Roads National. - Declared As Such Those Of Peace To Beni By North And South Yungas And Others.


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NATIONAL FIELDS †" Declare such as those of La Paz al Beni by Nor and Sur Yungas and others.



As soon as the H. National Congress has sanctioned the following law:



ArtA-ass 1A ° .†" National roads are declared the roads of La Paz to Beni by Nor and Sur Yungas. The road from La Paz to Beni by Nor Yungas will understand the road from La Paz to Coroico, already contsruá-do and its connections with Caranavi, Puerto Ballivià n, Apollo, Puerto Pando, Buenaventura, and Ixamas. The road from La Paz to Beni by Sur Yungas will understand the road from La Paz to Chuumani, already built, in connection with Tajma and Huachi and the road from Huachi to San Borja.

ArtA-culo 2A °.†" For the continuation of These roads, widening and improving the sectors currently built-two, construction of boxes for the workers of conservation and the establishment of pastals on the road to San Borja, the following resources are destined:

A three million Bolivian annual allocation of three million bolianos for the route North and a million bolivianos annually for the Southern route, which for ten consecutive years should be included in the National Budget, and which will be delivered by duedals, every month end, to the Board of Caminos La Paz-Beni, created by Law of 15 January 1934.

The totality of the resources affected by laws of March 13, 1921, December 14, 1920, June 10, 1931 and January 16, 1934 to the early days for the railway of La Paz to the Beni and for the road to the Beni by Yungas, In particular, the tax of one Bolivian per hundred kilograms of goods imported to the Department of La Paz and that should be entered into the current account of the Board of Caminos, directly by the Customs of La Paz. The product of these taxes will be distributed equally among the routes of

La Paz al Beni por Nor y Sur Yungas.

The gift A-to be sent to the State, the Compaà ± A-to Aramayo de Minas, about its aura-fera exploitation in the Department of La Paz, according to the ClA user 7a. of the contract of December 30, 1936, as the gift-to from other companies on the aura-sphere exploitation in the Department of La Paz. The product of these gifts will be destined by the Board of Roads of La Paz-Beni, to the route mA ¡ s next to the aura-ferous fields.

The taxes that tax the sales and commercial profits of the products that are extracted from the provinces of Nor and Sur Yungas and Inquisivi will be applied in its entirety to increase the resources destined for the continuation of the Yolosa-Caranavi road-Ballivià ¡ n.

ArtA-arse 3A °.†" The duties of the budgetary allocations will be provided directly by the National Customs, taking the tax created by the Supreme Decree of 15 May and 6 July 1940 deposit in the Current account of the Board of Caminos La Paz-Beni at the Central Bank of Bolivia.

ArtA-culo 4A °.†" The Central Bank of Bolivia, with approval from the Ministry of Finance, will sell monthly to the Board of Caminos La Paz-Beni Foreign currency necessary for the construction of the roads of La Paz to the Beni by Yungas, You will be made of the obligatory deliveries that, on your exports of minerals must make the Compaña-a Aramayo of Mines. Such sales shall be made at the official rate of exchange of the A-a.

ArtA-culo 5A °.†" The Board of Caminos La Paz-Beni is entrusted with the construction of the roads of La Paz to the Beni by Yungas and the administration of the resources destined to them, with the privileges finalized in the law of January 16, 1934 and Supreme Decree of March 16, 1934. This Board will function as the Departmental Board of Alcoins for all the awards and acquisitions related to the works specified in this law and its connections. Representatives of the General Directorate of Public Works and the Comptroller-General of the Republic and the Technical Advisor, who attend the deliberations of the Board with a voice and without a vote, will have a voice and vote when the Board acts as a Board of Directors. Coins.

ArtA-culo 6A °.†" The General Directorate of Public Works will be responsible for the supervision of the works and the approval of studies, plans and technical specifications, according to the provisions in force. The Technical Advisor of the Board shall have the privileges and duties of the Engineers Representatives of that General Directorate.

