Domestic Debt:-Is The Recognized And Classified.


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26 law

INTERNAL DEBT: †" Recognized and classifies it.



For how much, the National Congress has The following law:



ArtA-ass 1A ° .†"The NATION recognizes as consolidated internal debt A whose service is required:

a.â€" The certificates given by the Commissions from the 1A. of July 1872, until March 23, 1873.

b.†"The inscriptions made in the Great Book of the current Commission.

c.â€" Those that are made in the future, up to the end of the year.

ArtA-arse 2A ° .†"The Executive will issue the sum to The internal debt of the year of January of 1,900 in vouchers will earn 2% of annual income and ½% of amortisation in payment of the qualified domestic debt, which is registered in accordance with the previous article. The service of these vouchers will be made of general income, fixed in the National Budget of each year the respective item.

ArtA-ass 3A ° .†"The Spanish and patriotic debts and coming from the three war-time 1880 and 1884, they will be matched to the other, that is, without taking into account the interests prescribed by pre-existing laws.

ArtA-ass 4A ° †"The National Court of the Public Credit will continue to verify the qualification A© Internal debt registration, up to the 1A °. From January 1900, at the date of which the respective records were closed, the number and quantity of the corresponding amounts for the various series shall be recorded in the circumstantial act.

ArtA-ass 5A ° .†" Commission will record a 6th. series for the credits coming from compensation for damages caused in the Pacific War, taking care not to register but those who came to be fully justified and given the opinion of the Attorney General of the Republic.

ArtA-ass 6A ° .†"Inform also of office all active state assets, which have been qualified by the National Court of Auditors, as the ones to be described by the same Court, by the reference of the Last inventory original.

ArtA-ass 7A ° .†"The Minister of Finance will pass before the Commission, a reason for all payments made up to the present management, to be discounted respectively in the The inscription of the crimes.

ArtA-arse 8A ° †"The Superintendents of Finance and Mines and the Director of the National Fund will refer to the office of the Commission, detailed tables of the debtors to the National Treasury and to the Departmental.

"omisos that do not register these credits, will be jointly responsible with the debtors.

ArtA-ass 9A ° .â€"From the 1A °. From January 1900 until December 31 of the year itself, the National Commission of the Public Credit will exchange the certificates issued by the previous commissions and the State Council and the titles entered in the Great Book, with the vouchers The Commission will be able to carry out the signature of the Commission of the President of the National Court of Auditors and the VA °. of the Minister of Finance.

ArtA-article 10.a € "The vouchers issued under this law shall be received as cash by the offices of the National and Departmental Treasures in the payment of the accrued loans prior to the Thirty-one of December 1892 and of the precA-or of acquisition of vacant and vacant land, according to law of November 13, 1896

ArtA-ass 11.†"It is the duty of the Commission of the Public Credit to present to the maximum Legislature, with a detailed report, the table of assets and liabilities that have been entered, until June 30, 1899.

ArtA-culo 12.†"The administrative authorities of the Republic, giving, the most publicity to this law, by the means of custom and particularly by permanent notices in all the dailies of the paA-s.

ArtA-culo 13.†"The Executive will regulate this Law.

Article 14.a €"The laws of exception are repealed and other provisions are contrary to the present.

National Congress session room.

Sucre, November 19, 1898.



Manuel O. JofrA© (son) .†"S. S.

Trifén Meleà ¡ n.â€" D. S.

Bernardo Raà ± a Trigo, â€"D.S.

Therefore, the law for the law of the Republic to be held and complied with as law of the Republic.

Government House, in Sucre, Twenty-six of November a thousand eight hundred and ninety-eight years.


J. Eusebio Herrero.