Remnants Of A Loan.-Distribute It.


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REMNANTS of an empra‰stito. Law â €"Distriba ° replaced."
TCNL. GERMÁN BUSCH, President constitutional DE LA Repašblica, Per terms of the H. National Convention has sanctioned the following law: LA H. Convention national DECREES: Arta-culo Aºnico.a€ "remnant of Bs. 1.280.000. â €" that the Central Bank has given the provinces of Potosí-Empra © stito Department of Bs. 14 000, 000.a€ ", is will the following distribution: Sud girls Bs. 100, 000.a€"Chayanta"140, 000.a€"Quijarro"120"Linares"€120 000.a, 000.a€" to ' or girls "116, 000.a€"bustillo"106, 000.a€" to ' "!" or LA-fish '96, 000.a€ "Saavedra" 96, 000.a€ "Ibà Alonso Núñez"96, 000.a€ "charca" 96, 000.a€ "Sud LA-fish"96, 000.a€ "Fra-as"96, 000.a€ "Total Bs. 1280, 000.a€" these allocations will be n set out in the departmental budget of the management of 1939. "!

Commune-contact to the Executive Branch for constitutional purposes room of meetings of the National Convention H. peace, on October 29, 1938.
Renato A. Rvera - na€ "J. Lijera³n R.a€" A. Landivar Z., conventional Secretaries.
Palace of Government of the city of La Paz, to the 12 days-as of the month of November 1938.
TCNL. G Busch.a€ "V. Mendoza Lopez."
It is NONCOMPLIANT: H. of the filial.
Official Mayor of Hacienda.