Sealed Paper And Stamps. - Act Established New Scale For The Collection Of These Taxes.


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SEALED PAPER AND TIMBRES.€ LAW Set a new scale for the collection of these taxes.



As soon as the H. National Congress has sanctioned the following law:



ArtA-arse 1A ° .†" The sealed paper tax and stamps will be charged according to the provisions of this law.

Article 2A °.â€" HabrA, sealed paper of fifty cents and of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 300, 500, 1,000 and 3,000 Bolivians

ArtA-ass 3A °.â€" HabrA (20 and 50) pennies, and 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 300, 500 and 1,000 Bolivians.

ArtA-ass 4A °.†"The acts, contracts and documents that are then expressed, will pay the stamp duty and stamp duty in the following form:


1.†" First sheet of minutes of post- the mining concessions, sealed from twenty Bolivians.

2.†" Adjudication of fiscal lands, be it by new request, by the vA-a of consolidation of the processes in the field or in the efforts to obtain the inscription of old ones concessions, will be used in the following way:

(a) In the terms of urban and suburban lots within the tax colonies:

la.†"Sheet of the application on sealed paper of Bs. 10.â€"

TrA post, on sealed paper of †• 1.†"

1a.â€" Sheet of the tA-label for the sealing paper of †• 10.†"

The following in sealed paper of †• 1.â€"

b) In the case of lots for up to 20 hectares, outside the tax colonies:

la.†" Sheet of the application on sealed paper of †• 20.†"

TrA post, on sealed paper of €" †• 2.†"

la.†"A sheet of the a€ • 20.â€" € • 20.†"

the following, in sealed paper of †• 2.â€"

c) In the field of lots larger than 20 and under 2,500 hectares:

la.†" Sheet of the Request on sealed paper of †• 50.†"

TrA post, on sealed paper of †• 5.â€"

la.†"Sheet of the tA-label on paper sealed from †• 50.â€"

The following, on sealed paper of   2.†"

d) For lots of more than 2,500 hectares and less than 5,000 lots:

la.†" Sheet of the Request on sealed paper ― 100.†"

TrA post, on sealed paper of   5.â€"

la.†"sheet of the a€-sealed paper on sealed paper • € 100.â€"

The following, on sealed paper of   2.†"

e) For lots, larger than 5,000 up to 20,000 hectares:

la.†"Sheet of the application on sealed paper of ― 300,â€"

TrA post, on sealed paper of ― 10.†"

la.â€" Sheet of the tA-label on paper sealing of ― 300,†"

The following, on sealed paper of   2.â€"

f) The number of batches of over 20,000 hectares is up to 100,000 hectares:

la.†"Sheet of the application on sealed paper € • 700,â€"

TrA post, on sealed paper of ― 30.†"

la.â€" Sheet of the tA-label to be executed on sealed paper € • 700,†"

TrA post, on sealed paper of ― 10.†"

g) In the TrA mitts concerning lots greater than 100,000 hectares:

la.â€" Sheet of application on sealed paper € 3.000.†"

TrA post, on sealed paper of ― 100.â€"

la.†" The following, in sealed paper of the following, in sealed

: ― 100.†"

3.â€" Authorizationfor the operation of alcohol and spirit spirits, sealing of bolivianos mil.

4.†" Authorizationfor the operation of distilleries of spirits whose capacity It does not pass from 500 liters annually, sealed from fifty Bolivians; from 501 to 2,000 liters annually, sealed from three hundred Bolivians; for the most capacity, sealed from five hundred Bolivians.

5.â € " Authorizations for the establishment of agencies of commercial houses or of companies or industrial enterprises foreign, five hundred bolivianos in stamps.

6.â € "Authorization for the establishment of customs agencies, three hundred Bolivians in stamps.

7.â €" Authorization and permits of any nature granted by the authorities The following is a special benefit: the timbre of two Bolivians.

