The name, last name and address of the father, mother and witnesses;

5A °. The name and surname of the paternal and maternal grandparents;

6A °. The name, last name and address of the person requesting the registration of the birth; and

7A °. If you are baptized A³ no.

ArtA-ass 41.†"If these are natural children, it will not be made up of the mother's father's A³, unless it is A³ that, they recognize it before the Registrar, and in this case they must express themselves the name

ArtA-ass 42.†"In no case may the name of the parent A³ be entered, in respect of whom the filiation had the vice of adulterine, incestuous A³ sacrA-lega.

ArtA-ass 43.†"If you are born more than a living child of a birth, you will settle in the book, so many departures as those born, designate, especially, all physical signs that can contribute to how much later they are distinguished.

ArtA-arse 44.†"The death of an expunsito, shall be entered by extension of a special item, which expresses the place and day-to which it has been found, its apparent age, its sex, the name and surname given to it, and documents, clothes Aº other objects that with him would have been found.

ArtA-arse 45.†" (a) to which the 2A case refers. Article 29 shall be inserted in the minutes, copy A-ntegra of the items, and shall state the name and address of the person requesting it.

Article 46.a € " The recognition of natural children shall be entered in the effect, a record in any office of the Registry, even if not the address of the grantor, and the marginal reference notes, both in the minutes, and in the birth certificate.

Article 47.a € "If the item of birth is not settled in the office, the Registrar will refer within twenty-four hours, to the head of the office in which it exists, a legalised copy of the recognition For the effect of its registration and the marginal notes.

ArtA-ass 48.†" The notaries, who extend scripture of recognition of children, by Special instrument A³ by will, refer to in the term of eight, dA-as, copy of such documents to the Registrar of the office in which the departure of the birth is found, understanding the own respect of the executed sentences on Lega-last A³ natural, being modified the first paragraph of the article 166 of the CAUSE Civil,

ArtA-ass 49.â € "When the recognition of an unborn natural child is practiced, the respective inscription after the birth of the child will be fed, and the corresponding item will be seated, at the most of the recognition.

ArtA-ass 50.†"The legitimation of natural children, will be entered by extending reference notes to the mA of the recognition and marriage act.

ArtA-ass 51.â€"The inscription of the sentences of affiliation, of natural child recognition scriptures, and in general of any other The document shall be inserted into the seat of the A-ntegra copy of the same, and shall record the name and address of the person requesting the registration.

ArtA-ass 52.†"The adopted adoptions according to the provisions of the Title 8A. of the Single Chapter, book 1A. of the Civil Code, shall be made subject to the provisions of Articles 48 and 51 of this Law.


Of marriages.

ArtA-ass 53.â € "You will be enrolled in the marriage book:

1A °. Those that are held in the territory of the Republic;

2A °. All marriage items whose enrollment is requested;

3A °. The executed sentences in which the marriage is declared invalid, the divorce is decreed.

Article 54.a € "Within the eight days following the celebration of the marriage, the husband will be obliged to present for his Registration, copy of the item to check the act, subscribed by the rrocco to the person who has been celebrated. In the colonies where there is tolerance of cults, this certificate will be awarded, by the pastor A³ minister of the religion with whose rite the marriage would have taken place.

ArtA-culo 55.†"When an entry of marriage of Another civil registry A³ parochial, will be inserted A-ntegra the departure of whose inscription is treated.

ArtA-ass 56.†"In the seat of the Register concerning a marriage, must be expressed:

1A °. The Register in which it was the birth of the contrayents, and the date of the inscription.

2A °. Names and surnames, nature, state, profession Aº officio, and domicile of parents and paternal grandparents and maternal sA-are legally known.

3A °. If the contrayents are children of the law-we are A³ illega-timos; but without expressing another kind of illegitimacy that of the sA-they are natural children, A³ if they are expunsitos.

4A °. The power to authorize the representation of the contrayent who does not personally attend the celebration of the marriage, and the name and surname, age, nature, domicile and profession Aº officio of the proxy.

5A °. In this case, the date of the waiver and the authority that the law has been given, the fact that the marriage was not held to have taken place because of the marriage in article moprtis, has not taken place. granted.

6A °. The justification for freedom, in the case of marriage of foreigners, or of the military, if the latter had not preceded the publications of the case.

7A. The fact that there was an impediment and its dispensation, without expressing what it consists of,

8A. The license required by the law is for children of the family and minors.

9A. The names of the natural children that are legitimized by the marriage, and that the contrayents manifest have had.

