Political Constitution Of The State - Enacted.


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FOR HOW much: the Sovereign National Assembly has sanctioned and proclaimed the following:



The Nation.

ArtA-arse 1A ° .†" Bolivia, free and independent, constituted in unitary Republic, adopts for its government the representative form of democracy.

ArtA-arse 2A ° .â€" The State recognizes and sustains the religion catholic, apostolic and Roman, guaranteeing the public exercise of every other cult.

ArtA-ass 3A ° .†" The sovereignA-a resides in the people; it is inalienable and imprinted; its exercise is delegated to the Legislative Powers, Executive and Judicial. The independence and coordination of these Powers is the basis of the Government.

ArtA-cull 4 A ° .†" The people do not deliberate or govern but through their representatives and the authorities created by law.

All armed forces or People who claim the rights of the people, commit crime of sedition.


Rights and GarantA-as

ArtA-ass 5A ° .†" Slavery does not exist in Bolivia. There is no recognition of serfdom, nor can anyone be obliged to do personal work without the right to pay and without their full consent.

Personal services may be enforceable when they are established by the laws governing their exercise:

To enter, remain, transit and leave the national territory.

To engage in work, trade or industry, in conditions that do not harm the collective good.

To freely issue your ideas and opinions, by any means of dissemination.

To meet and associate for the various purposes of the activity, which are not contrary to the security of the State.

To make requests individually or collectively,

To receive instruction.

From teaching under State surveillance.

ArtA-ass 7A ° .†"No one will be arrested, detained or imprisoned, but in cases and according to the forms established by law.

For the execution of a commandment it is required that you emanate from competent authority and be intimated in writing.

ArtA-ass 8A ° .†"Any person who believes to be unduly detained, processed or imprisoned, may occur on its own or by any of its names, with a notarized power or without The Superior Court of the District or before the Judge of the Party, to the election of his, in demand that he keep the legal formalities. The judicial authority will delay immediately that the individual is led to his presence and his decree will be obeyed, without observation or excuse, by the officers of the prisons or places of detention. The judicial authority is responsible for the history of the court, and the judicial authority will delay the release of the legal defects or put the individual to the discretion of the competent judge within 24 hours. The decision that will give rise to the appeal of nullity before the Supreme Court of Justice, an appeal that will not suspend the execution of the judgment.

The officials or individuals who resist the judicial decisions, in the The cases provided for by this article shall be the subject of an attack against the constitutional guarantees at any time and shall not be used as an excuse to have complied with higher orders.

ArtA-ass 9A ° .†" Every offender in fraganti can be apprehended, without a command, by any person, for the sole purpose of driving him before the competent judge, who should take his declaration, at the most, within 24 hours.

ArtA-ass 10.†"Those in charge of the prisons to no one will receive in them as arrested, imprisoned or detained, without copying in their registry the corresponding commandment. They may, however, receive in the premises of the prison the led, in order to be presented to the competent Judge, within 24 hours.

ArtA-ass 11.†"The attacks on personal safety, hold their own immediate authors, without any excuse for the higher order of them.

ArtA-ass 12.†"The public officials who, without having dictated the state of siege, will take measures of persecution, confinement or banishment of citizens and make them execute, as the ones that will close in printing works or other means of free thought, subject to the payment of a civil compensation of damages, provided that it is established, within the judgment, that such measures or facts were adopted without reason and in contravention of the constitutional laws that guarantee citizens ' rights.

The way to collect the satisfaction of the damage caused by special law.

Article 13.a € " No one can be tried by special commissions or submitted to other judges than those appointed prior to the fact of the case.

ArtA-ass 14.†"No one is obliged to declare against himself in criminal matters, nor is he, on the same fact, his consangu-neos relatives up to the fourth degree inclusive, nor his kindred until the second.

In no case is It will employ the torment and other mortification of mortification.

ArtA-cull 15.†"JamAs will apply to the confiscation of goods as a political punishment.

The epistolary correspondence and the private papers are inviolable, which cannot be occupied but in the cases determined by the laws and by virtue of written and reasoned order of competent authority. Private letters or papers that were violated or subtracted from them do not produce legal effect.

