Rubber. - Export Of The Departments Of Pando And Beni, Pay Customs Than Rights Is Indicated.


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LAW OF 1947

GOMA.†" The export of that of the Pando and Beni Departments, will pay the customs duties indicated.



For how much: The H. National Congress has sanctioned the following law:



ArtA-culo lo.†" The rubber export of the departments Beni and Pando, (a) to pay customs duties according to the following scale of contributions by English pound CIF Belem of the ParA or its equivalent CIF New York:

SUS. 0.34? ?????? .. One percent adaâ € " valorem

$US. 0.35? ?????? .. One and a half "" "

$US. 0.36? ?????? .. Two "" "

$US. 0.37? ?????? .. Two and a half "" "

$US. 0.38? ?????? .. Three "" "

$US. 0.39? ?????? .. Three and a half "" "

$US. 0.40? ?????? .. Four "" "

The previous scale will be raised in the same proportion, up to ten percent ad-valorem, which will be the lA-limit of this lien.

ArtA-ass 2o.†" As long as the gum price does not reach $US 0.34 the English pound CIF Or its equivalent of New York, its export of all national, departmental, and municipal law and tax will be released.

ArtA-ass 3o.†" The almond export of the Beni and Pando departments, will pay customs duties according to the following scales of quotes per British pound CIF New York.

Almendra with cà ¡ scara

$US. 0.12 ?? ?? ???? One percent adaâ € " valorem

$US. 0.13? ?????? ... One and a half "" "

$US. 0.14? ??????? Two "" "

$US. 0.15? ??????? Two and a half "" "

$US. 0.16? ??????? Three "" "

$US. 0.17? ??????? Three and a half "" "

$US. 0.18? ??????? Four "" "

Uncasked Almendra

$US. 0.34? ?????? .. One percent adaâ € " valorem

$US. 0.35? ?????? ... One and a half "" "

$US. 0.36? ?????? ... Two "" "

$US. 0.37? ?????? ... Two and a half "" "

$US. 0.38? ?????? .. Three "" "

$US. 0.39? ?????? .. Three and a half "" "

$US. 0.40? ?????? ... Four "" "

The previous scale will be raised in the same ratio to the rate of ten percent.

ArtA-ass 4o.†" As long as the CIF New York listing, per English pound, is less than $US. 0.12 for the almond with cà ¡ scara and $US. 0.34 for the uncascarated almond, is declared its export free of all right or tax of national, departmental and municipal cter.

ArtA-ass 5o.†" According to the Law of December 3, 1945, the total of the foreign currency From the export of rubber and almonds with faces and ninety percent of the uncascarated almonds of the departments Pando and Beni, will be destined by the exporters, to the import of goods of first necessity to those departments,

prohibiting the remitting of the goods imported to other districts. The remaining ten percent of the export of casta ± as uncashed, should sell the exporters to the Central Bank of Bolivia, within the time limits established by legal provisions in force for the compulsory sale of foreign currency.

ArtA-culo 6o.†" Imports made with foreign currency from the export of rubber and almonds, are subject to the respective discharge to be processed through the presentation of commercial and consular invoices, to the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Bolivia, under provisions legal.

ArtA-culo 7o.†"The total of the performance of the duties and taxes established by this law, shall be deposited in special account called" Housing Barata and Obrera ", in the Agencies of the Central Bank of Cobija, Riberalta and Trinidad, according to the following percentage:

Sixty percent for the Pando department.

Twenty-five percent for the province Vaca Diez.

Ten percent for the province Itálnez.

Five percent for the province of MamorA©.

ArtA-culo 8o.†" The Executive Branch is authorized to extend the provisions of this law, to the gum-fera production of the departments of La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz, taking into consideration the cost price of the

Article 9o.†" The law of November 3, 1944, and all provisions that are contrary to this Law are hereby repealed.

Communicate to the Executive Branch for constitutional purposes.

Room of the National Congress.

La Paz, April 30, 1947.

Josá© Gil Soruco.†"Josá© Antonio Arze.â€" Ángel Mendizà ¡ bal, Senator Secretario.†"M. Mogro Moreno, Senator Secretario.â€" Pedro Montaà ± o, Diputado Secretario.†" Hugo Bohónírguez, Deputy Secretary.

BY TANTO: the promulgated for to be and comply with the Law of the Republic.

Palace of Government, in the city of La Paz, at nine days of the month of May of a thousand nine hundred and forty-seven years.

E. HERTZOG.†"Josá© Saavedra SuA ¡ rez.â€" Alcides Molina.