Borrowing. - Be Authorizes To The Prefecture Of The Department Of Potosí Hire One For Public Works In The Chayanta Province.


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LAW on November 25, 1947, Emprestito.a€ "are authorized to the Prefecture of the Department of Potosí - hire one to work public in the Chayanta province."
ENRIQUE HERTZOG G. Constitutional President of the Repašblica since, the Honorable National Congress has sanctioned the following law: the H. Congress national, DECREES: Arta-culo 1. Is warranted to the Prefecture of the Department of Potosí - to collapse in the Central Bank of Bolivia or other institution's Cra © dito, one or more Empra © stitos the sum of three millions of Bolivians (Bs. 3,000,000. â €"") that will be delivered n in partial sums according to the needs.
Arta-culo 2o.a€ "(El anterior empréstito se destina a las siguientes obras públicas de la Provincia Chayanta deel Departamento de PotosÃ-: a) 20% for the installation of light, repair of drinking water and repair Captación and Colquechaca health Provincial local adaptation;"
(b) 15% for the Captación de drinking water and buildings repair public facilities of Ravelo, the second section of the provincial capital;
(c) 15% for the repair of the Temple of Pocoata and Captación de potable water for the same population;
(d) 10% for Captación de water and buildings repair empowerment public finish-Pa;
(e) 10% for the installation of light electric, repair of the school in Maragua and Prolongacia³n of the Maraguaa€ "Tomoyo Carter Road;
(f) 10% for the installation of light electric conduction and buildings repair Pa public of Macha;
(g) 5% for Tomoyo to Chaunaca Carter road-building and construction of the La-neas telephone Raveloa€ "Tomoyo and Raveloa€" Pitantora;
(h) the balance of 15% for the construction of a can - with Ma s access, on the Ra-o Morachaca at the above path Oruro - Sucre works will be executed n under the direction of the Directorate General of works public and Prefecture of the Department of Potosí-.!
Arta-culo 3o.a€ "(Para la atención deel servicio de amrotización e intereses, se destinan los siguientes recuros: a) creates the tax of 1% on the value of all clearance sale of all ores and metals extracted from the Chayanta province by small miners and the 1½ % on the value of any settlement of the sale of all minerals and metals produced by large and medium-sized miners within the province."
(b) previous resources is Descontara n by the mining Bank of Bolivia through its agencies and the Customs and is Depositara n in the Central Bank of Bolivia, special note that is Denominara "The Chayanta province public works", the order of the Prefecture of the Department of Potosí - and whose investment will be made by the Committee © s of respective public works!!! , with intervention of the Comptroller-to departmental.
Commune-contact to the Executive for constitutional purposes.
Session of the H. Congress Hall.
La Paz, 10 November 1947.
M. Urriolagoitia.a€ "A. Landa-var Ribera.a€" M. Mogro Moreno, Senator Secretario.a€ "C. M. Lazcano, Senator Secretario.a€" P. Montaño, Deputy Secretario.a€ "A. Camacho pa³rcel, Deputy Secretary.
THEREFORE: I enacted it is and meets as a law of the Republic.
Government Palace, in the city of La Paz, twenty-five days-as of the month of November one thousand nine hundred forty-seven years.
E Hertzog.a€ "C. Guachalla.