ArtA-culo 16.†"Every house is an inviolable asylum; at night, it cannot be entered into it without the consent of the inviolable person, and from dA-to only the written and reasoned entry of a competent authority, except in the case of the case.

ArtA-ass 17.†"The property is inviolable, provided that it fills a social function; the expropriation can be imposed for public utility, qualified according to law and after fair compensation.

ArtA-culo 18.†"The only subjects or foreign companies, as regards the property, in the the same condition as the Bolivians, without in any case being able to invoke exceptional situation nor to appeal to diplomatic claims, except for the case of

denial of justice.

ArtA-ass 19.†"Within 50 kilometers of the borders, foreign nationals may not acquire or possess, by any title, soil or subsoil, directly or indirectly, individually or in society, Under the penalty of losing, for the benefit of the State, the property acquired, except the case of national necessity declared by law express.

ArfA-ass 20.†"No tax is compulsory but when it has been established by the Power Legislative, in accordance with the requirements of this Constitution. The injured can try resources before the respective judicial authority against the illegal taxes, the municipal taxes are obligatory when in their creation they have been observed the requirements that the constitution is.

ArtA-ass 21.†"Taxes and public charges also force everyone. Your creation, distribution and suggestion will have a general character, and must be determined in relation to the economic capacity of the taxpayer,

ArtA-ass 22.†"The assets of the church, religious and charitable congregations, will be subject to the same guarantees as those belonging to individuals, and shall be subject to the obligations and limitations laid down by law.

Article 23.a € "Everyone enjoys civil rights; their exercise is governed by the law. civil law.

ArtA-culo 24.†" SAulo lo the Legislative Branch has faculty To alter and modify the CAIs, as to dictate regulations and provisions regarding court proceedings.

ArtA-ass 25.†"There is no penalty of infamy and the penalty of civil death.

The death penalty will apply. Only in the cases of murder, parricidium and bringing to the homeland, understanding the complicity with the enemy during the state of foreign war.

ArtA-ass 26.†" The roads opened by private individuals will be Public use. A special law will regulate the exercise of this right, as the collaboration of the State and the individuals for its conservation.

ArtA-ass 27A ° .†" They are null the acts of which they usurp functions that do not compete them, asA-like the acts of which they exercise jurisdiction or power that does not emanate from the law.

ArtA-ass 28â€" The principles, garantA-as and rights recognized in this Constitution, cannot be altered by the laws that regulate your exercise.

Article 29.†" No one will be obliged to do what the Constitution and the laws do not command, nor to deprive themselves of what they do not. ban

ArtA-culo 30.†" Those who attack constitutional rights and guarantees, are subject to ordinary jurisdiction.

ArtA-ass 31.â € " The law provides for the coming and has no retroactive effect.

ArtA-ass 32.â€"Every public official, civil, military or ecclesial, before taking office, is obliged to expressly and specifically declare the goods or rents that they have, which shall be verified in the manner determined by law.

Article 33.a € " The declarations, rights and guarantees listed in the Constitution shall not be understood as Denial of other rights and guarantees-as not statements, which are born of the sovereignty-to the people and of the Republican form of governance.


Conservation of the public order

ArtA-ass 34.†"In cases of serious danger caused, of interior shock or foreign war, the Head of Power Executive, with an affirmative opinion of the Council of Ministers, may declare the state of siege in the extent of the territory that is necessary.

If the Congress is to meet ordinary or extraordinarily, with the Republic or a part of the it, under the status of site, the following will be the object of an authorization legislation. In the same way, if the state of the place decree were dictated by the Executive Branch, the CAs would be in office.

If the Executive did not suspend the site before ninety days, this term will expire in fact, It saves the case of declared international war or civil war in action. Those who would have been the subject of the award will be released, unless they have been subjected to the jurisdiction of competent courts

The Executive will not be able to prolong the state of siege by new decree more than ninety days, nor declare another state of siege within the same year, but with the consent of the Congress. To this end, extraordinary sessions will be convened if the case occurs during the recess of the CAs.

ArtA-arse 35 †"The declaration of the site status produces the following effects:

1A°) â€" The Executive will be able to increase the permanent status and call the service the reservations it deems necessary.

