Reforms Constitutional. -Which Are Inserted Are Set Out In The Political Constitution Of The State.


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ON SEPTEMBER 20, 1947 LAW CONSTITUTIONAL REFORMS. â €"are introduced which are entered in the Pola-tica Constitution of the State."
ENRIQUE HERTZOG G. Constitutional President of the Repašblica since, the Honorable National Congress has sanctioned the following law: the H. Congress national DECREES: Arta-culo lo.a€ "joined the Pola-tica Constitution of the State the following reforms: period of the Executive branch of the 85 Arta-culo is written Asa-:"pear-odo of the President and Vice President of the Repà is of four renewable years. " None of them may "be reelected or Vice President be elected President of the RepÃ, but after four years dede the termination of its mandate".!
KNOWLEDGE and DECISION of STUDS and NULLITIES electoral is modifies the Atribucia³n it. of the 60 Arta-culo in the following terms: "qualify the credentials of their respective members. The invalidity of the credentials of Senators and deputies only may be sued in the Supreme Court, whose ruling will be irrevisable by the CA camera.!! If to the qualify credentials not demanded before the Court Supreme, the CA mara found grounds of invalidity, shall transmit "the case by resolution of two thirds of votes, to knowledge and decision of said Court".!!

"Add a subsection to the 140 Arta-culo:" 3o.a€ "Decide on the validity or invalidity of the elections, in the cases established by the Constitution and the laws".
"To Arta-culo 143, is added an Atribucia³n:"12.a€ "meet and fail in A unique instance of validity or invalidity of the elections of Senators and congressmen, as well - as over the inability of the elect".
Suppresses the last part of the Atribucia³n 10a., Arta-culo 143, shall be drafted in the following terms: "10a.a€" meet in A unique instance of the trials against the resolutions of the legislature or one of its maras, when such decisions affect one or more "s specific rights, whether civil or ticos-Pola and whatever people interested".!!
Faculty of the power legislative in matters of taxes and fees the Atribucia³n 2a. of the 59 is Arta-culo written Asa-: "2a.a€" impose contributions of any kind or nature, delete the existing, determine your face national, departmental or municipal character and fix tax expenditures.! Contributions are Decretara n indefinitely, unless the respective laws Sea±alen a period determined for its entry into force"the Atribucia³n 11a. 59 Arta-culo is worded in the following way: 11.a€" create and delete jobs Pa public, fix their salaries, determine or modify their powers ".!
Arta-culo 67 is drawn up as follows: Arta-culo 67th€ "exercising the powers 3a, 4a., 5a 59 Tendra Arta-culo Ora-gene in the CA Chamber of deputies at the initiative of one or more of its members or of the Executive power!".
The Atribucia³n 7a. Arta-culo 94 is worded Asa-: "7a.a€" present to the legislature in the first ordinary session, national and departmental budgets for the following financial Getia³n and propose, during its term, the modifications it deems necessary. The expenditures Pa public on previous budget, is presented annually".
The Arta-culo 113 is drawn up in the following terms: "Arta-culo 113.a€" the Executive will present to the legislature, in its first ordinary session, bills of national and departmental presupuetos. 20 day-as produced the report of the respective Commission or without ã © l, once since the first ordinary session, preupuesto will be projects n immediately considered by the CA camera of Deputies, in permanent session.! The Senate will proceed in the same way, Computa moving the 20 day-as for the consideration of the projects of preupuesto, from the date they were handed over to his Secretary-a".
Arta-culo 114 is replaced in the following way: "Arta-culo 114.a€" If in the technical term of ninety days-as, for the inauguration of the legislative work, are not punished the budgets of national and departmental, the estimate of the current fiscal year will continue to govern the next fiscal year, provided that the legislature does not sancionare the preupuesto for two consecutive years the last modernité project by the Executive and which had not been approved, Regira during the following fiscal year"below is added the following Arta-culos:" Arta-culo. â €"to consider the proposed budgets, the CA maras may n accept, reduce or reject services, salaries, increases and jobs that are proposed, but may not n create new items.!!! Not be apply this disposal services dependent on the legislature".
