Subsidies. - Is Agrees On Behalf Of Persons Who Are Indicated.


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law of December 31, 1947

SUBSIDIES.†" You agree in favor of the people who are indicated.



Honorable National Congress has sanctioned the following Law:



ArtA-culo lo.†" With an award for the heroic conduct of the people, in the fight against the Nazi government of the rógimen Villarroel, in the days of July 1946, the following are agreed subsidies;

ArtA-ass 2o. †"The maimed whose inability for the work is total and permanent, will receive a lifetime pension of Bs. 2.000.â€" monthly.

ArtA-ass 3o.†" The mutilated whose inability for the The work is partial and permanent, will receive a lifetime pension of Bs. 1,600.†" monthly.

ArtA-arse 4.†"It establishes prizes consisting of the payment, for one time, of Bs. 20.000.â€" Bs. 16.000.†" Bs. 12.000.†"; and Bs. 8.000.â€"; in favour of the injured survivors and according to the greater or lesser severity of the injuries they suffered, which will be determined by a Board of Medical Officers under the Ministry of Hygiene and Health

ArtA-ass 5o.†"The surviving widows will receive an indemnity of Bs. 25.000.â€" for this one time.

ArtA-cull 6o.†" The mothers who credit that they were sustained by their children immolated, will be accretive to the compensation of Bs. 25.000.†"for one time The parents who credit the same right, will receive Bs. 20,000.â€" also for once.

ArtA-ass 7o.†"The children of the children and younger siblings to whom they hold their brothers deceased, shall be entitled to a pension of EUR 700,€ " per month,

Article 8o.†" SeA ± ora Pilar Quisbert, grandmother of the hero Alfredo Quisbert, will receive the compensation corresponding to the sum allocated for the mothers.

ArtA-culo 9o.†"The benefits of this law are extended to the deudos of Manuel Mará-a Villavicencio, Pablo Roca, José Ayo, Gabino Garcà a-Valda, Pastor Guzmà ¡ n, Gerardo Sua ¡ rez, Federico Tedéqui, VA-ctor Materra and those of the worker Doman-nguez killed in the takeover of the Prefecture of PotosA-the dA-on July 21.

Article 10.†" For the distribution of the indicated funds, a commission composed of the Minister of Labor, Comptroller General of the Republic and a National Deputy for each sector of the law will be appointed to guarantee the fair distribution of the indicated funds and the qualification of the benefits received by the victims of the Revolution.

Article 11.†"The sums allocated by this law to the revolutionary survivors of the days of July 21 and their deaths, will be charged to the title" Obligations of the State ".

Article 12.â€" This law be applied to persons who have intervened in the actions of June 13, in defense of freedom and who are not included in special laws.

Article 13.†" The contrary provisions are repealed.

14.†" The Executive Branch will regulate this law.

Communicate to the Executive Branch for constitutional purposes.

Session of the H. National Congress.

La Paz, November 14, 1947.

M. Urriolagoitia.†"A. LandA-var Ribera.†"M. Mogro Moreno, Senator Secretario.â€" P. Saucedo BarberA-, Senator Secretaria†" P. MontaA ± o, Diputado Secretario.†" A. Camacho Pácónrcel, Deputy Secretary.


for the law of the Republic of the Republic

the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of China.

E. HERTZOG.†"C. Guachalla.