Borrowing. - It Authorizes The Executive To Hire One For Public Works In The Cordillera Province.


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law of November 24, 1947

ENTERPRISE.†" The Executive Branch is authorized to hire one for public works in the Cordillera province.



For how much, the Honorable National Congress has sanctioned the following Law:



ArtA-culo lo.†" AutorA-zase al Poder Executive para la contratarón of one or more of the securities in any of the Banks or Institutions from the pass-, to the sum of Ten million Bolivians (Bs. € 10,000,000,€ ') , with the interest and redemption of the law. In case this undertaking is placed in the Central Bank, it will be within the tax credit limit agreed by law.

Article 2o.†" This issue will be allocated to the following Public Works to be executed in the Province of Cordillera of the Department of Santa Cruz:

a) Captation of drinking water and installation of public lighting, in Lagunillas, Capital of the Cordillera Province, and in the Capitals of the Municipal Sections that continue are expressed, as in the Chorety Cantons, IpitA and Curichi.

b) Extension and adaptation of the Camiri Civil Hospital.

c) Construction of Sanitary Postas in the different Municipal Sections of the Province that do not have them.

ArtA-ass 3o.†" The distribution of this undertaking will be The following:

b) Extension and adaptation of the Camiri Civil Hospital.

c) Construction of Sanitary Postas in the different Municipal Sections of the Province that do not have them.

ArtA-ass 3o.†"The distribution of this undertaking will be as follows:

a) Lagunillas, Capital of the Province Bs. 1,000,000,â €"

b) Charagua, Capital of the Second

Municipal Secciance ? ?? ........................... " 1,000,000,â € "

c) Heads, Third Capital Capital

Municipal Section? ?? .........................." 600.000.†"

d) Cuevo, Capital of the Fourth Sección

Municipal? ????? ............................." 700.000.â € "

e) Gutierrez, Capital of the Fifth

Municipal Secciance???" 700.000.†"

f) Camiri, Capital of the Sixth

Municipal Seccion? ??." 5,000,000,â € "

g) Chorety? ??????" 500,000.†"

h) IpitA ¡? ??????? .." 250.000.â € "

i) Currichi? ??????" 250.000.†"

â€" †"â€" †"â€" †"â€" †"â€" †" â€" Total??? Bs. 10.000.000.†"

â€" †"â€" †"â€" †"â€" †"â€" †"â€" †" " †4o.†" The amortisation and interest will be covered with the following resources:

a) A one-cent surcharge (Bs. 0.01) per liter of crude oil that is extracted from the Province.

b) A surcharge of two cents (Bs. 0.02) per litre of petrol, kerosene, diessel†"oil and fuel" oil to be extracted from the Province.

c) Twenty cents (Bs. 0.20) per bottle of beer that is interne for the consumption of the Province of Cordillera.

ArtA-culo 5o.†" The funds coming from the yields of this law, will be collected by the Distributor of Oil Fields. Bolivian Prosecutors and the tax and municipal offices, according to their jurisdiction, collections that will be deposited under their personal responsibility of the respective officials, monthly, in a special account of the Agency of the Camiri Central Bank, in order of the Comité de Obras PAºblicas de Cordillera.

ArtA-culo 6o.†" The administration and management of the resources from this undertaking, as well as the execution and control of the works to be executed will be carried out by the Comité de Obras PAºblas de Cordillera, according to the legal provisions in force.

Article 7o.†" The Executive Branch shall regulate this law.

Communicate to the Executive Branch for constitutional purposes.

Session of the H. National Congress

Peace, November 14, 1947.

M. Urriolagoitia.†" A. LandA-var Ribera.†"M. Mogro Moreno, Senator Secretario.â€" Alberto Sarti, Senator Secretario.†" P. MontaA ± o, Diputado Secretario.†" A. Camacho P., Deputy Secretary.

BY TANTO: I enact it so that it has and will comply with the Law of the Republic.

Government Palace, in the city of La Paz, at the twenty-four days of the month of November of a thousand nine hundred forty and seven years.

E. HERTZOG.†" C. Guachalla.