2A°) â€" Padra ¡ (a) to impose the anticipation which is indispensable on national contributions and yields, and to negotiate and require sufficient resources by the public, provided that expenditure on ordinary income cannot be covered. In the case of forzozo, the Executive will assign the quotas and distribute them among the contributors according to their economic capacity.

3A ° .†" The guarantees and the rights that this Constitution enshrines will not in fact be subtracted in general with the declaration of the state of the place; but it may be the same as regards to the people, founded on the basis of the against the tranquility of the Republic, according to what is established in the following rafos.

4A°) â€" The law-enforcement authority shall issue any charges of comparing or arresting the accused, but within a maximum of 48 hours, the competent judge shall place the documents on the basis of the documents which they have given the arrest.

If the preservation of the public order requires the removal of the syndicates, they may order their confinement to a capital of department or province, which is not unhealthy.

The banishment is prohibited for reasons (a) the law of the Member of the Commission of the Member You will not be denied for any reason; the authorities will grant you the necessary guarantees to the effect.

The executors of the orders that violate these guarantees, may be prosecuted, past the state of the place, as In the case of terrorist attacks against the constitutional guarantees, they do not favor the excuse of having complied with higher orders.

5A°) â€" PodrA, likewise, impose the censorship of correspondence in general, and establish the use of passports of Transit for people who enter or leave the besieged territory.

In case of international war, will establish censorship on correspondence and all means of advertising.

ArtA-ass 36.†" The Government will give the next Congress the reasons that gave rise to the declaration of the state of siege and use which would have made the powers conferred upon it by this section, expressing the result of the ordered prosecutions or indicated the necessary measures to satisfy the credit that would have been made by direct and perceptual purposes of taxes.

ArtA-ass 37.†"Congress will dedicate its first sessions to the account examination referred to in the preceding article, pronouncing its approval or declaring the responsibility of the Executive Branch.

The CA will be able to do the investigations they create in this regard. necessary and ask the Executive to explain and justify all their acts related to the state of the site, although they would not have been mentioned in the account rendered.

ArtA-ass 38.†"Neither the Congress, any associations nor Popular meeting, they can grant to the Executive Branch extraordinary powers, the sum of Be able to make, or grant supreme, the life, honor and assets of the Bolivians to be at the mercy of the government, or of any person.

The personal inviolability and immunities established by this Constitution, for the national representatives, are not suspended during the state of siege.


Nationality and citizenship-to

ArtA-culo 39.â € "They are Bolivians of birth: 1A ° those born in the territory of the Republic; 2A ° those born abroad of Bolivian father or mother by the single act of domiciled in the national territory.

ArtA-culo 40.†"They are Bolivian by naturalization: foreigners who have resided three In the Republic, obtain a letter of nationality in the form that determines the law.

ArtA-arse 41.†"The Bolivian woman married abroad does not lose her nationality; the foreign woman married to Bolivia, acquires the nationality of her husband whenever he resides in the paA-s.

ArtA-ass 42.†" Nationality is lost: l ° for taking up arms or providing services in enemy army in time of war; 2A ° for providing equal services in foreign foreign, in civil or international war time, without permission

ArtA-ass 43.†" The city-a consists: 1A ° in concurring as elector or elected to the formation or the exercise of the public powers; 2A ° in the admissibility of the public functions, without another requirement that the suitability, except for exceptions established by law.

ArtA-arse 44.†"To be Citizen is required: 1A ° being Bolivian; 2o be 21 years old; 3A ° know to read and write, and, 4A ° to be in the CA-vico Register.

ArtA-culo 45.†"The rights of citizenship-to be suspended: 1A ° by naturalization in other paA-s, enough to recover them, to be domiciled in Bolivia and to register in the CA-vico; 2o Register for fraudulent bankruptcy declared or by judgment A conviction of corporal punishment; 3or for admitting foreign government jobs or functions, which carry exercises of authority or jurisdiction, without the special permission required by law.


Legislative power

ArtA-arse 46.†"The Legislative Power resides in Congress National composed of two CAs. Maras, one of the deputies and one of the senators.

It will be held in the same way every year in the capital of the Republic, the dA-to August 6, even if there were no convocation; its sessions will last 60 days, extended until 90, in the judgment of the same Congress or at the request of the Power Executive. If it is agreed that the Congress will not meet in the Capital of the Republic, it will be able to issue the call for another place.