"Arta-culo. â €" the President of the Republic with the agreement of the Council of Ministers, may decree payments not authorized by the budget law, to only to meet critical needs arising from calamities public, internal excitement or the exhaustion of resources to maintain services whose completion will cause - to serious damage to the Republic Republic.! Expenditures for these purposes, shall not exceed n of one per cent of the total of disbursements authorised by the national budget.
The Ministers of State and officials giving course expenses which are contrary to the provisions of this Arta-culo, Sera n jointly and severally responsible for their reinstatement and guilty of the offence of caudal Pa public Malversacia³n".
REGIME COMMUNAL the Arta-culo 148 is drafted in the following way: "Arta-culo 148.a€" the Government community is Autona³mo. In the departmental capitals there will be a City Council and a mayor. In the provinces, in their sections and in ports, there will be meetings Municipale. The mayors will be rented n.
In the cantons will be municipal agents.
Members of the councils and municipal boards, will be elected by popular suffrage n Sega º n incomplete list and system by the PEAR-period of two years.! Mayors will be the n elected by the respective councils or municipal boards, by the PEAR-period of two years".

The Arta-culo 149, is drafted as well-: "Arta-culo 149.a€" are powers of the councils and municipal boards: la.a€ "to enact ordinances for the good service of the populations;
2A.a€ "approve annually the municipal budget initiative of the Mayor.
3A.a€ "establish and abolish municipal taxes, prior approval of the Senate.
4A.a€ "propose triads to mayors for the Designacia³n of the employees of the municipality.
5a.a€ "know, degree of Apelacia³n, of the resolutions of the Mayor.
7A.a€ "Accept bequests and donations".
Arta-culo 150, is drafted as well-: "Arta-culo 150.a€" brought municipal councils ' n supervision and control on the boards of the Department, also the mayors of the capitals of Department of provincial mayors and stos on the cantonal agents ".!
He Arta-culo 152, is drafted as well-: "Arta-culo 152.a€" are powers of them mayors: la.a€ "meet and watch them services relating to the good neighbourhood, toilet, comfort, ornamental, Urbanism and recreation."
2A.a€ "safeguard the moral public.
3A.a€ "set and control prices of the staple and the show Arta-culos ass public.!"
4A.a€ "ensure assistance and welfare services and cooperate in care of hospitals.
5a.a€ "to promote popular culture.
6a.a€ "raise and invest the municipal incomes according to the budget.
7A.a€ "C ooperar the supply of stocks.
8A.a€ "negotiate Empra © stitos for works of recognized need, prior approval of the City Council and authorization from the Senate.
9A.a€ "suppress the speculation.
10A.a€ "require the force public to enforce its resolutions".
APPOINTMENTS of agents DIPLOMATS and promotion of General and COLONELS the Atribucia³n 3a. Arta-culo 94, is worded so-: "3a.a€" conduct foreign relations; appoint officials diplomats ticos and consular; admitting to foreign officials in general. The appointment of ambassadors and ministers plenipotentiary is subject to the approval of the Senate; but these officials are the exclusive confidence of the President of the Repà Republic and retain "n their posts while they have it".!
The Atribucia³n 18a. Arta-culo 94, is worded so-: "Atribucia³n € 18a.a" appoint the Attorney General and the Comptroller General of the Republic of the shortlists proposed by the National Senate, and the Chairmen of according economic entities and social in the Cua les has intervention status, the shortlists proposed by the CA Chamber of Deputies"adds the following functions to the same Arta-culo! ":" 24a.a€ "Propose to the Senate, in case of vacancy, promotions of generals and colonels of Ejà © army, with a report of its services and promotions".
"" 25a.a€ "Confer during international war, grades of General or Colonel in the battlefield".
ELECTION of judges of the courts Arta-culo 68, is drawn up in the following terms: "Arta-culo 68.a€" corresponds to the CA Chamber of Deputies, elect the judges of the Supreme Court of justice by absolute majority of votes, the shortlists proposed by the Senate. Also © n is before the Senate accusing the judges of the Supreme Court, for offences committed in the exercise of their functions".
