Loan-Be Hired Up To The Amount Of Cuatroo Millions Of Bolivians, For Several Works Of The University "gabrel René Moreno" De Santa Cruz.


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ENTERPRISE.†"To the sum of four million Bolivians, for several works of the University" Gabriel RenA© Moreno " of Santa Cruz.



FOR HOW much, the National Congress has sanctioned the following law:



ArtA-arse 1A °.†" The Executive Branch, or in its absence the University "Gabriel René Moreno" from Santa Cruz, will hire at the Bank Central Bolivia, an undertaking for the sum of FOUR MILLION BOLIVIANS (Bs. 4,000,000,†") as an extension of the loans contracted at the same Bank, by Laws of 13 June 1931, 21 October and 15 December 1933, Decree of 10 December 1937, and of 4 October 1939, with the same guarantees as established in those provisions and contracts, as the percentages of interest and amortisation referred to in those provisions.

Article 2A °.†"The product A-ntegro of this undertaking will be invested for the benefit of the University" Gabriel RenA© Moreno ", with the following applications:

Construction of the Paraninfo University with all its dependencies, amenities and services? ?????? ..

Bs. 1.200.000.†"

Faculty of Agronoma-a. Acquisition of a foundation, building construction, with all its dependencies and services ..............................................................................


Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Building of your building, with its dependencies? ??????????


Odontologa-a Faculty. Acquisition of instrumental and useful teaching? ??????????????.


Faculty of Pharmacy. Acquisition of useful materials and teaching material? ??????????????????

"50,000,â €"

Technical School. Acquisition of more machines, tiles and work material? ??????????????? " 250.000.†"

Conservatory of the Music. Acquisition of instrumental, useful and material of work? ??????????? .. " 100,000,â € "

Van: Bs. 3.800.000.â€"

Vienen: Bs. 3.800.000.†"

Drawing and Painting School. Acquisition of work materials and materials? ??????????? ..

"50,000,â €"

School of Nurse-a and Obstetrics. Acquisition of instrument, materials and materials? ???????? .. " 50,000,â € "

Rectorate and Administrative Offices. Miscellaneous acquisitions? ???????????? ...

"100,000,â €"

SUMA? ???????? .. Bs. 4.000,000,†"

Article 3A °.â€" The interest payment, six percent year-on-year, and amortisation, four percent also annual, served with the product A-ntegro of the income referred to in Article 1A of the Law of 13 of June 1931, that is, the taxes on spirits and spirits produced in the department of Santa Cruz.

ArtA-arse 4A °.†" The Central Bank of Bolivia, will exercise the functions of Trustee of the undertaking, being able in any time to take the steps leading to the correct application of the

ArtA-ass 5A °.†" All the resources affected by this undertaking as they are collected by the Internal Revenue Office, or the tax entity in charge of its collection, shall be deposited with the Central Bank, in an account special. The Bank, in its capacity as Trustee, will have the right to make direct collection of the income affected at this time in case the deposits are not made in the form established.

ArtA-ass 6A °.†" The expenses This is necessary to take care of the funds collected and deposited with the Central Bank of Bolivia.

Article 7A °.†" The Trustee, will perceive annually the one per thousand over the total amount of the undertaking during the lifetime of its services.

ArtA-culo 8A °.†"The University" Gabriel René Moreno ", will have the power to ensure the strict collection and due deposit of the income affected to the present time. The investment of these resources coming from the time of time is made according to this law and according to the article 159 of the Constitution of the State.

ArtA-ass 9A °.†" The execution of the works that I know mentioned in article 2A ° of this Law, will be made by administration, or by contract, according to the legal provisions that guarantee this kind of works, with the intervention of the respective Board of University Alcoins, in the cases that the law is about.

ArtA-culo 10A ° .†"If after the complete execution of the work done in the article 2A °, there will be leftovers in some of the items, the University" Gabriel René Moreno " will be able to make transfers of items for to complete the other works which, due to lack of resources, would not have been concluded. If there will be surpluses, they will be used in the improvement of the premises, facilities and services of the same University.

Communal-to the Executive Branch, for the constitutional purposes.

Session of the H. Congress National.

La Paz, November 27, 1941.

A. Galindo.†"Jorge Araoz C. â€" Gaston Muja-a, Senator Secretario.†"Julio CA©spedes AA ± ez, Senator Secretario.â€" Carlos WA ¡ ter Urquidi, Diputado Secretario.†" Adolfo Aponte, Deputy Secretary, ad hoc.

BY TANTO, promulgated it so that

Government Palace in the city of La Paz, at the nine days of December of a thousand nine hundred and twenty-hundred years old.

GRAL. PEA ' ARANDA.â€" Joaqua-n Sword.