Import Of Wheat And Flour - Set Tariff Assessment.


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WHEAT AND HARINA.†" Set tariff rate.



FOR HOW much: the National Convention has sanctioned the following law:



ArtA-ass Law of 15 May of 1929 and the Decrees of 5 January, 24 June and 3 December 1937, 11 January, 18 March and 20 July of the year in progress, with the cancellation of all the contracts signed by the Government under cover of the those provisions.

ArtA-ass 2A ° .†" From the. In November of the current year, wheat and flour imported into the country will be subject to the following tariff charge, without any surcharge for difference of exchange:


As of the validity of this Law and during the year 1939 Bs. 8.†"per c/.

100 Kgr.

During the year 1940" 10.†"" "

During the year 1941 " 13.†"" ""

During the year 1942 " 16.†""

During the year 1943 " 19.†""

During the year 1944 " 22.†"" ""

During the years 1945 and following. " 25.†""


As of the promulgation of this law and during the aA ± 1939 Bs 35.†"per c/.

100 Kgr.

During the year 1940" 30.†""

During the year 1941 " 31.†"" ""

During the year 1942 " 32.†"" "

During the year 1943 " 33.†""

During the year 1944 " 34.†"" ""

During the year 1945 " 35.†""

In the year 1945 a readjustment of the previous scales will be made, according to the results of the field of the triguero promotion to be carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture, in accordance with the article 8. of this law.

The additional taxes that tax all imports, as well as the rates for statistics, storage, mobilization and other services, subsist according to current provisions.

ArtA-arse 3A ° .†" Flour with wheat of the paA-s or with imported wheat, the tax of two Bolivians for each quintal of 46 Kgs. of flour produced. Equal tax on the import of flour.

Article 4A ° .†" The ruse mills which will grind crude flours shall be exempt from the above product tax up to a yield of 5 tonnes per year, or 5,000 kgs.

ArtA-ass 5A ° .†" For the wheat purchases to be made by the Molineas companies abroad, in the quota share that corresponds to them in the milling, the Ministry of Trade and Industry will fix monthly the price c. i. f. The acquisition of the best prices on the World Market. In case any company does not cover its quota under this circumstance, it will pay the difference with its own availabilities, not recognizing the Ministry but the price of the World Market. Wheat contracts and imports shall be made prior to the authorization of the Ministry.

Article 6A ° .†"All mills established or established in the country, except for the purposes referred to in Article 4 (4), shall apply. mandatorily national production wheat according to the following scale:

During the year 1939 ?? ?? ?? ?? .. 20%

"" 1940 ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? .. 25 '

"" " 1941? ?? ?? ?? ??? .. 85 "

"" " 1942 ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? .. 45 '

"" " 1943 ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? .. 60 "

"" " 1944 ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? .. 80 '

"" " 1945 and following? ????.. 100 "

These percentages imply a national production wheat employment, with the Molineas companies obliged to buy any quantity of the one offered at the price to be fixed by the Ministry of Agriculture,

Such percentages will not be counted on the total of the grind of the paA-s, but on each group of Molineas Companies, according to the classification that will be made by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

ArtA-arse 7A ° .†" Departments Beni and Pando are not included in the provisions of this law and may be to continue importing foreign flour, paying the taxes in force at December 31, 1929, without any surcharge. In the same way, the imports of flour by the Customs of Puerto Sua ¡ rez and Yacuiba, destined for the markets of Santa Cruz and Tarija, will be made in the quantities that will be fixed by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce according to the municipalities.

ArtA-arse 8A ° .†" The Ministry of Agriculture will organize the technical sections necessary for the promotion of the agricultural production-tail of the country and especially of the production destined to meet the needs of food and Raw materials for industry,

ArtA-ass 9A ° .†" The State will preferably protect and provide facilities to the entire industry to be established in the districts where the corresponding raw material is produced.

Article 10A ° †"Of the performance of the taxes established by the Article 2A °, of this law, is allocated 50% for the services of agricultural promotion-queue that must be carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture in all the paA-s.

ArtA-culo 11A ° †"RatifA-case the authorization granted to the Executive Branch by the Decree of 18 March 1938, for the contract of the undertaking of six million Bolivians (Bs. 6 :000.000.â€) destined for the works of regadA-or the valley of Cochabamba, it is available that the product of said undertaking, as well as the performance of the taxes referred to in the previous article, will be managed by a Comité that will be formed by the Minister of Agriculture, as President, the Director General of Agriculture, the Director General of RegadA-o, a representative of the Central Bank, a representative of the farmers, one of the industrialists and one of the Comptroller-General.

Article 12A ° .†" The taxes set out in Article 3o, shall replace as a guarantee of the undertaking concerned by the above Article, to those which were affected by the Decree of 18 March 1938.

ArtA-cull 13A ° .†"The Ministry of Trade and Industry will set the prices of flour and sub-products by agreeing to a maximum 5% utility for both production plants and resellers.

14A ° .†"The Executive Branch shall regulate this law.

Communal-be to the Executive Branch for constitutional purposes.

Session of the H. National Convention.

La Paz, October 26, 1938.

R. RiverA-n.a € "A. Landivar Z.â€" J. Líjerón Rodra-guez, Conventional Secretaries.

BY TANTO: the law for the law of the republic to be held and complied with.

The Government Palace of the city of La Paz, at 10 days of the month of November 1938.

TCNL. G. BUSCH.â € " V. Leitân A.â €" G. Salinas A.


A. Campero A.

Major Industry and Commerce Officer.