Supreme Court Of Justice. -Regulates The Organization And Powers Of The High Court, In Rooms Civil And Criminal.


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SUPREME COURT OF JUSTICE. †" Reglaments the organization and the privileges of the high court, in the civil and criminal rooms.



FOR HOW much: The National Congress has sanctioned the following law:



ArtA-arse 1A ° †"The Supreme Court is composed of one President and eight The two rooms are distributed in two rooms.

It is up to the President to address the two rooms and, as soon as he is unable to preside over one of them for being in the other or because of absence or impediment, he will be replaced by the dean of the The Court of Justice of the European Court of Justice of the European Union In the same way, the precedence between the judges and their defect in order of seniority in the exercise of the judiciary will be established.

The design of the staff of the rooms will be made by the Supreme Court in full.

ArtA-arse 2A ° †"One of the rooms will know of the criminal and correctional causes according to the law of the Criminal Procedure, as well as of the resource of Habeas Corpus, consecrated by the reform NA ° 1 of the constitutional amendments introduced by the People's Referendum of 11 January 1931, from which they were held in cases of The other room will be aware of the civil causes, with a view to the Civil Procedure, and of the interposts against the decisions of the General Directorate of Labor and the National Superintendence of Mines.

(a) as to questions relating to the National Board of Trustees and those arising between the departments, whether in respect of the laws or other disputed rights, and those falling within the fourth paragraph of Article 51 of the Law of Judicial Organization. You will also know of the resources in the court of judgment, according to the OrgA Law of Customs.

ArtA-ass 4A °â€ " In order for the resolution to be resolved, it requires in each room three compliant votes, in the case of declaring the resources unfounded or In violation of laws, the procedure is governed by the law; the concurrence of the President and four conformed votes will be necessary, in order to resolve the same resources for the violation of the express and terminant law according to the article 842 of the Civil Procedure.

ArtA-ass 5A ° †" In case of discord, absence, An impediment, excuse or recusal, which motivates the lack of sufficient personnel for the resolution of a cause, is called to the vowels of the other, per shift, starting with the least old one to complete the room. Provided that for legal reasons it is not possible to complete the court or the vowels that make up the other room, the judges appointed in accordance with Articles 256 and 258 of the Law of Judicial Organization will be called.

I will challenge the whole voice of one room, the other will know of the demand according to the law. In case of being checked, you will know in the background.

ArtA-ass 6A ° †"It corresponds to one and another room, according to the matter of its competence, the exercise of the privileges 6ª, 8th and 14th, of the article 51 of the Law of Organization Judicial.

ArtA-ass 7A ° †"Both rooms in full court will be reconvened, in the following cases:

A) .â€" To resolve the questions detailed in the privileges 3, 4th and 5th, of Article 111 of the Constitution and 9th, of the Article 110 of the reform NA ° 9 approved by the referendum of 11 January 1931 and 10th of Article 51 of the Law on the Judicial Organization;

B). †"To judge the President, Vice President of the Republic and Ministers of State, in accordance with the law of 31 October 1884;

C) .â€" To learn about the criminal trials of responsibility that are established against the Comptroller General, Superintendent or Intendant of Banks, Vocals of District Courts, District Prosecutors, Vowels of the National Court of Auditors, National Superintendent of Mines, President of the Permanent Fiscal Commission and Prefects, for faults or crimes tasks in the exercise of their functions.

In these causes, it will serve as a charge room the Superior Court of the District of Chuquisaca. But, if you judge your vowels or prosecutor of the Court, you will take the process to the immediate further;

D). †"To decide the validity or invalidity of the presidential elections, vice presidential, senators and deputies;

E) .â€" To name in view of the National Bar Association, to the vowels of the district courts, and with Subject to high terms, to the party judges and instructors, to the registrars of real rights and judicial public notaries;

F) †" To exercise the high disciplinary faculty on all the courts and Nacionn;

G courts). †"To project the budget of the judicial branch in accordance with Article 27 of the OrgA Law of the Budget;

H) .â€" To grant a license to the President, to the magistrates and employees of the Supreme Court, to the vowels of the courts a district, when the license passes from the thirties in the same way as to the judges and judicial officers of the Republic, and in this latter case the appointment of a judge or an interim official must be made;

I). †" To qualify pensions, pensions and court-cases;

J). †" To give or do not pass to the exhorts in which the execution of sentences handed down by foreign courts is requested; and

K). †" To know about the resources of the case that are proposed before any of the lower courts, when the undue exclusive or the bad application of the constitutional precepts is acknowledged.

The resolutions in the cases The following shall be adopted by six votes in accordance with the exception of points (e) and (h) which shall be settled by simple majority.

ArtA-ass 8A ° †"The causes that are expressly not attributed to either room or to both boards, will be distributed by the President of the Supreme Court, equally, in each room.

ArtA-ass 9A ° †The elections of senators and deputies and the inability of the elect will be held before the Supreme Court within the term of fifty days of the election, and must pronounce its ruling to the twenty-five dA-as the demand, under responsibility. Due to the previous term, the demand does not proceed.

In no case will the relative file be released from the dispatch.

ArtA-ass 10A ° †"All payment orders to the National Treasury should be signed, in addition to the President of the Court, by two less old vowels, one of each room, being the three severally responsible.

11A ° †"They are the privileges of the President, apart from the following in articles 58 and 59 of the Law of the Judicial Organization, the following:

To intervene with vote in the resolution of the causes submitted to the knowledge of the room that presida;

Exorder TA-Titles in favor of the vowels of the district courts and the party judges and instructors appointed by both rooms, as in favor of the other officials who were appointed according to the law;

Decretar the budgets of assets and expenses of all the repartitions of the Judiciary and the retired, of the In the case of the Supreme Court, the judges and employees of the Supreme Court have been granted a license

up to 30 days

according to the national budget and the resolutions that have recognized rights. president and vowels of district courts and judges.

ArtA-culo 12A ° †" The Dean who A room in replacement of the president of the Court will have the privileges 2nd, 8th, 9th, 11th, 12th, 13th and 15th of the article 59 of the Law of the Judicial Organization.

Communicate to the Executive Branch for the constitutional purposes.

Meeting Room of the H. National Congress.

Peace, September 21, 1932.

J. L. Tejada S. †" D. Canelas. R. Justiniano, S.S. †" M. PeA ± aranda Cuenca, D. S. Celso Castedo, D. S.

BY TANTO: the law for the law of the Republic to be held and complied with as law of the Republic.

Government Palace, in the city of La Paz, at the twenty-nine days of the month of September of a thousand nine hundred and thirty-two years.

D. SALAMANCA. †"E. Hertzog.


V. Fernà ¡ ndez and G., Mayor of Government and Justice.