ArtA-ass 7A °.†" The resources mentioned in this law, corresponding to the Department of Peace be deposited in the account of the Board of Caminos La Paz-Beni in the Central Bank, directly by the collecting entities and under

the responsibilities of the people.

ArtA-culo 8A °.â€" Crate the ten percent advalorem tax on coca, incense, sugar, coffee, coffee, cocoa and starch produced anywhere in the Republic. The resources obtained by this imposition will be collected and will be invested in accordance with pre-existing laws and those that will be issued later for the benefit of the respective districts. This article does not govern for the products of Santa Cruz, Beni and Tarija, nor does it include the products of the provinces Caupolicà ¡ n and Iturralde.

ArtA-culo 9A °.†" The fruits, vegetables, cereals and other unspecified products, which are Extract from the roads of Yungas and Inquisivi, whatever their origin, they will pay the tax of a Bolivian by 46 kilograms. Wood in tranches or sawmill will pay two Bolivians for every 100 kilograms. The alcohol distilled in the provinces of Yungas will pay an additional tax of Bs. 0.20 per litre.

ArtA-ass 10A °.†" The minerals of wolfram and estaà ± o that occur in Nor and Sur Yungas, will pay ten Bolivians for 46 kilograms and all minerals six Bolivians for 46 kilograms.

ArtA-ass 11A °.†" The listing of the products indicated in the article 8A ° shall be fixed in the manner provided for in the law of 3 November 1938 for the Department of the Peace.

ArtA-ass 12A °.†" The performance of taxes created by this Law on the products of the provinces of Nor and Sur Yungas and Inquisivi, will be distributed in the following way:

To the Board of Caminos La Paz-Beni for the amortisation of the activities of road to Yungas, including that of the road to Yanacachi and continuing the roads of Puente Mururata to Suapi and Quillacollo, Coroico to Coripata, Irupana to Lambate and connection of the cantons with the trunk roads 30 percent.

To the Society of Yungas Owners for The conservation, ensenches and improvement of the roads to Yungas 14 percent.

The Prefecture of La Paz, as a contribution of its general expenses 4 percent.

To the Municipal Boards of Coroico, Coripata, Chulumani and Irupana for sanitation, hospitals, electricity, water, potables, paving, sewage, rural, urban and livestock health and other municipal works and services, 5 percent for every 20 percent.

To the cantonal agencies of Suapi, Pacallo, Mururata, Caranavi, Arapata, Liguaya alto, Millugúsaya bajo, Yanacachi, Villa Aspiazu, Puente de la Villa, Chirca, Huancané, Tajma, Ocobya, Chicaloma, Laza and Lambate, in equal parts 4 percent.

Municipality of La Paz, in substitution of the tax on transactions 1 percent.

To the province Inquisivi, for the service of the activities of its roads and continuation to the producing areas of Suri, Cajuata, Circumata and Miguilla 7 percent

For the construction of school buildings and promotion of the education with agricultural orientation in the provinces of Yungas 5 percent.

To the University of La Paz, as a participant of agreement with the law of November 3, 1938 15 percent.

ArtA-cull 13A °.†" Products taxed in articles 8A and 9A of this Law are exempt from any other national, departmental or municipal tax, without exception of any kind and their percentages cannot be varied. If, in contravention of this provision, some Prefecture or Municipality would tax such products with other taxes the government would force them to their return, apply the refund to the same ends of the previous article and in equal proportions, if they proceed from the Department of Peace, and at the end of the day, logos in other Departments.

ArtA-arse 14A °.†" The tenderer or collectors of these taxes and those who will be created in the future for the purposes of the communication of La Paz to the Beni by Yungas will deposit them with advance monthly payments in the accounts that should open to its name, in the Central Bank, all the entities mentioned in Article 12A, not being applicable to them any other participation for purposes other than those indicated.

ArtA-cull 15A °.†" The conservation, and improvement of the roads of Yungas, both roads and horseshoe The application of the road tax in these provinces, will be in charge of the Society of Owners of Yungas, which will continue to perceive the taxes of toll, road, road and its own social contribution of a Bolivian

ArtA-cull 16A °.†" The funds of the Municipal Boards and cantonal agencies will not be able to be removed from the respective current accounts without approval from the Prefecture and the Society of the Owners of Yungas.

