Law 11/28/1931

Original Language Title: Ley 28-11-1931

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ORuro SANITATION. †"The reception of works, the exploitation of the sanitary facilities and the collection and control of the income will be carried out by an administration, the assets of whose staff will be paid with the income.



For how much, the National Congress has sanctioned the following law:



1A ° .†"Terminated the works of The Foundation CA ° and made the reception of works according to the contract, custody, inventory, exploitation of sanitary facilities, and the collection and control of income for the works of Sanitation of Oruro will be in charge of an office presided over by an administrator.

Article 2A °.†" The functions of the Administrator will last only until the debt has been written off to the National Bank of Bolivia and the works can be continued; either gradually with the income, or through a new undertaking; then again provide the Chief Engineer position in that office.

ArtA-ass 3A °.†" The staff of the employees of the office in charge of the Sanitation Works will be appointed by the Ministry of Public Works and will consist of the following employees:


Assistant Engineer.

Head of Recaudation.

Head of Statistics and Works Control.

Office Auxiliary.

2nd Class Inspector.

Single electrician in charge of the pump house.

The only one in charge of the network.

The only one in charge of the ponds.

Meca ¡ nico-Guarda de Calacala.

Meca ¡ nico-Guarda in Jalaqueri.


Archive Portero.

Two meter reading aids.

ArtA-ass 4A °.†" The costs of maintenance, exploitation and indispensable extensions of the Sanitation Works, as of the Office, (a) a total of 3 million of the total amount of the debt to be repaid to the National Bank of Bolivia.

ArtA-ass 5A °.†"The Administrator will raise with due anticipation the respective monthly budgets, to the knowledge of the Board of Sanitation of Oruro for their approval.

ArtA-ass 6A °.â€" The Bank National to pay to the Administrator only the budgets authorized by the Board of Sanitation.

ArtA-ass 7A °.†" In compensation of this service that has been provided by the National Bank of Bolivia and in order to accelerate the amortisation of the debt, the revenue from the consumption of drinking water, they increase the garantA-as of the current loan.

ArtA-ass 8A °.†" During the period of suspension of work of the Works of Sanitation, the current positions of Chief Engineer Contador are abolished. The current Contador will continue with its tasks to complete the accounting of the audit office of the works carried out by The Foundation CA ° until 31 December of the present year.

ArtA-arse 9A °.†" The Board of Sanitation created by previous provisions will continue to exercise the functions of control that have been entrusted to it, with the intervention of the Comptroller-General of the Republic.

ArtA-10A °.†" The Administrator will provide proportional caution to the amount of interest that you will handle.

Communicate to the Executive Branch for Constitutional Purposes.

Session Room of the H. National Congress.

La Paz, 25 November 1931.

J. L. Tejada S.†" G. RA-os Bridoux.

Gabriel Palenque, S.S.aâ € " Humberto Duchtén, D. S.

Fernando LAólpez, D. S.

Therefore, he enacted it so that it is held and complied with as law of the Republic.

Government Palace, from the city of La Paz, to the Twenty-eight days of the month of November of a thousand nine hundred and thirty-one years.



R. Calderaction,

Major Development Officer.