After s 145 Arta-culo, add the following Arta-culo: "Arta-culo. â €" the judges of the Supreme Court, will be n the AC elected Chamber of Deputies, a proposal in the Senate three.! The judges of the district courts, will be "n elected by the Senate, a proposal in three of the Supreme Court".!
Added to the 72, the following Atribucia³n Arta-culo:

"" 10a.a€ "Chosen by absolute majority of votes to the judges of the courts of district of the shortlists proposed by the Supreme Court".
Modifies the Atribucia³n 2a. of the Arta-culo 143, in the following terms: "2a.a€" propose triads to the Senate for the election of the judges of the district courts; Choose the judges according to law. The President of the Supreme Court, shall issue the respective titles"145 Arta-culo, adds:"In the case of recess of the Senate, corresponds to the Supreme Court the interim appointment of members of the superior courts".!
The Arta-culo shall be deleted 'the' from the second PEAR-odo of Arta-culo 145, which is drawn up Asa-: "to not be in the cases determined by law".
Arta-culo 73 the legislative procedure is worded in the following terms: "Arta-culo 73rd€" laws, except in the case provided for in the 3rd, 4th and 11a. Arta-culo 59, powers may have origin in the Senate or in the CA Chamber of Deputies, to Proposicia³n of one or more of its members, or by the Executive Branch, to status message in this case, that the project be sustained in discussions by the Minister for the respective office.
The Court Supreme may submit Bills on reform of the codes, by message to the legislature".
Arta-culo 74 is as follows: "Arta-culo €74a" approved the draft law at the CA Chamber of origin, happen immediately for your discusión to AC mara review if the CA editor mara approves it, will be sent to the Executive for its Codelcoâ".!
Arta-culo 77 is drawn up Asa-: "Arta-culo 77th€" If AC editor mara, let spend twenty days-as, without pronouncing on the Bill, the AC source Reclamara mara his office, with a new term of ten days-as Ta, after which will be considered in session of Congress".!!!
Subsection grades 9-Arta-culo 61, is worded so-: "€9oa" consider bills than approved in AC mara of origin, not to be by the CA editor mara".!
"The Atribucia³n 4a. Arta-culo 94 is worded Asa-:" 4a.a€ "Attend the formation of laws through special messages".
Arta-culo 78 is drawn up Asa-: Arta-culo 78th€ "any law passed by the legislature, may be realized by the President of the Repà in the término of ten days-as, since that they would have received it."
The law not observed within the ten day-as, will be enacted. If in this Ta © rmin recesare the Congress, the President of the Republic ° public published "the message of their observations, so is consider in the next legislature".!
Suppresses the last part of the subsection 2o. Arta-culo 79, saying: "If does it, the law will be promulgated by the President of the Congress".
Continuation of the 79 Arta-culo add the following Arta-culo: "Arta-culo. â €" laws not vetoed or not promulgated by the President of the RepÃ, in the término of ten days-as from its reception will be "n promulgated by the President of the Congress".!
"Arta-culo transitorio.a€" Arta-culo 85 reform, shall take effect from the present presidential PEAR-odo and Vicepresidencial, while according to the Arta-culo grades 5 of the Decree of October 15, 1946 and.! of the law of 8 March of the present year, afterwards until August 6, 1951.
Commune-contact to the Executive for constitutional purposes.
Session of the H. Congress Hall.
La Paz, on August 28, 1947.
M. Urriolagoitia.a€ "A. Landa-var Ribera--M. Mogro Moreno, Congress Secretario.a€" P. Saucedo Berbera-, Congressional Secretario.a€ "P. Montaño, Congressional Secretario.a€" A. Camacho pa³rcel, Congressional Secretary.
THEREFORE: I enacted it is and meets as a law of the Republic.
Palace of Government, in the city of the peace, to them twenty dÃ-as of the month of September of thousand 1900s forty and seven years.
E Hertzog.a€ "Alfredo Mollinedo."