Law 1

Original Language Title: Ley 1

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law no 1



BECAUSE: The Honorable National Congress has sanctioned the following Law:



That, by Supreme Decree No 5425 of 17 May 1960 in accordance with the provisions of the State-Law Constitution and Decree Law No 4315 of 9 February 1956, raised to the rank of Law in 26 December 1959, the Executive Branch convened elections for President and Vice-President of the Republic, which was held on June 5-5 of the year in progress;

That in the report of the National Electoral Court, elevated to this Honorable Congress, as prescribed in Article 232 of the Statute Electoral, the following total results of the plebiscite were recorded in the entire Republic:

For President of the National Office

1.a € "Citizen VA-ctor Paz Estenssoro, of the MNR 735,619 votes

2.â €" Citizen Walter Guevara Arze, from PMNRA 139,713 "

3.â € "Citizen Mario Gutierrez's (FSB) 78,963"

4 __ Communist Party of Bolivia, without candidate 10.934 "

5.â € "Citizen Hugo Gonzà ¡ lez Moscoso, del POR 1,420"

For Vice-President

1.a € "Citizen Juan LechA-n Oquendo. of the MNR 735,619 votes

2.â €" Citizen Jorge RA-os Gamarra of the PMNRA 139,713 "

3.â € "Citizen Antonio Anze Jiménnez of FSB 78,963"

4.a € "Communist Party of Bolivia, no candidates 10.934"

5.a € "Citizen Fernando Bravo del P. O. R 1,420"


That of the above data, which coincide with those that the scrutiny carried out by the Commission of the Powers of the CA [Legislative Maras], establishes that the citizens of VA-ctor Paz Estenssoro and Juan Lecha-n Oquendo, have obtained the majority required by the Constitution and the laws to exercise the positions of President and Constitutional Vice President of the Republic.


What, according to art. 89 of the State Political Constitution, the proclamation of President and Vice-President of the Republic must be announced through Law.


ARTICLE FIRST: Proceed Mase Constitutional President of The Republic of Bolivia to the citizen VA-ctor Paz Estenssoro, and Constitutional Vice President of the same, to the citizen Juan LechA-n Oquendo, for the constitutional period from August 6, 1960, to August 6, 1964.

ARTICLE SEGUNDO:†" The oath of law, and the solemn investiture of the proclaimed citizens, will be held in the session of the Honorable National Congress of the dA-6 August 1960 with the ceremonial style.

The Executive Branch for constitutional purposes.

Session of the H. National Congress.

(Fdo) .â€" Rubenio Julio Castro, President of the National Senate.-Ernesto Ayala Mercado, President of the H. CA of Diputados.â € " Fernanda Ayala Requena, Senator Secretario.†" Alberto Lavadenz, Senator Secretario.†"Fuad Mujães Kalaf, Deputy Secretary. â€" Guillermo Muà ± oz de la Barra, Deputy Secretary.

FOR TANTO: I enact it so that it has and complies with the Law of the Republic. Palace of Government, in the city of La Paz, at five days of the month of August of a thousand nine hundred and sixty years.

(Fdo) .†" HERNA • N SILES ZUAZO.â€" Mario Diez de Medina, Minister of Government, Justice and Immigration.