Taxes. - Those Listed Are The Zudáñez Province For Public Works Created.


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LAW of 27 November 1947 Impuestos.a€ "are created the above-mentioned in the province Zuda Núñez for works public.!"
ENRIQUE HERTZOG G. Constitutional President of the Repašblica since, the Honorable National Congress has sanctioned the following law: the H. Congress national DECREES: Arta-culo lo.a€ "are created the following gravel menes tax for the province Zudaa±ez of the Department of Chuquisaca: Bs. 2.a€"ad-valorem above all Agra-cola product natural or processed.! "
BS. 0.50 per linear metre wood carved Extraa - da in the province.
5% tax to the sale or price Plaza on alcohols and spirits.
BS. 5. â €"ada€" valorem on quintal dà tiles and strange-two coconuts to the Presto cantons, El Redeo and Palm.
BS. 10.a€ "over extraction of cattle beef."
BS. 5€ "on equal trade in pigs.
BS. 5€ "by livestock donkeys, horses and mules."
BS. 1.a€ "per head of sheep.
Arta-culo 2o.a€ "the precautions set forth will serve n to cover needs and works of service public in the Zuda province ¡(ñez por orden y privilegio que se Ã-ndica: a) acquisition of a van for the Provincial health will be in charge of MA doctor holder, and only serve to cantonal routes into health service.!!"
b) obtained mobility previously indicated with general resources and monthly expenses that demands, the cantonal taxes is arguments ¡(n en sus propias circunscripciones, debiendo acometerese las siguientes obras: 1) Canta³n Zuda Núñez: sewerage and the Zuda Núñez. village Pavimentacia³n!!
2) Canta³n Mojocoya: study and construction of the highway road Mojoco Vallegrande.
(3) Canta³n Icla: road road Icla-Azurduy, study and construction.
(4) Presto Canta³n: El Redeo and Palm: to provide drinking water and defensive to the Presto village.
Arta-culo 3o.a€ "Defraudacia³n of tax matter offence and will be sanctioned to claim public with the duplo set tax and value of product or merchandise-a.!" The charge will proceed coercively.!
Arta-culo 4o.a€ "offices of internal revenue liability require low n previously taxpayers to give course to their documents, payment of the departmental Treasury ballot."
Arta-culo 5o.a€ "revenues will be n in charge of the Treasury departmental of Chuquisaca, which, to the object, open the accounts, and the investment of funds in his works, will be n managed by © Committee composed by the sub-prefect, mayors Provincial public works and a notable neighbor, with intervention of the departmental Comptroller.!!"
Commune-contact to the Executive for constitutional purposes.
Session of the H. Congress Hall.
Peace, on November 17, 1947.
M. Urriolagoitia.a€ "A. Landa-var Ribera.a€"M. Mogro Moreno, Senator Secretary, â €"P. Saucedo Barbera-, Senator Secretario.a€" P. Montaño, Deputy Secretario.a€ "A. Camacho pa³rcel, Deputy Secretary.
THEREFORE: I enacted it is and meets as a law of the Republic.
Palace of Government of the city of La Paz, to the 27 days-as of the month of November 1947 years.
E Hertzog.a€ "C. Guachalla.