Law 22-11-1932

Original Language Title: Ley 22-11-1932

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ESTAA MINERALS ' OR. †"Small producers should form MinerA-a departmental associations, while the international agreements to limit production will last, in order to obtain the corresponding quotas.



FOR HOW much: the National Congress, has sanctioned the following law;



ArtA-ass 1A °â€ " While the validity of the agreements concluded with the Comité of London and the International Bureau of Investigation, which provides for the law of 3 February 1932, all the small producers of minerals of this year, or who would like to obtain from the National Government their respective production and export quota, should within the period of 30 days of non-renewal, as from the promulgation of this law, in Departmental Associations of MinerA-a. For the purposes of this article, they shall be considered as small producers, all those whose production does not exceed five tons of fine per month.

Article 2A ° †"The Directory of each Departmental Association constituted in accordance with the previous article, will have in fact person-to-law in its relations with the State.

ArtA-Aculo 3A ° †"Every mining producer who wants to belong to those departmental associations and therefore To rely on your rights, you must fill in the following requirements:

a) Matricular in the case of the departmental directories in a special book, their quality of mine owners, by means of legal notices or official documents which prove their right, not by preventing this registration if the properties are in dispute or processing.

b) The number of workers it maintains in its industry; the average monthly production of minerals; the mA of its products sold by documents that have previously issued the mineral buyers ' houses; and all the data and details that the directory of the departmental associations will need to demand for the proper verification of the export and production, including, if necessary, the presentation of the books of the accounting of the home buyers.

ArtA-ass 4A ° †"Matched the mining properties with Subject to the preceding article, the directories of the associations will pass copies and details of the book of matricula to the Ministry of Finance and Industry, so that in view of the proven production of each departmental association, it is assigned a monthly global quota, in favor of the small industrial, associated, the same one that in turn, the related association will distribute between them.

ArtA-ass 5A ° †"In no case may the Government assign any of the production of this to the rescuers or buyers of these minerals; but, it will guarantee the export of all the products that they will buy freely from small farmers with the individual production quotas that have been allocated to them. The rescuers under their responsibility will take care not to buy monthly from each producer, a larger quantity of the quota that corresponds to it. For the purposes of this control, the rescuers will pass monthly and in duplicate to the Ministry of Industry, the details of the fields they have made; only in view of this document duly verified, the respective export.

ArtA-ass 6A °â€ " A fine equal to the value exported will be imposed provided that the case is verified that the buying or rescue houses intervene in acts of duplication of the exports according to the quotas designated by the Ministry of Finance and Industry for large and small producers of ore minerals.

ArtA-ass 7A ° †" The Executive Branch will regulate this law.

Communicate to the Executive Branch for constitutional purposes.

Session of the H. National Congress.

La Paz, November 17, 1932

J. L. Tejada S. †" E. Gonzà ¡ lez Duarte. R. Justiniano, S. S. †" P. Ledezma, D. S. M. G. Zavala, D. S.

BY TANTO: promulgated it so that it has and will comply as law of the Republic.

Palace of Government, in the city of La Paz, at the twenty-two days of November of a thousand nine hundred and thirty two years.

D. SALAMANCA. †"Rafael de Ugarte.


Major Finance Officer.