Authorize Empresito.- Your Recruitment To Peace Prefectura Bound For Roads Network In The Highlands.


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EMPRA%STITO.†"AutorA-zase your contract to the Prefecture of La Paz for a network of paths on the Altiplano.



FOR HOW much the H. National Convention has sanctioned the following law



ArtA-ass 1A ° .†" The Prefecture of the Department of La Paz is authorized to contract in whole or in part with any national or foreign entity, an undertaking up to the sum of eight million Bolivians, with a maximum interest of 5% and the cumulative amortisation of 4% per year, for the reconstruction and conservation of a network of paths on the plateau of the Department of Peace and its connection with the provinces and other centers of production and tourism.

ArtA-ass 2A ° .†" For the service of interest and amortisation of said undertaking, the following are created Resources:

A tax of Bs. 0.50 for every 49 kgs., of any production of the altiplano, the valleys of the province Loayza, Sorata, or other points, that the city of La Paz is interne by any vA-a fárrea, road of Automobiles or horseshoe. Except for this tax all fuel, without exception.

A tax of Bs. 2.a € " for each head of cattle, Bs. 0.50, of pigs or lanar, which for the same vA-as is to the city of La Paz. All other taxes of departmental carA are repealed on items of first necessity or fuels that are interned by the Alto of the city of La Paz.

A tax of Bs. 5,†" for each particular car or rental and of Bs. 3.†", for every truck, van and motorcycle that enters the city of La Paz for any vA-a, coming from the Altiplano. Any other tax that is charged at the entrance or exit of vehicles from the Altiplano is repealed.

Twenty cents for each bottle of beer that is sold on the local market.

The items set in the departmental budget of La Paz, for the construction and conservation of roads in the Altiplano.

ArtA-arse 3A ° .†"Administrative funds from these taxes a Board that is "Viality" presided over by the Prefect of the Department of Peace and which will be an integral delegate of the Rural Society, a delegate of one of the Provinces, a delegate of the Agricultural Society of the Altiplano, a representative of the Association to finance the undertaking, a Technical Advisory Engineer. A representative of the ContralorA-a, with a voice but without a vote, will participate in the deliberations of the Board.

ArtA-arse 4A ° .†"As long as the undertaking authorized by this law is placed, the works of viality in the altiplano of La Paz, (a) the product of taxes and resources in accordance with Article 2A (a) shall be made in accordance with the plan adopted by the Board and in such a way as to not start a new work, until such time as a new work is carried out; have concluded those already initiated, in accordance with that plan, without neglecting the conservation of the

ArtA-cuio 5A ° .†"All the revenues are set in this Law and those that will subsequently be assigned to the construction and conservation of roads of the Altiplano, whose collection will be in charge of the Departmental Treasury, will be deposited monthly, after deduction of 10% for administrative expenses, in a special account in the Central Bank of Bolivia.

ArtA-culo 6A ° .†"The creditor institution, if the undertaking and the representative of the The ContralorA-a, will ensure the correct collection of the resources of the Article 2A., may be said Institution to take charge of the direct collection of such resources, when they are not deposited in the special account.

ArtA-ass 7A ° .†"They are declared free of all national tax, departmental or municipal without any exception, the bonds, coupons, interest, loan and deed documents corresponding to the item authorized by the article first.

ArtA-article 8A ° .†"Habila-tase to the Central Bank so that it can to contract in whole or in part for this purpose, suspending for this effect the a limitation determined by paragraph 6 (c) of Article 53 of its OrgA law.

ArtA-arse 9A ° .†"The special powers of the Board as regards the design of employees and their tasks, acquisition of machinery, tools, payment formalities, etc., will be regulated by the Ministry of Promotion and the Direction of Public Works.

Communicate to the Executive Branch for Constitutional Purposes

The session room of the H. National Convention.

La Paz, October 6, 1938.

Renato A. RverA-n†" J. Lijerón R.†" A. Landivar Z., Conventional Secretaries.

BY TANTO: I enact it so that it has and will comply with the law of the Republic.

Palace of Goierno of the city of La Paz, at the 19th day of October 1938.

TCNL. G. BUSCH.†" V. Mendoza LAólípez.†" A. Mollinedo.†" A. Zelada.†"W, MA©ndez.â€" D. Foianini. F. M. Rivera.†" C. Salinas,


H. del Villar A.

Major Finance Officer.