10A °. The name and last name of the deceased, date and place of his death, and record in which he would have registered, in the case of being widowed one of the contrayents,

11A °. The circumstance of having preceded the religious marriage.

12A °. It shall also be recorded, provided that they want the cönnijüges, the goods that each one introduces to the conjugal society. This same can be done in the case that the spouses receive any inheritance.

ArtA-ass 57.†"The marriage of the foreigners contracted under the laws of their paA-s, should be registered in Bolivia, when the contrayents A³ their descendants establish their residence in Bolivian territory. The inscription should be made in the Register of the district where some and others establish their domicile or residence. The effect should be to present the documents that credit the marriage celebration, conveniently legalized and translated.

ArtA-culo 58.†" The marriage, contracted abroad by Bolivians between sA-A³ with foreigners, With subject to the laws in force in the country where it is celebrated, you should be registered in the Register of the diplomatic agent A³ consular of Bolivia in the same paA-s, who will pass to the interested parties, copy of the inscription that he does, indicating the Last address of the contrayente A³ of the contrayentes, where it will be taken with A-ntegra from the item.

ArtA-ass 59.†"The executors in which the divorce is decreed, A³ is declared null and void the marriage, A³ in which the amendment of its inscription is ordered, will also be entered in the Register in which he has extended the entry of the person, and the marginal reference notes in one and the other seat; for this purpose, the Tribunal which has issued the execution must inform the person in charge of the Register, in which it is enrol, referring to her the testimony of her in relation, but without expressing in the divorce the cause

ArtA-culo 60.†"All registration of marriage A³ of enforceability in which the divorce will be issued, A³ the nullity of marriage, A³ the amendment of its respective game, should be brought to the attention of the records in which the birth of the contrayants is registered, accompanied by a certified copy of the seat, to make the corresponding entry on the margin of the item relating to this act, except in the case of the non-existence of the birth certificate is proven. Equal knowledge shall be given to the records in which the

were entered.

births of the children of the cancelled marriage, A³ of aquaL whose departure had been sent to correct, A³ of the natural children that the contrayents have legitimized when they marry, to put also the corresponding note marginal.


Of the deaths

ArtA-ass 61.â € "No number of people can be found buried without the seat of their defunciation being made in the civil registry of the district in which it was It happened, A³ of the one in which the cada is found; without the Municipality of the same district A³ its agents, issue the burial license, and without having passed twenty-four hours from the one recorded in the optional certificate, if the death occurred in the capital of the Department, the province and the municipal area of the judicial area, where they exist Authorized methods. In the field and the places in which there are no medical facilities and which distinguish four leagues from the office of the Registry, the burial shall be verified at twenty-four hours after the death, with the license of the corrector, cantonal agent, A³ mayor of field, who will pass the respective party to the Registrar to feel the corresponding departure.

The license expressed, will be extended in role and without any remuneration.

A fine of five to twenty Bolivians will be imposed in favour of the municipal funds, the person in charge of the cemetery in which he was buried. a cadA to see without the mentioned license, asA-as to all who would have authorized it.

ArtA-ass 62.†"The seat of the death will be made by virtue of the verbal part A³ in writing that about him must give the relatives of the decedent, A³ the inhabitants of his own house, in his defect the neighbors, and of the certificate of the optional in the cities.

ArtA-culo 63.†"It is the obligation of the physician who has assisted in the last illness, A³ in its defect the owner of the city A³ people, examine the state of the cadA, see, and only when in him, show up The following are the terms of the declaration, which will be extended to the municipality, the certificate in which the name and the last name are expressed, and the news that I have close to the state, profession, domicile and family of the deceased; time and dA-of death if I will tell you, in another case, those who believe probable; class of disease that has produced death, and signs of discompositional that already exist. Neither for this certification, nor for the recognition, will be able to demand any remuneration. If the indicated facultives are missing, they will practice the recognition and issue the certificate, any other call to the attempt A³ a-rich, who will be paid by the family A³ the heirs of the finado, fifty cents per certificate.

ArtA-ass 64.†"As far as possible the inscription of the death, will be mentioned:

1A °. Of the year, day, hour and place in which the death occurred.

2A °. Of the name, surname, age, race, profession Aº office and domicile of the deceased and his wife if he was married.

3A °. Of the name, last name, address and professional profession of their parents, if legally they could be designated, manifest if they live A³ no and of the children who have had the deceased.

4A °. Of the disease that has Death.

5A °. If the deceased has left A³ no will, and if so, the date, people and notarA-to which he has awarded it.

6A °. From the cemetery in which the body is to be buried.