ArtA-ass 17A °.†" All the resources cited in this law, by their special resources, they will not be able to revert to the National, Departmental, Municipal or Neighbor Treasures, but, in the event of not being able to be fully employed in any year, will accumulate in the following years, to be invested in the works to which they are destined.

ArtA-culo 18A °.â€" AutorA-zase to the Municipal Boards of Coroico and Coripata, capitals of the first and second section of the province Nor Yungas, respectively, so that for sA-, jointly or separately, or through the Society of Owners of. Yungas, contract an undertaking up to the lA-limit that can guarantee the participations that the items 8A °, 9A °, 10A °, 11A ° and 12A °, point d) of the present law, in the Central Bank of Bolivia, commercial banks, or companies

product of the undertaking will be deposited in the account of the Society of Owners of Yungaswhich has in the Central bank of Bolivia and will be invested, with intervention of this society, in the following public works:

Captation of drinking water, sewerage, paving, construction of a hospital and hotel in the capital Coroico 50 percent.

Captation of drinking water, installation of light electrical, paving, construction of a hospital and hotel in the capital Coripata 50 percent.

ArtA-ass 20A °.†" The sums obtained by the time, cannot be invested in other works than the ones in the Article 2 (1) of the first paragraph of Article 2 (1) of the Yungas, and the staff of its President.

ArtA-culo 21A °.†" For the mandatory delivery of foreign currency, established by Supreme Decree of 27 February 1940, for the exporters of coca and café, the official value, fixed fortnightly for the tax ad-valorem, will be governed, converted in Argentine currency to the bank change of the dA-a.

ArtA-culo 22A °.†" National roads are also declared, that of Cochabamba to Calientes, already built-do and its extension by Cotacajes and Covendo to splice in Huachi, with the road Chuumani-San Borja, and that of Cochabamba to Puerto MamorA©, build-do already up to the RA-or Ivirizu; and must also be shown for ten consecutive years in the National Budget a sub-maturity of two million annually for each one.

ArtA-cull 23A °.†" The taxes that the This law, collected in the Yungas of the province Carrasco del Department of Cochabamba, will be used exclusively in the construction of the following road roads:

Monte Puco, Arecpucho-Icrib-ChimorA©.



ArtA-culo 24A °.†" The Prefecture of Cochabamba is authorized to hire one or more of the company, in any of the banks of the Republic until the total of Bs. 3,000,000 in the best possible conditions with destination to the works indicated in the previous article.

ArtA-ass 25A °.†" The Board of Owners of Yungas of Totora, will have in charge the management of the funds of the undertaking, with intervention of the Subprefect, Municipal Mayor and a Representative of the Comptroller-General of the Republic and under the supersurveillance of the Prefecture of the Department, the Representative of the Comptroller-A, should be the Comptroller of the Department of Cochabamba.

ArtA-ass 26A °.†" The two national paths of linking La Paz-Beni to Yungas, can be built-two simultaneously, If this is possible and appropriate in the opinion of the Board of Roads, one and the other side of the work.

ArtA-ass 27A °.†" The prefectures of the departments of La Paz, Beni and Pando, will have a representative with voice and vote in the meetings and You will be organized for this purpose.

ArtA-ass 28A °.†" repealed all provisions opposing this law.

Communicate to the Executive Branch, for constitutional purposes.

Session of the H. National Congress.

La Paz, April 7, 1941.

A. Galindo.†"Rafael de Ugarte.â €" Prof. C. Beltrà ¡ n Morales, Senator Secretario.†"A. Saavedra Nogales, Senator Secretario.â€" F. Flores J., Diputado Secretario.†" E. del Portillo, Deputy Secretary.

Therefore, he promulgated it so that it has and will comply with the law of the Republic.

Palace of Government of the city of La Paz, to the seventeen dA-as of April A thousand nine hundred years old.

GRAL. PEA ' ARANDA.â € " Oscar Mariaca Pando.