8.†" Authorizations for the establishment of offices of Comitionists, Consigners, Trade and Exchange Brokers and other similar works, three hundred bolianos in timbres.

9.†" Balances of commercial houses presented to the Permanent Fiscal Commission, to a capital of fifty thousand Bolivians in the first sheet, sealed of 20 Bolivians; of Bs. 50,001 to 1,000,000 in the first sheet, sealed of fifty Bolivians; more of a million, sealed from one hundred

10.â € " Sail of bail and surrender of accounts to the Councils, Municipal Boards and Prefectures, sealed of five Bolivians and two Bolivians respectively.

11.†"Letters of naturalization, timbre of one hundred Bolivians.

12.â€" Credentials of Senators and Deputies, sealing of five hundred Bolivians and three hundred bolivianos in timbres.

13.†" Concesiân of metallo-ferous substances, the The respective car, sealed from twenty Bolivians.

14.†" Concessions for construction of ports, navigation channels, telegraphs, railways and other works, without guarantee-to of interests of the State, sealing of five hundred bolianos.

15.†" Concessions of use of tax land or In the first leaf of the application, the seal of fifty Bolivians.

16.†" Construction of roads, railways, bridges, navigation channels, telegraphs and works, based on garantA-a or subvencionation of the State, in the first leaf of the application or proposal, sealed of a thousand Bolivians.

17.†" Legalized copies and certificates issued by the political, administrative, ecclesial, municipal and military authorities, sealed two Bolivians and timbre from a Bolivian.

18.†"Complaints of eviction and expiration of mining belongings, sealed of ten Bolivians.

19.â€" Legalization of documents to be enforced abroad, twenty Bolivians in stamps.

20.†" Diplomas de Bachelor of Science and Letters, sealing of fifty Bolivians.

21.â € " Diplomas of teachers, experts, accountants, pharmacos and other non-liberal professions, sealed of two hundred Bolivians for the first and five hundred Bolivians for The DemA's.

22.†"Establishment of banks, companies and businesses with capital of more than two million Bolivians, and the increase of their capitals, in the first sheet of the application, sealed of three thousand Bolivians.

23.â€" Exenciation, dispensation and postponement of the military service, in the respective request, sealed from twenty Bolivians.

24.†"Gestion to the supreme authorities, municipal boards, and other political authorities of the provinces or the countryside, sealed by a Bolivian.

25.â€" Gestion and presentations to the Municipalities and Political, administrative, ecclesial and military authorities, sealed of two Bolivians.

26.†" Gestion on the award of metal-ferous substances, inorgA and water, except for the record corresponding to the respective car, subject to excise duty, sealed from five Bolivians.

27.†" Démarches to the National Congress or any of the CA's separately, sealed from twenty Bolivians.

28.†" Reports to be submitted by the tax experts on the measures of the mensura and the line of the mining concessions, sealed From ten Bolivians.

29.†"Reports of expert experts of movable and immovable property, in administrative matters, sealed of ten Bolivians.

30.â€" Inscription of Accountants in the Permanent Fiscal Commission, the first record of the application, sealing of fifty Bolivians.

31.â € " Letters of patents The fees, sealing of 100 bolivianos.

32.†"Letters patents of the career Cations, sealed of three hundred Bolivians.

33.â€" Tenders or awards made in public auction, and in any contract concluded with the Fisco, two per thousand in stamps.

34.†"Memories descriptive of inventions and descriptions in brands of factory, sealed of two Bolivians.

35.â€" Appointments of public officials, national, departmental or municipal and of entities held with subvenciation or recourse to the State, including Ecclesiastic and military, sealed of a value equivalent to 1 percent of the salary or annual remuneration, by the corresponding and a half of a thousand in stamps.

36.â € "Nominations of Parochial Judges, sealed from twenty Bolivians.

37.â€" Patents of brands of fA-heading and execution of privileges, sealed from one hundred Bolivians.