ArtA-culo 47.†"The Congress can meet extraordinarily, by agreement of the majority-to absolute of its members or by the convening of the Executive Branch. In any of these cases, it will take care of the businesses recorded in the call.

ArtA-culo 48.†"The CAs must operate with the majority-at the same time, in the same place, in the same place, and cannot be start or finish one of its functions, in a dA-to different from the other.

ArtA-culo 49.†"The Senators and Deputies may be appointed President or Vice President of the Republic, Ministers of State or Diplomatic Agents, subtract from their legislative functions for the time they perform in those positions. Outside of them they will not be able to exercise other dependents of the Executive or Judicial Powers.

ArtA-ass 50.†"Civilian employees, military in service, asA-as the Ecclesiatics with jurisdiction, cannot be elected representatives

ArtA-ass 51.†"The Senators and Deputies are inviolable, at all times, by the opinions they issue in the exercise of their functions.

ArtA-ass 52.â€"No Senator or Diputado, from the dA-to his election until the end of his Without discontinuity, you may be charged, persecuted or arrested in any matter, if the CA you belong to is not licensed. In civil matters, he could not be sued from 60 days before the meeting of the Congress, until the end of the distance so that he can return to his home.

The Vice President of the Republic, in his letter of President of the Congress National and the Senate, enjoy the same immunities and prerogatives agreed to Senators and Deputies.

ArtA-culo 53.†"The Senators and Deputies may not acquire or take on the lease, in their name or in the name of third party, property public, not taking over works or procurement contracts, nor obtaining concessions or other class of personal advantages. The violation of this precept, matters lost to the popular mandate, through resolution dictated by the Supreme Court of Justice, in the only instance.

ArtA-culo 54.†"During the constitutional period of his term, he will be able to lead representations to the officials of the Executive Branch for compliance with the legal provisions; they may also represent the needs and means of improvement of their constituencies.

Article 55.a € " If you are elected Senator and Deputy, you will accept the mandate you prefer. If you are elected Senator or Deputy for two Districts or departments, you will be chosen by the district you choose.

ArtA-ass 56.†"The Senators and Deputies can be re-elected and their mandates are renountable.

ArtA-ass 57.â€"The sessions of the Congress and both CA will be public, and only will be secret when two

Article 58.â€They are the powers of the Legislative Branch:

la†"Dictar laws, open them, modify and interpret them.

2aa€" Impose contributions of any kind or nature, delete existing ones and determine their national or departmental character. The contributions are delayed for only 15 months.

3a†" To set annually, in detail, the expenses of the public administration.

4aa€" To set, equally, in each legislature, the military force to be maintained in Peace time.

5aa€ " Authorize the Executive to take on stitos, designating the funds to serve them. Recognize the debt-to-day debts and establish how to cancel them.

6aa†"Create new departments or provinces, fix their lA-mites; enable larger ports and establish customs.

7a.â€" Set the weight, law, value, type and Denomination of the coins; authorize the issuance and circulation of Bank notes and fix the system of weights and measures.

8a.†" Conceding grants or guarantees of interest for the construction of railways, canals, roads and

9a.†" To allow the transit of foreign troops by the territory of the Republic, determining the time of its stay.

10a.†"Authorize the departure of national troops out of the territory of the Republic, seeing the time of their return.

11a.â€" Create and delete jobs public, determine or modify their privileges and fix emoluments.

12a.â € "Decretar amnesty-for political crimes; grant pardon, prior to the Supreme Court report.

13a.â€" Approve or issue treaties and conventions International of all species.

14a.†" Authorizing the alienation of national goods, departmental, municipal, university and all those who are of public domain.

15a.†"Authorize the Executive the acquisition of real estate and approve the purchases made.

16a.â€" Exercise the right of influence (a) a diplomatic approach to non-consummate acts or international commitments of the Executive Branch.

17a.†"Approve or reprove annually the account of the investment of funds destined for the expenses of the public administration, which must be presented by the government in the first session of each legislature.

18a.â€" Ministers of the Supreme Court of Justice.

19a.†" To authorize the universities to hire them.



ArtA-ass 59A ° .†" They are attributions for each CAE: